Scarlet Cherry Blossom

By: ShiokuXRose

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I don't have a good title for this chapter. So I might as well add in a song and name the chapter the song's name. There may be a little bit of OOCness. Well of course there should be. It's Itachi here! In LOVE! well, not expressed much...



Thoughts/ Letters or Scrolls

Flashback/ Inner Voices

Lyrics (A/N: The song is in Japanese aka Kanji-if it shows up-. Next to it is in Romaji in Italics Underlined and Bold. The words in parentheses next to the lyrics is the English translation. Warning: If you want to play this song while reading this, it most likely won't line up...or end at the same time.)


Scarlet Cherry Blossom

Chapter IV- Sakura Dorapusu (Sakura Drops)

恋をして終わりを告げ Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge (Falling in love, saying goodbye)

Sakura gritted her teeth and glared at her captors after being hit. She was kepted in a dungeon like room with a high ceiling and flame lit torches. As far as Sakura can see, there is roughly around 10 people in the room. One holding two scrolls.

"You bitch! Tell us how to read this scroll right now!" One of them said and whipped her with his whip.

"As if I know how to read after I just got that damn thing, dumbass!" Sakura yelled back.

"Why you little bitch!" The one with the whip whipped her again. Sakura bit her lip and clenched her chained fists to push back a scream. Sakura couldn't do much with most of her chakra drained, and chained around her wrists and feet.

Sakura, the one that looks like the leader of this gang can hold the scroll. And he is holding another scroll identical! He must have the other one! Come on and get them!

Considering the situation I am in, I can't get FREE!

Look, Sakura! I read that scroll!

誓うことはこれが最後の Heartbreak Chikau koto wa kore ga saigo no HEARTBREAK (With a vow that this is the last heartbreak)

Itachi desperately (yes, desperately lol) jumped from tree to tree finding any trace. ANYTHING! A scent, chakra signature, a tiny bit of clothing, even a strand of hair. Without much luck within 20 meters in diameter from where Sakura last was, Itachi became even more fustrated and went to search even farther.

桜さえ風の中で揺れてSakura sae kaze no naka de (Even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind)

Since how did you know how to read that thing? Sakura asked her Inner.

Since I think you can't read that thing...

No I can't. Sakura winced, they had whipped her again for not answering. She tried to ignore the pain while listening to Inner Sakura.

I think only the other personality or mind can. I only read one in time before this gang appeared.

Hurry up and tell me how!

Fortunately it's the only the other mind has to perform. You can't do anything in chains. Here goes. In Sakura's mind, Inner Sakura did the rat, tiger, ox, hare, dragon, horse, bird, tiger, ox, hare, dragon, horse, dog, monkey, snake, dog, and a half tiger seal before saying, "Kai!" (A/N: Half tiger seal is the tiger hand seal but take away a hand. So it would look like the thumb, index, and middle fingers up and the ring and pinky down. Oh and if there is a Jutsu with the same handseals...oh well, I was just saying the seals randomly...) A large poof echoed throughout the room. Smoke covered the area. Many coughed. Sakura saw a figure in front of her. As the smoke cleared, she saw an identical person in front of her except with the words Inner Sakura in Kanji on her forehead.

Inner Sakura cracked her knuckles. "Sadly, I'm the only one who knows how to read that damn thing! It's good to be out for once. I can't guarantee that you will live." Inner Sakura put on an evil grin. The captors flinched in fear. Inner Sakura bit her thumb and did a series of handseals. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" A large puff of smoke appeared. As the smoke cleared, nothing was there.

"Che! You didn't summon anything!" One said. Inner Sakura smirked at his stupidity. The next thing that guy knew was something red and orange clawing away at him. The leader of the gang stared at the red falcon attacked his comrade and felt a gust of wind past him. The leader looked back to see a large gold falcon flying away with the scrolls in his beak.

"WHAT!?" he yelled in disapproval.

やがて花を咲かすよYurete yagate hana wo sakasu yo (Will eventually blossom)

Sakura eyes widened in surprise. She didn't know that Inner Sakura had this much power. Inner Sakura turned to face her. "Haha. Didn't expect that didn't you? Anyways I'm gonna save you. But this can take away some energy from your body." Kohaku landed in front of the two. Inner Sakura put her hand out and Kohaku dropped the scrolls onto her hand.

"I didn't know you can do that. This must be Inner Sakura," Kohaku said.

"Yep! Be sure to tell your boss that. Akane, ready!" Inner Sakura called for the red and orange bird that was clawing at the one she smirked at for his stupidity. (A/N: Akane means brilliant red.) Inner Sakura did the seals of the rat, tiger, dog, ox, hare, and tiger. "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" Akane blew fire over most of the room as Inner Sakura burned the rest. Kohaku broke the chains with his talons, though the steel clasp is still around Sakura's wrists and feet. Sakura tired to get on her feet but was too tired to and collapse back down.

"Inner Sakura! Sakura's too tired to stand up. Cancel the Jutsu!" Kohaku yelled. Inner Sakura's body dispersed and returned to Sakura's mind. By then, the stone walls and ceiling are crumbling. The gang was dead in the fire. Akane's fire blasted through the ceiling as Kohaku lifted Sakura onto his back. A loud bang was heard and the two summons flew outside.

降り出した夏の雨がFuridashita natsu no ame ga (The summer rain that started to fall)

Itachi heard a loud bang and instictively turned his head towards the sound's direction. He started to jump towards it with inhuman speed. (A/N: Yes, nothing interesting in Itachi's section.)

涙の横を通っと、すっとNamida no yoko wo tootta sutto (Gently streaked past my tears)

Kohaku was flying slower than usual so Akane can catch up. Akane flew close to the other summon and with her predator's eyes, she searched for danger. She spotted someone comming.

"There's someone comming wearing a black cloak and red clouds," Akane warned.

"No need worry, he's Sakura's partner when she joined Akatsuki," Kohaku replied.

"Eh? Since when did Sakura joined Akatsuki?"

"Konoha would kill her if she didn't escape since she healed that guy right there. You know Sakura, she would heal anyone despite being a criminal." Kohaku changed course and flew towards Itachi.

思い出とダブル映像Omoide to DABURU eizou (Images that resemble memories)

Itachi noticed two things flying towards him. One he soon noticed as Kohaku. The red one was unknown to him. Both birds landed in front of him. Kohaku crouched down.

"Sakura is badly injured. Inner Sakura can't go out and summon our healer," the golden falcon said. Itachi gently picked Sakura from Kohaku's back and gently set Sakura down on the untouched pure white snow. (A/N: Yes, it's still winter.) Itachi did some handseals and green chakra glowed on his hands. Itachi just only healed the external bleedings. All ANBU are required to learn some medical jutsu just in case their team medic is too busy. Suddenly some people jumped out of the trees and bushes.

"Hey you give us all your valubles!" One of them said.

"Che! Just some weak bandits," Itachi said. "Kohaku and...the other one, take care of them." After the command, Kohaku disappeared and a white slash of wind ran past the bandits. A large gash on the side of each bandit was formed and blood spurted out.


秋のドラマ再放送 Aki no DORAMA no saihousou (Autumn's drama reruns)

Akane flew up into the air and blew fire over the bandits. Fire burned; trees became ashes almost instantly; the bandits are smoking corpses now.

"Akane, don't be that violent. What if there's more of those captors here? They may have called for some reinforcements," Kohaku said. Right after Kohaku finished talking, a large group of people jumped down from the trees, and some stayed up on the branches.

"We found you! The ones who killed our leader! Kill them all and get the scroll back!" One of them said.

"See told you Akane, the smoke gave away our location."

"Aww come on, it's been a while since I got some real burning to do."

"Alright, alright. Let's just get this over with." Kohaku disappeared again and cut through the enemy with his sharp talons. Akane continued to burn away.

どうして同じ様なパンチ Doushite onaji you na PANCHI (Why have I suffered)

Itachi mentally cursed. He knew he can heal. But not as well as Sakura. Right now, he can't heal properly to heal even a small cut! Some of Sakura's captor's reinforcements jump to attack him.

"Die!" They cried. Itachi got up with his eyes closed.

"It's best not to anger me." Itachi shot his eyes open. "Mangekyou!" The scenery changed everything to black and white with a blood red moon. "Now you will experience pain for the next seventy-two hours." (A/N: Don't know how long Tsukuyomi lasts.) The victims widened their eyes in fear and screamed screams that cannot be heard. Death was certain for them.

何度も食らっちゃうんだNando mo kuracchaun da (Almost the same blows such countless times?)

Itachi winced and rubbed his temples. The birds returned to his side.

"Itachi, we finished," Kohaku said. Itachi nodded.

"You haven't introduced yourself yet," Itachi said to the red one.

"Akane. Rank 7th from top. 2nd in fire. Leader's first. Of course since he's one of the seven mansions of the vermilion bird." (A/N: The Seven Mansions or Moon Stations Akatsuki-red moon, moon stations lol, fits of the Vermilion Bird, from the constellations. It's either Chinese or Japanese, I forgot. They are: Well, Ghost, Willow, Star, Extended Net, Wings, and Chariot. 南方朱雀 means Vermilion Bird of the South. And the kanji in Itachi's Akatsuki ring says 朱. Same character as in Vermilion Bird of the South. Sakura's summonings and Itachi's ring's meaning fits perfectly lol. Actually that's what it means, literally.)

"Our leader's name is Xing, or star," Kohaku said. (A/N: If you want to know, Xing runs through Alphard, and near Sextans and Hydra. I don't think you know what I'm talking about lol. I think that's the right location. Maybe I'm wrong...I don't really remember.) (A/N: Xing is gonna be EXTREMELY handy later on.)

それでもまた戦うんだろうSore demo mata tatakaun darou (But even so, I'll probably fight again)

"I'll need to get Sakura back to the base and bandage her up. You two can go back now," Itachi said.

"Are you sure? What if some more people attacked you?"

"Who do you think I am? You can leave. The base is not far from here."

"Hai." Kohaku and Akane disappeared in a puff of smoke.

それが命の不思議 Sore ga inochi no fushigi (That is one of life's mysteries)

Itachi carried Sakura into her room at their base. He set Sakura on her bed and went to get some clean towels and bandages. He looked inside Sakura's closet and realized there is nothing in there since she just became Akatsuki. Itachi sighed...if the Akatsuki clothes doesn't come in soon, Sakura will most likely drag him with her to go shopping. He went to his room grabbed a black shirt and pants from his closet. When he went back to Sakura's room, the white bed sheets were already stained crimson red. If he doesn't hurry, she can die from bloodloss. Itachi can tell she is bleeding internally and externally. Her captors beated her up badly.

恋をしてすべて捧げKoi wo shite subete sasage (Falling in love, giving it everything)

Here's the situation. A blood soaked girl who might die if Itachi doesn't bandage her. The problem is he can't undress her! He hesitated.

I can't let her die. She saved my life...I need to repay my debt somehow. Alright Itachi you can do this! ARGH! NO I CAN'T!!!! Itachi mentally cursed.

願うことはこれが最後のHeartbreak Negau koto wa kore ga saigo no HEARTBREAK (With a wish that this is the last heartbreak)

Sakura winced before opening her eyes. She sat up at her bed.

This is the place where I woke up at after battling with Sasuke...

Sakura...look down.

Eh? Sakura looked down. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Immediately Itachi burst through the door.

"What's the matter?"

"Who changed my clothes? And...bandaged me?" Sakura asked blushing.

"I did." Silence...This is going to be loud...soon enough...thought Itachi.

"D-Did you...see..." Itachi nodded. "WHAAAAT!!!!!!!? OH MY GOD!! I HATE THIS!!?" Sakura screamed on and on.

"It's better than dying right?" Itachi defened.

"Well yeah..."

"I even hesitated okay?"

"Well you could of made a clone..."

"Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you are stupid."

"No I am not!"

"Then why didn't you think of it?"

"Because I'm too worried that you will die." Sakura blinked.

桜さえ時の中で揺れてSakura sae toki no naka de (Even the cherry tree, swaying through time)

"You...were...w-worried about m-me?" Sakura stared at him in disbelief.

"Besides that, you did save my life. My debt to you is paid."

"You didn't owe anything. I'm the type to heal anyone without pay. I'm hungry now give me food."

"You are so demanding," Itachi said and walked out the door to get some food. After Sakura finished eating, she fell asleep.

やがて花を咲かすよYurete yagate hana wo sakasu yo (Will eventually blossom)


Sakura walked down a narrow passageway filled with mirrors. She looked at one of them. She saw herself as a little child. Being teased by Ami and other girls. Ami and the other were chased away by Ino. Ino...Sakura thought. I haven't seen you since the day I defected and left Konoha. The next mirror she saw Naruto. Sakura laughed. Naruto would always tried to ask her out, failing everytime. The next, someone she doesn't want to see. Sasuke. She saw when they were together when Team 7 was formed. Seeing herself blush everytime she saw him then made her frown in disgust now. She punched that mirror and it shattered. Walking on, she saw various memories of her past.

She came across the very memory of the death of her parents. I only remember myself being hit in the pressure point after seeing my mother's and father's corpse. But then...I saw someone...but who? But what happened before? Sakura saw her parents talking to someone in the shadows.

"Mr. and Mrs. Haruno. I will need your daughter to help me restore my clan." That voice...seems familiar...Sasuke?

"No! I'm not giving Sakura away to you to be your tool, traitor!" Her mother yelled.

"Refusing? Well that's too bad..." Kunai and shuriken flew towards her mother. Her father jumped in front of her to protect her. Sakura saw her father fall to the ground. Her mother tried to shake him awake but he is dead. Then a katana was thrown through her chest from the shadows. Her mother fell beside her father. Sakura was crying again. She saw herself burst into the room. Sakura saw herself faint and fall to the floor after seeing her mom's and dad's dead bodies. A chuckle came from the shadows from behind the fainted Sakura. The person stepped out of the shadows. Sakura gasped. It can't be! S-Sasuke...killed m-my mother and father... Sasuke was about to kidnap Sakura but Naruto and Kakashi jumped in front of Sakura.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled.

"My, my. It's Naruto...and Kakashi-sensei." And they began to fight Sasuke.

Naruto and Kakashi...why didn't they tell me that Sasuke was the one who killed my parents!? Why did they act like if nothing have happened! (A/N: If you look back at A Mini Christmas Story, it says Sakura's parents died. So here, it explains what happened.)

繰り返す季節の中で Kurikaesu kisetsu no naka de (In the revolving seasons)

Sakura woke up with a scream and sat up. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead and cheeks. Itachi burst into the room once again.

"What happened?" Itachi went towards her. She seems to be in an emotional trauma.

"It's S-Sasuke...," Sakura stuttered.

"Sasuke? Is he here?"

"N-no...he...he k-killed my parents...I remember now..." Tears streamed down her face as she trembled. Itachi frowned. He hated seeing girls cry. Normally, he would beat the crap out of the girl. But in this case, it's different. Instead he sat down beside Sakura and wraps his arms around her.

"Now, don't cry." Itachi waited for her to settle down. "It's late out, get some sleep." He turned to leave but was stopped when Sakura grabbed his cloak. He turned around to face Sakura.

"P-please d-don't go..." Her voice was shaky and her body was trembling, but her eyes begged him to stay. The dream must have affected her a lot.

"Alright, alright. I'll stay. Just don't cry again." Sakura nodded as Itachi sat on the bed after tossing his cloak on a chair. Sakura climbed back into the warmth of her blankets.

靴がすり減って行く Kutsu ga surihetteku motto (My shoes are wearing out, more and more)

Sakura looked up at Itachi. "You're not going to sleep?" she asked.

"I don't need it...right now."

"If you don't sleep, it will damage your eyes even more. Turning off your Sharingan and using Mangekyou less often will also help."

"I was about to ask you to heal my eyes...later."

"The main job of Akatsuki is to get the demons right?" Itachi nodded. "Then let's make a deal. I heal your eyes, and we don't hunt Naruto." Itachi thought for a moment.

"Alright." Itachi winced again. Sakura sighed and sat up against the headboard.

"Just like Kakashi...occasional pain attacks. Turn the Sharingan off and close your eyes. I'm going to heal it." Itachi did what he was told. Sakura gently pressed her index finger against Itachi's left temple, closest one to her. Sakura formed green chakra and pushed it into his eyes.

もっと肩の力抜いてKata no chikara nuite (Let go the tension in your shoulders)

Itachi felt gentle and calming warmth of Sakura's chakra enter his eyes. Why did I even bother comforting her? Or even stayed here like she asked...I guess I'm going soft.

"Don't open your eyes." Sakura grabbed the roll of bandages on the nightstand where Itachi seemed to have left. She rolled a good length and ripped it off from the roll. She wrapped it around his eyes and tightened it behind his head. "Don't take it off. The re-newed eyesight needs to adjust to the light."

"How do you expect me to sleep with the knot behind my head?"

"On your side, genius!" Sakura said after she climbed under the blankets and turned so her back faced Itachi. "Thank you...Itachi. You are nice...after all." Soon after, Itachi climbed under also.

過去は何処かに閉っておけ Kako wa dokoka ni shimatte oke (So you can seal away the past somewhere)

About two hours past since Sakura fell asleep. Itachi still couldn't. Nice? Yeah right...after I killed my family... He felt trembling beside him. He turned his head towards Sakura's direction even if he can't see. He can still tell she's trembling.

"M-mother...Sob...F-father...don't leave me...Sob," Sakura mumbled. Mother and Father, eh? thought Itachi. I wonder how mine heaven or hell...Didn't I tell you not to cry? Itachi sighed. She should stop sooner or later. For a few minutes, she doesn't seem to stop sobbing and trembling, according to Itachi's ears. "Why is everyone...betraying me?...Don't leave me behind, please...why did mother and father...have to die? Why didn't Naruto...and Kakashi...tell me that...Sasuke parents...Please don't leave me...anyone...," Sakura continued to murmur.

He sighed again. Not knowing what to do, he decided to wrap his arms around her and pulled her close, careful not to hurt her wounds. "Don't worry...I won't leave you," Itachi whispered. He buried his nose in her hair. I guess...I have gotten soft... Itachi noticed that Sakura's trembling guadually stopped.

"," she mumbled.

ここからそう遠くないだろう Koko kara sou tookunai darou (From here they're probably not too far)

This is after Sasuke is found bound to the trees after the fight with Sakura...(yes a long time ago.)

"Damn it all!" Sasuke swore before entering Hokage's office.

"Alright!" Hokage yelled in the room. "Everyone is here now! Even though it's late out, I want what's left of the Rookie Nine and Gai's team to go on a mission with Kakashi. Kakashi and Shikamaru will lead. You will split up into two groups. Do anything to find and bring my apprentice back. This is an A-rank mission that can go S-rank. I know this mission is dangerous, but I do not know how dangerous it is. Any objections?"

"No, Hokage-sama."

"Oh and Sasuke? If you go insane out there and not obey orders given by Kakashi or Shikamaru, you will be brought back and put in a cell. You are still on probation, even though I let you on this mission." Sasuke nodded. "You all may leave." Everyone left and packed their belongings. Soon everyone gathered at the gate.

"Let's head out, now," Neji said. And so they all followed. Naruto, surprisingly, is completely silent. Sasuke was thinking...what if Sakura is with Itachi? He cursed in his mind. If she is, he would hate both of them even more. After running for a few minutes, Kakashi stopped them.

"All right, let's split into two groups. I will lead one, Neji the other. Both groups find any clues on where Sakura may be, now," Kakashi ordered.

見たこともない景色Mita koto mo nai keshiki (Sceneries you haven't even seen)

"Anyone get any information on any whereabouts of Sakura?" Kakashi asked after some days of search.

"I heard from a traveler that they have seen a pink haired girl wearing a black cloak with red clouds with someone else in the same attire and a large gold falcon beside them near the shore of the Moon Country," Neji said.

"Red clouds...Akatsuki!" everyone but Sasuke said. Instead, Sasuke was pissed. There's a high chance that the 'someone' that Neji mentioned is Itachi. Must control my anger, if I go crazy...I don't get a chance to fight with Itachi.

"Any other information?"

"Yes. I sent my bugs to search for Sakura's chakra signature and asked a female to stay at any place Sakura went into. As my other bugs returned, I noted that she entered these following places in order: a hotel in the Moon Country, the Tsukikage's place, an old jail house, and a large mansion near here. She hasn't been anywhere after the mansion. She is most likely there," Shino reported.

"Great job, everyone move out! Shino, you lead," Kakashi said. The sun is rising by now.

止まらない胸の痛み超えて Tomaranai mune no itami (I want to overcome the ceaseless pain in my chest)

The sun's rays hit Sakura's eyes making her wake up. She tired to get up, but something dragged her down. Why does he always have his arms wrapped around me when I wake up? Sakura tried to gently move his arms off of her.

"Don't move...let me get more sleep," Itachi said. Sakura stopped what she was doing and obeyed the S-class criminal. Maybe because he's an S-class criminal that she would obey him...Before Sakura can fall asleep again...someone interrupted.

"ITAAAAAAAAAAAAACHI!!!!! SAKURA-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! I HAVE A DELIVVVVVVEEEERRRRY!!! YEAH!!!" Itachi rose from the bed and rubbed his ears.

"My poor ears...," he said.

"He's louder than Naruto..." Sakura said.

"ITACHI!!! SAKURA-CHAN!!! YOU BETTER COME DOWN AND STOP MAKING OUT!!!!! AND OPEN THE DOOR, YEAH!!!" Itachi and Sakura blushed. But Itachi's hardly noticable. Itachi slipped into his cloak and disappeared.

もっと君に近ずきたいよ Koete motto kimi ni chikazukitai yo (And become closer to you)

Itachi! Sasuke inwardly growled. He's here...he's here! Damn it! Sakura's here too!

"Alright, since that blonde Akatsuki member yelled Sakura's name...and Itachi's...we now know that she is in there. I don't think the blonde will stay there long since he has a package, most likely just a delivery. Everyone wait until he leaves," Shikamaru said. Everyone nodded but Sasuke because he is mentally cursing.

"We need to find a good way to get in..." Kakashi said.

"Leave it to me!" Naruto said. Just don't do anything...foolish, Naruto thought Kakashi.

"We might need to get Sakura back by force...if we do, go all-out. But just be careful not to kill her," Kakashi said.


一回りしては戻り Hitomawari shite wa modori (I have wandered about once and returned)

"Itachi, you meanie,yeah! Didn't have to punch me, yeah!" Sakura giggled at the blonde's behavior. " Sakura-chan is laughing at me, yeah," Deidara said. (A/N: I'm making him say his trademark yeah instead of un. Because yeah sounds better than un. And Deidara isn't suppose to be the hyperactive one...Tobi is...but I like Deidara better this way.)

"That's because you act like a child," Itachi said.

"But you are the meanie. Look what you did, yeah," He pointed at his bump with a criss crossed bandage (you know those anime style chibi...) "It hurts, yeah."

"Let me heal it...then just shut're louder than Naruto," Sakura said and healed his wound that's very unnecessary to heal.

"Thank you, Sakura-chan, yeah. And thank you for the other day, healing my arms. You're the greatest, yeah. Oh yeah! The delivery,yeah!" Deidara handed the packages to Sakura. "It's your Akatsuki cloaks and other clothes, yeah!" Sakura opened it.

"All black...and red. That's closet should be more...colorful. Black and plain right now. How about this let's go shopping!!" Sakura happily declared. The guys froze. "What?"

"I-it's nothing, yeah. I gotta go back to my base yeah..."Deidara zoomed out of Itachi and Sakura's base.

Sakura said, "Anyways..." she turned to Itachi, "Let's go shopping!"

"No." Sakura has this 'happy' face on.

"What?" she said angrily.

"I said no. Men do not go shopping."

"Then how did you guys get clothes?"

"Deidara the most 'artistic' that's alive in Akatsuki makes them." Sakura laughed at the mental picture of Deidara sewing... (A/N: Now he totally looks like a girl xD)

"Come on...please come with me?" Sakura did the puppy eyes x100000000000000000000000. A few minutes later, Sakura gave up. "Fine! Don't help a poor girl out you cold-hearted, stupid, idiotic, retarded bastar-" Next thing she knew, her back hit the floor.

"Next time you call me names you will regret it." Sakura blushed because of their closeness. She tried to push Itachi off but her arms are pinned down by him. She can't kick him because he is kneeling in between her legs.

"Get off."


"Get off now you stubborn bastar-" A large bang rang though the mansion sized house. One of their walls was shattered in front of them.

青い空をずっと手探り Aoi sora wo zutto tesaguri (Always grasping for the blue sky)

While Itachi was distracted from the bang, Sakura pushed Itachi off and away from her.

"SAKURA-CHAAAAN!!! ARE YOU IN HERE!!!!?" Sakura can clearly tell that it was Naruto that yelled.


"Itachi, we have to get out of here," she whispered and grabbed Itachi's hand to lead him though the back door. But the wall where the back door is just crumbled before their eyes...well Sakura's. There revealed a pissed off Sasuke and Kakashi. Sakura looked behind and saw Neji, Shino, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, and Naruto running into the room they are at.

"SAKURA-CHAN!!!" Naruto yelled.

"Hatake-san...Otouto..." Itachi said. He must have recognized their chakra signatures. Sasuke growled and was about to charge at Itachi, but Kakashi stopped him.

"'re part of Akatsuki now, right?" Kakashi asked.

"That's right." Sakura showed them her ring.

"I really are not going to come back." Sakura nodded.

"No, I have decided...I'm going to stay with the Akatsuki." Sasuke was shaking with anger by now, his sharingan flashed on and off.

"Maybe we have to get you back by force."

"That will be true, if you even suceed that is," Sakura said. Sasuke decided to interrupt Sakura and Kakashi's conversation.

"And why is that bastard blindfolded?"

"He's going blind Sasuke..." Kakashi answered.

"So I'm going to fight him when he's not in his best shape? That won't do any good for me!" Sasuke said.

"I will change that very soon...if you let me," Sakura said. "Kakashi, Naruto...why didn't you tell me that Sasuke killed my parents?" Naruto and Kakashi's expression gloomed.

Sasuke smirked. "I guess you remembered."

"Yes, very clear, bastard."

恋をして終わりを告げ Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge (Falling in love, saying goodbye)

Itachi can tell that Sakura's chakra is dramatically rising with fury and anger. He put a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down, Sakura. You can't fight blinded by rage." Sakura took a deep breath.

"Right, I can't let the death of my parents affect me in a situation like this." Sakura made a handseal of Naruto's favorite move. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A dozen clones appeared and circled Itachi and the original Sakura in a defensive position. "Now if you will let me finish my job..." Sakura untied Itachi's blindfold. "Don't open your eyes just yet. Turn on your Sharingan." The others figured what she was trying to do. Healing his Sharingan. Everyone started attacking, but Sakura's clones won't let them get near. Her clones gained her inhuman strength which made them hard to get to her and Itachi. She began to heal the damaged Sharingan.

By the time the Sharingan was healed, the last clone was gone. Sakura did another Kage Bunshin. "Turn on your Mangekyou, just don't use it," Sakura said. Mangekyou is more complex than Sharingan...which took her longer to heal. She had to stop part way when her second batch of clones disappeared.

Sakura! I learned another Jutsu in which I can go out without making you lose your chakra, instead it has a time limit. I can only go for about two or three hours! You have to say Inner Sakura, Kai...with the seal of the tiger.

Go ahead now! In her mind, she saw Inner Sakura perform the jutsu's seals by looking at the scrolls that have been locked in her mind. After a few minutes performing the long list of seals, Inner Sakura said, "Now."

"Inner Sakura, Kai!" Sakura said with the tiger seal formed. Inner Sakura appeared beside Sakura, except she has an Akatsuki cloak on.

"I'll keep them occupied, Outer." Inner Sakura performed some more seals. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Kohaku, Akane, and a blue falcon with ice blue tipped feathers on the wings. "Kohaku, Akane, Aoi. Don't let them get near Sakura or Itachi." (A/N: Aoi means blue...or green. But in this Kohaku used feathers that became razor sharp when combined with his spead. Akane blew fire while Aoi blew cold wind to form ice. Aoi froze Naruto's clones while Kohaku slices though them, shattering the clones into pieces.

誓うことは今日が最初のgood day Chikau koto wa kyou ga saisho no GOOD DAY (With a vow that today's the first good day)

It has been nearly five hours since the battle started. It was already noon.

" time is up..." Inner Sakura said.

Her chakra was deathly low when she completed healing his eyes. "Y-you...can...u-use...your...e-eyes..n-now..." Her voice trembled and barely audible. Itachi opened his eyes. Everything looks so clear. "D-don't kill them...please...but you...can...k-kill Sasuke..." (A/N: O.o Sakura wants Sasuke to die.) Itachi caught her and lifted her up bridal style. Since Sakura's chakra is deathly low and can kill her, Itachi used a medical jutsu that he learned in when he was an ANBU and transferred some of his chakra to Sakura while the falcons protected them. Once Sakura's chakra level is out of the death range, Kohaku crouched beside Itachi and he climbed on with Sakura still in his arms.

"Foolish little brother...if you wish to kill me...fairly, follow me without your retrieval team," Itachi said in his deep monotone voice, and with that Kohaku took off into the air. Akane and Aoi did the same. (A/N: I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!) Before anyone can stop Sasuke, he dashed towards the direction the large birds. Miles away from Itachi and Sakura's Akatsuki base, Sasuke halted to a stop and landed a good distance away from Itachi.

"Let's settle this once and for all...aniki," Sasuke said.

" cannot defeat me." Both disappeared in a flash. They reappeared as their kantanas clashed creating a velocity of such power that the ground around them collasped, trees snapped, and the pressure created winds of great force that the birds flew away in a frantic state (except Kohaku, Akane, and Aoi). (A/N: Exaggerated too much?) Sasuke took out a kunai and stabbed Itachi near the heart all in an instant. Itachi disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sasuke cussed. It was a clone and he couldn't tell the difference. He searched for Itachi's chakra, but it was everywhere, meaning his speed is so fast that he can't pin-point where he is. Suddenly, he felt a sharp hit to his stomach and coughed up blood. Then felt another hit to his face as he was sent flying. As Sasuke's back slammed into the great oak tree, the impact shattered the tree in half. He fell to the ground and coughed up blood. He staggered a bit before standing on his two feet. He wiped the blood that was trickling down his mouth.

"The fight starts now," Sasuke smirked.

桜まで風の中で揺れて Sakura made kaze no naka de (Everything, even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind)

The sound of Chidori pierced though their ears. Sasuke has been truly weak without the curse seal. He definately lacked the strength that Itachi have. He definately lacked the speed that Itachi have. He definately lacked the natural talent that Itachi have. He has to rely on others to help him. Itachi does not, though his parents would punish him if he did the smallest mistake which made him cold. What have I been doing the past years with that snake bastard that is weaker than Itachi...or should I say was since he's dead. Sasuke mentally cursed. Itachi was about to strike but was stopped.

"Chidori Nagashi!" Sasuke called as Itachi was thrown back. Itachi's hand stinged, he was burned. While the two brothers fought, Inner Sakura appeared in a puff of smoke. The summonings were surprised.

"Shhh...I'll summon your healer instead of me doing it because this jutsu is the one that uses Sakura's chakra and she's low on chakra," Inner Sakura said. The birds nodded. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

At the same time the healer was summoned, Inner Sakura disappeared. As the smoke disappeared, a large snow white falcon with a red tear-dropped shaped jewel on her forehead and soft golden eyes.

"Well isn't this a surprise...I was summoned when Sakura is well-trained medic," the white falcon said.

"Well, Sakura used up all her chakra to heal Itachi's eyes when the Rookie 11 excluding Sakura and Kakashi is there too, Hikari," Aoi said. (A/N: Hikari means light...for her healing powers.)

"And I see that Sakura is the patient this time...rare..."

"Maybe later...after this battle is finished, you might need to heal Itachi. We do not want Sakura's partner to die," Kohaku said.

"Alright, I'll heal her right now. Then maybe Itachi later, if he gets seriously injured," Hikari said. The red jewel glowed and soon her whole body glowed a soft gold. Her beak gently pressed on Sakura's forehead. Sakura's body also glowed the same soft gold as Hikari. Sakura's chakra level began to restore at a steady pace, faster than a normal of course. Hikari's talent quickens the chakra replenishing process. The wounds from the kidnapping day began to disappear. When the last cut disappeared, Hikari lifted her head away from Sakura and the golden glow disappeared from both. Soon the red glow on the jewel diminished.

そっと君に手を伸ばすよYurete sotto kimi ni te wo nobasu yo (Softly reaches out toward you)

Itachi saw a glow where Sakura is at. Before he noticed a blue falcon summoning that he does not recognize, now, a white one appeared. While he was distracted, Sasuke slashed Itachi's abdomin, which snapped him out of his train of thought.

"Keep your mind in the battle, aniki."

"It's rare for you to call me that...otouto." The battle continued on for hours. Both are tired. Itachi didn't eat anything since last night. His cloak was torn in random places and he has scratches and cuts. Just the slash in the abdomin was the most vital of the injuries inflicted by Sasuke. Sasuke's has more bruises than cuts since Itachi used taijutsu more. But he still has two broken ribs. Four ninja stars slid down Itachi's right cloak's sleeve and landed perfectly between his fingers. He threw them with deadly speed and accuracy. Sasuke managed to dodge half of the four. One sliced his cheek and the other across his chest.

Sakura groaned. She opened her eyes. She a blur of gold, red, white, and blue. As her vision started to clear, "Kohaku, Akane, Aoi, and Hikari?" she asked.

"Yes," all four said. She can hear clashes of weapons.

"Sasuke and Itachi are fighting...where are the others?" Sakura asked.

"We are several leagues away from your Akatsuki base. They will have a hard time searching," Kohaku replied. "Itachi said not to interrupt the battle." Sakura nodded and watched to battle.

好きで好きでどうしようもないSuki de suki de dou shiyou mo nai (I love you I love you, it can't be helped)

The sun was setting, their injuries have doubled or maybe trippled. Their blood from the wounds dripped onto the ground. Neither body can take another wound without dying by the lack of blood.

"We'll settle this with our last hit," Sasuke said as he formed the handseals for Chidori, but it was more blinding and dark colored. The same as the chidori used against Naruto at the Valley of the Dead. (A/N: I think that's the spot.) Itachi also gathered his chakra to his right hand. Godly fire appeared on his hand. (A/N: I have no idea how this techique looks like since it was never shown.) A half minute later, they charged full speed towards each other. Both jumping, they launched their attack.



それとこれとは関係ない Sore to kore to wa kankei nai (That has nothing to do with this)


Here's the known list of summonings of Sakura's recent summons.

Leader-Xing-male-white with silver and gold feathers (mixed with white) at the wings, gold tipped feather tails, thin and long silver tails (like a phoenix, though colors vary), crimson eyes, a phoenix shaped red jewel on his forehead. (Very king looking yeah, if you watch or read Fushigi Yugi, the person with the Xing character on his skin is an emperor.) Strongest in every field in his falcon summonings. Other traits cannot be identified.

5th-Hikari-female-snow white, gold eyes, tear-drop red jewel on forehead. Besides her healing powers, others have not been identified.

6th-Kohaku-male-gold, amber eyes, 2nd rank in speed. Can strengthen the sharpness of his feathers and combine his speed to make swift attacks.

7th-Akane-female-red, orange tipped wings and tail, yellow-orange eyes, 2nd in fire, other than blowing fire of extreme temperatures, nothing is known of.

8th-Aoi-female-cerulean blue with icy blue tips, ice blue eyes (slightly glowing look), icy blue tips on tail, has ability to freeze things by dropping the degrees in temperature, changing the water vapor in the air into ice, or blow extremely low temperature air to freeze. 2nd in ice.


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