Tittle: Blood Ties

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Timeline: This is set one month after Jack blew up in the cave with Arvin Sloan and Irina fell to her death in Hong Kong.


Chapter 1

The sun was slowly rising over the Brazilian horizon and the couple rising in the penthouse suite of the Blue Tree hotel was slowly awakening. The brunette woman's eyes fluttered open and a smile grazed her lips as she looked into the face of the husband. Her right hand made random patterns through his chest hair, and soon enough, he too had his eyes open looking deeply into hers. Bending his head, he placed a loving good morning kiss on her inviting lips. When they broke apart, each with a smile his or her face, he pulled her into an excruciating hug, bringing her head to rest on his shoulder and forcing her willing arms around his torso.

"You have no idea how glad I am it was you that appeared at that cave and not the CIA, no idea."

The woman smiled and continued playing with his chest hairs. "I am also glad I managed to get there on time. I don't believe I have thanked you enough for letting me know every step of the way what was going on." She let out a long sigh and continued. "Although I do hate the fact that Sidney now thinks she has lost both parents and not simply one. I never wanted for my baby to feel that way, much less twice in a lifetime."

He pulled her head up and answered her. "Irina you know as well as I do that we cannot contact her until she leaves the Agency, as well as the act that she promised to leave as soon as the Rambaldi thing was finished, but that she won't until the entire Agency is running smoothly again, well as smoothly as that place ever runs really."

Sitting up, Irina placed some distance between them. "I really wish there had been a better way to get away and save you at the same time. By no means am I complaining about all the extra attention I have been getting this past month, but I really had hoped to never have to have done this to her ever again. When I came gave myself over to the CIA the most prominent thing on my mind was forging a relationship with my daughter, leaving again."

Deciding to give her her space he continued. "Honey, your double wanted that sphere even more than Arvin did. We needed the world to think we were dead. And either way she would have died because had she survived struggling with Sidney on the rooftop, your men would have been on her the second she was on the streets and would have killed her on the spot. My death was going to staged no matter what so that we could get away together and not be in the line of fire of the CIA."

Irina got a wistful look an her face as she pulled her knees up to her chest. "We did pretty good didn't we?" Relenting, he approached Jack again. "I just really wish I could see my daughter and my granddaughter. Soon she'll be walking and talking and I would have missed all of it.

A tear slowly made its way down Irina's cheek. Jack knew that she had been feeling like this for a few months now, that was the reason why he used to bring her pictures and recordings of their granddaughter every time they met. Now that she was completely cut off from their daughter and granddaughter she was really feeling the loss.

"Irina, I feel the same way you do, and I also know that what you feel is worse than what I feel because you are feeling like you are betraying your daughter for a second time. But honey, this time you will not have to wait another twenty years before you can see her again. In a few months she will have officially left the CIA and we will be able to approach her. Until then, we'll just continue getting to know each other better and catching up on lost time."

This new and emotional side of Irina reminded him that he really did know her and that she was still the woman he had married all those years ago, just with the added bonus of an internationally known spy who could probably kick his butt if he wasn't careful.

Jack pulled his wife down on the bed and moved to be on top of her. Gently he kissed her cheek, nose, chin, forehead, throat and, finally, her mouth. Irina's hands went around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Jack's hands began traveling up and down his wife's body, wanting to be as near to her as possible.

Raising his head from their kissing, Jack took a good look at his wife. Every time he did so his breath was taken away. His beautiful, Russian goddess had chosen him out of all the other men he knew wanted her. Every time he looked at her he could not believe how lucky he had been to have been chosen to be spied upon by the Russians. Maybe their intent was not to give him a love of a lifetime, but that is exactly what they had done.

"I love you Irina Bristow. I do hope you realize that."

The small smile on her face was all the answer he need as it brightened and tears started slipping down her face again. When he noticed how wet his wife's face was becoming Jack Bristow became concerned.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Irina put her hand on his cheek and continued smiling as she brought his face to hers for a chaste kiss.

"Nothing is wrong. Everything is right. Every time I hear you say my name, not Laura, and that you love me in the same sentence my heart wants to melt.

When I was Laura I would dream of telling you the entire thing just so that I could hear your voice saying my name. Even when we were fighting about some thing or another, I wished that you were yelling at Irina and not Laura. Especially because Irina was usually the one who did whatever had been done."

Jack laughed at that. After meeting his wife again and learning more about her he realized that every time he had asked her to do something and the opposite had been done, with better consequences too, it had really been Irina and not the perfect little housewife laura. He kissed her again, more passionately this time and said, "I love you Irina Bristow. My wife, partner and the one person I will try very hard not to upset because I have seen your handiwork with knives and do not wish to be on the other side of it.

This comment forced Irina to lightly punch him on the arm, "I thought I did pretty well with other things as well, such as guns, bombs, untraceable poisons."

"And that is why we made a deal to always tell the other what we had around the house and where we were hiding it. So that either of us could get to it in same amount of time and so that neither of us would have to upper hand in case our governments came after us. Though I doubt you would blow yourself up just to get to me, would you?"

His little speech made her snort and the movement reminded both of them of what they had been about to do. "You don't have to worry about me doing anything of the sort to you, I love you too much to let that happen. Now," she said as she brought her hands to his butt cheeks and gave them a squeeze, "why don't we get back to what we were doing before we got sidetracked?"

"Of course darling. What was I thinking?"

He placed his lips on her and kissed her, getting an immediate response the kiss lost the initial sweetness and acquired the passion that always marked their encounters. What ensued was the slowest act of love either had ever performed, with each touch, kiss and caress trying to describe what each felt in their hearts. They continued in their lovemaking, several times more, until they were interrupted by a sound coming from their bedroom door.


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