Good gods, it has been forever since I have posted anything. A huge apology to anyone out there who still reads this. I spent a very long time in the hospital in June and have been recovering most of the rest of the summer, just as a short synopsis :)

Well, back to the story. This is what I wrote, it fits for me now, but part of me wants to chuck. Maybe it is because the gal 'in' this scene has never been a favorite of mine, (I know blasphemy, sorry) but she seemed the perfect person to 'lovingly' tell Nightwing that he was pouting and acting like a child...though I don't know that she did exactly that o.0 danged characters with minds of their own.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I hope to be able to write much more and update reasonable soon :)

Disclaimer: I've been hooked up to an IV pump for way too long to be able to wrestle Nightwing and chain him...but I could give it that ole' college try, in other words, I own none of them and I make no money off them either.

He was ravaged, not a drop of blood had been spilled, not a punch thrown. He didn't think he would ever be able to breathe correctly again, not while sharing space with her anyway.

Nightwing clung to the shadows that had long been his home, the heart he thought already broken had been firmly shattered with the discovery that Roy had known where Raven was and she had gone to him.

She had gone to Roy at some point in the past fifteen years, but she hadn't come to Nightwing; and that was the knife plunged so deep into his heart he didn't know if he could look at either one of them for a very long time without feeling the pain.

Snow fell softly around him, occasionally a flake would bite at the bare skin on his cheek before melting into oblivion and he briefly envied that kind of nothingness.

"Feeling sorry for yourself?"

The words were spoken directly, with a kind of stark truth that caused him to look around for the speaker before he realized it was coming through his earpiece. "I'm on patrol, its what I do most nights; remember?"

"Ha," Unrepentant the voice scoffed at him, "You are an idiot Nightwing, you always have been when it comes to those you love."

"Like you've been any better at commitment." He replied, thinking this was another dig by the Oracle at his bachelor state.

"I checked the clock tower before contacting you directly." She replied, ignoring his statement and the sting that it caused. "You seem to have acquired a roommate; a very familiar roommate."

"Raven isn't my roommate, she is only here until I figure out how to help Star." He bit the words out; proud of how detached he sounded when he said her name. "Then she will be on her own." And good riddance, he thought quietly.

"Nightwing," He could almost visualize Oracle's head shaking at what she took for his stupidity. "You have a chance for something that most people never get, a chance to forgive and move on." She paused a second, "Or a chance to have something that you've wanted forever."

"I can't" Nightwing replied, "I don't want her." Glad that Oracle hadn't been around to witness his actions a few hours before.

"You're a liar, I talked to her." Oracle began.

"She told you what happened?" Incredulous he almost missed the target when he fired his grappling gun.

"Of course not, but I'm not named Oracle just because its catchy." She said with another shake of her head, although she knew he couldn't see her. "She mentioned you had gone out, told me what was up with Star and mentioned a call from Arsenal, so I hacked your system."

"You did what?" On the roof of a building across from the clock tower he stopped dead in his tracks. "Barbara." His tone had a dangerous chill to it.

"Well she isn't going to tell me what is going on and you sure as hell aren't." Unapologetic she continued. "You're being an idiot, think about what happened a few years back when Arsenal was still Speedy. Maybe you should talk to her about it, find out her side of the story before you write it alone."

"You don't know what you are talking about." A part of Nightwing wished for her to be right, but he didn't think he could spare anymore of his heart to try again.

"Fine," She heard not only the finality of his tone, but the pain in it. "On other matters, if you need a hand with what is going on with Star you only have to ask."

"I might," Glad they were back to familiar terms, he shifted his mind to the task at hand. "I don't want to take you away from your team right now, but if we hit any walls I'll give you a call."

"Sure thing," She closed the channel down and leaned forward on her desk, her head in her hands. She wasn't sure how she felt now that Raven was back, but she knew a part of her was thankful.

She loved Richard, had tried for years to be enough for him. He had never really wanted her though; his heart had always been and would always be Raven's. Barbara had know this years ago and she knew it now.

"They're going to break their hearts to pieces before this is over." She sat in her chair and cried silently for both of them and she cried a little for herself as well.