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Ranmaverse: Before Saffron but after Herb. Ranma is 17.

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A crackle of thunder roared loudly as a flash of lightning tore through the night skies giving warning of the incoming storm over Nerima. A teenaged red haired girl stood in the dimly lit empty lot staring at one of the sources of many of her troubles as a rain drop fell striking her causing her to shiver involuntarily. Another rain drop joined the first and then another, many more joining them coating the ground in a sheet of rain.

"Prepare to die, Ranma!" Ryouga cried angrily clutching something that looked out of sorts with the lost boy or any other of the Nermian Martial Artists. A large gun shape was revealed in his hand with another flash of lightning but it looked all wrong to the pigtailed girl. She could tell that it wasn't a gun though, it looked more like a child's toy.

Why the boy was carrying a gun did make her curious, what really shocked Ranma was the fact that the boy was still standing before her and not a pig. Did her rival actually find a cure for their curses and took it? While Ranma was happy that the boy seemed to be cured another thing occurred to her. Ryouga had a cure and he was going to share it with her if she had to beat it out of his piggy but.

"Wondering why I'm not changing Ranma?" Ryouga laughed maliciously, a laugh that sent cold shivers through the girl's body. It was a laugh full of cruelness and hatefulness, a laugh that worried Ranma as she had never heard him like this. Sure he was always saying he was going to kill her but it always seemed to be more of a joke but right now he seemed deathly serious.

"It did cross my mind." Ranma quipped hugging herself as the cold rain soaked her normal clothing plastering it against her body like a second skin freezing her.

"It's amazing what a little piglet can find rummaging through an Amazon restaurant, Ranma. For instance some really cool soap that can block all water from making contact with you." Ryouga grinned, "But that's not all I found there, did you know that Herb actually gave Cologne samples from both that stupid ladle and kettle?"

"So what, you used the soap to keep from changing?" Ranma asked, "As if that's going to give you an advantage."

"No but I'm not here just to beat you Ranma, I'm here to destroy you!" Ryouga growled charging the redhead. Ranma dodged just as Ryouga passes but the fang toothed teen spun around leveling the gun at Ranma squeezing the trigger. Ranma didn't have enough time to dodge this time as a stream of water impacted the already soaked girl and sent a tingle through her. She knew that the tingle meant it was some kind of magic water and she froze in horror as she recalled what the boy had said.

"That, Ranma, is water from the ladle." Ryouga sneered, "I destroyed all of the water from the kettle."

"No…No…NOOOOOOO!" Ranma screamed launching herself recklessly at the boy trading blows with him, too enraged to notice how he was leading her. "Why, Ryouga? Damn it, WHY!"

"Because I hate you!" Ryouga spat, his face turning even more cruel and hateful, "You have everything I ever wanted and you treat it like shit! You treat Akane like shit! You don't deserve her or anything else!"

"Damn it Ryouga, I never asked to be engaged to her!" Ranma snapped jumping back to catch her breath. Breathing heavily she leaned forward a little holding her knees supporting herself as she tried to understand why someone who may have been her rival but someone who she thought was her friend could betray her like this. It was too dark to notice the small darts heading her way courtesy of Ryouga before it was too late. She caught two of them but a third hit her spreading pain throughout her body spreading out from where the dart hit.

"Don't even bother, Ranma." Ryouga grinned walking up to the pigtailed girl punched her in the stomach making her double over in pain over his fist. He let her slide off it slowly and fall to the ground in an unmoving heap. "That was another little toy I found, Mousse had them hidden in his room. I'm not sure if they're poison or paralysis but either was it looks like they are doing their job."

"Wh-why R-Ryouga?" Ranma croaked out hoarsely trying to move but it seemed her entire body was against her, not responding to her will. She couldn't even prepare herself from the kick that launched her body high into the air. Her ki wasn't even responding as she tried to reinforce her body with it to absorb some of the impact as she came crashing down into the ground with a loud crash. There was no way to protect herself as Ryouga advanced on her brutally assaulting her, kick after kick, punch after punch knocking her bruised and battered body around the lot. As the rain finally let up Ranma could see Ryouga standing above her with a sick, twisted smile on his face.

"Because you are nothing, Saotome. Less than nothing." Ryouga spat lowering himself down on top of Ranma, his body pressed against hers as he whispered in her ear, "You are nothing but trash and I think its high past time someone showed you what trash like you is good for."

"G-Get off me." Ranma demanded weakly, the taste of blood in her mouth as she tried to shove him off her. She gasped when he did the unthinkable, he grabbed one of her breasts through her soaked shirt squeezing hard just as he bit into her neck eliciting a cry of pain and disgusts.

"No, Ranma, I don't think I will." Ryouga sneered moving his hand up her silk shirt grabbing the collar before ripping it open exposing her bares breasts to him. "You may be trash but I have to admit, even for a guy you have one hell of a rack."

"I'll kill you." Ranma said, her voice growing weaker as the pain throughout her body sapped more and more of what little strength she had.

"And how do you expect to do that, you can't even move?" Ryouga asked moving down her body kissing one breast then the other, his hands mauling them roughly as Ranma did the one thing she swore that she would never do. She cried helplessly as her body failed her, her art failed her.

"I think I might even keep you as my toy if you survive what ever was on those darts." Ryouga laughed as he slid his hand slowly down her stomach toward her pants.

"Stop right there!" A cold, hard feminine voice demanded. Ranma couldn't see who the voice belonged to but she tried to warn whoever it was to get away before this thing that used to be her friend attacked.

"Stay right there, Ranma." Ryouga laughed, "Oh, that's right you don't have a choice."

"Step away from her if you know what's good for you." The woman's voice snarled angrily.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Ryouga asked leaving Ranma's line of sight. Ranma whimpered as she knew that there was nothing she could do to protect whoever this newcomer was from this beast.

"Your judge, jury and executioner." The female's voice said as the hairs on the back of Ranma's neck rose as she could feel a very powerful and foreign energy building up. It seemed so familiar though like she should know it from somewhere. The next words from the stranger was whispered so softly and yet they seemed to be carried perfectly through the air for all to hear "Dead Scream."

An explosion rocked the ground where Ranma was lying just before Ryouga reentered her field of vision, his body smoking as he struck the ground hard already unconscious before hitting. Ranma tried to look toward the woman but she seemed to grow even weaker as she faintly heard footsteps coming her way. Just as a pair of feet could be seen Ranma's own consciousness slipped away from her as she fell into darkness.