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Ranma woke up later that evening feeling rested and much better than before, her own accelerated healing abilities had almost completely finished healing her injuries. She wasn't sure what to do though, she was trapped as a girl permanently now. If she went home to the Tendo's she would either be forced to marry Soun … or commit seppuku. Given her choices she might as well go ahead and sign her death certificate but what other options did she have … just how long could she honestly stay there?

Looking around the room she saw a change of clothes laying on the chair by the door and climbed out of the bed slowly moving to the waiting garments. She picked up the first article of clothing and inspected it with disdain. It was soft, lacy and downright sexy, supporting and enhancing her already impressive bust.

Yeah, it was probably something she was going to need now, something she'd undoubtedly need to get used to … but it was NOT something she wanted to need, and definitely not something she was looking forward to wearing. In fact she hated the annoying things, wearing a bra was like admitting that she had been defeated and was a weak girl … just like her father always accused her of being.

Unfortunately it was not the truth, and as much as she hated it she decided to wear it for now. Reluctantly, even grudgingly she admitted to herself that the few times she did wear one (usually when trying to distract the old freak) she noticed how much support it gave and admittedly greatly diminished the literal pain in her back. Sighing she decided to wear the bra and changed into the clothes left for her consisting of bra and panties, aqua colored blouse and tan slacks.

Giving a soft sigh, she paused before the door to what had been (for a few hours a least) her sanctuary. Deciding it was time to talk to her hosts she slowly opened the door and stepped outside and made her way down the hall toward the restroom before going downstairs but stopped when she heard voices below. Leaning over the railing she strained to listen in.

"I want her out." Haruka's high, but more masculine voice said, her anger clearly evident it it's harsh tones.

"Haruka, please think about it." Michuru's softer voice pleaded, "It doesn't matter what happened in the past, Ranma is hurt now and there is no proof she had anything to do with what happened."

"Ranma is the child of that monster and she's probably the same as well," Haruka hissed. "We shouldn't just throw her out we should finish her off before we regret it." Haruka said.

"Haruka, listen to yourself." Michuru snapped but Ranma had heard enough, they didn't want her here and she wasn't about to stay where she wasn't wanted. Ranma slowly made her way down the stairs keeping an eye out for any of the four women who lived here. When she reached the bottom she looked for the source of the voices and saw a door toward the back open and Michuru's back as she stood over a stove. Haruka kept pacing back and forth but neither one was looking this way.

Ranma quickly scurried in the other direction toward where she hoped the front door would be and was happy when she made her way through the living room and found the front door. As was customary there was a rack near the doorway with at least two dozen shoes neatly placed on it. Ranma looked through the available footwear and found the least feminine pair of sandals on the rack and quickly put them on before running out the door and leaping toward the roofs.

The area looked mostly unfamiliar to her but a quick look around the town via the roofs she was sure she was in the Juuban district. A part of her wanted to cry, the people back there seemed so nice at first and Hotaru, well, there was something about the girl and the dreams, memories or what ever they were she'd experienced while recovering that made the girl seem very important to Ranma. She wasn't wanted there though and she wasn't about to cause problems for the people that were there. The problem though was that she really didn't have anywhere else to go, no sanctuary to flee to … no place to really call home. She was a pathetic failure to lose so badly to Ryouga, she felt so dirty. She remembered the way he pawed her as well as his threat to "take" her and show her "her place." The memories it brought up almost made her miss the next roof as she nearly lost her lunch.

"Maybe I should go back to the Tendo's and face the music." Ranma sighed unhappily, but felt a little better coming up with an idea. The old freak might like to molest Ranma's girl side … but the bastard wasn't about to let a girl be the true heir to the school so he would do anything possible to restore her birth gender. With a high jump she headed off toward Nerima hoping to get a cure and maybe set things right. If he could regain his manhood maybe he could find away to deal with the pig.

It was dark by the time she did arrive back in Nerima and the Tendo Dojo. The Dojo was aglow, it looked like every light in the building was on. Landing lightly in the yard out back it wasn't long before Akane ran out the door, her battle aura flaring angrily outlining her small form with an angry crimson glow..

"Where were you you…Pervert, and what the hell are you wearing?" Akane demanded drawing the attention of everyone in the house. Soon Nabiki, Kasumi, Genma and Soun were all out in the yard.

"What a disgrace, my son likes dressing up as a weak worthless girl." Genma whined.

"Now the schools will never be united." Sound cried.

"Looking great." Nabiki said snapping off picture after picture of the redhead.

"Oh my, Ranma." Kasumi gasped, "I never knew you were into that kind of thing."

"It's not what it looks like." Ranma said, "I…I lost a challenge and was locked in my cursed form."

"What a weak and worthless…" Genma was unable to continue thanks to Ranma's fist which in turn caused unconsciousness.

"How were you locked my boy?" Happosai asked perching on top the wall.

"The pervert probably wanted to be locked!" Akane huffed. Ranma tried to conceal the pain he felt at Akane's words and tried not to let them affect her but the truth was they hurt. Looking up at Happosai she could have sworn the freak's face softened as he looked at Ranma sadly.

"Cologne's entire supply of water from the Musk was destroyed." Happosai said, his voice growing sadder with every word. "There is no way of unlocking it Ranma, I'm so sorry. With the Lade and Kettle both destroyed there is nothing that can undo what has been done. Ryouga will be dealt with for what he did."

"What, you were picking on Ryouga?" Akane screamed in rage summoning her mallet and stalking over toward Ranma.

"Is it true that it can't be undone master?" Soun asked.

"I'm afraid so." Happosai said shaking his head.

"Then I guess there is no need for you to stay here any longer Ranma." Soun said, "If the schools can't be united then there is no need for you to be here. Unless of course you marry me."

While normally not the quickest to pick up on the underlying emotions of others speech. Here it was easy, Soun's words while harsh enough on their own, had clear undertones of lust as he stared at her figure.

"At least I won't have to cook and clean so much. If he leaves it will mean less work, and if he marries Daddy … well it is the wife's place to take care of the home." Kasumi whispered to herself, a mix of relief and sadness in her voice. Ranma still heard it though and out of all of them that was what hurt the most. She always tried to help the eldest Tendo in any way she could and to hear that instead of being upset by what happened to Ranma she was relieved that she'd no longer had to cook so much. It was Genma who ate the most but as usually Ranma got the blame.

Ranma was taken so aback by the "gentle Tendo's" words that she almost didn't dodge Akane's attack in time but she wasn't about to let Akane hit her again with that damned mallet. Looking up at the angry girl Ranma growled as a burning sensation started in her forehead. It wasn't painful though, in fact it actually felt pretty good, it felt normal. The pain then started in though, it wasn't caused from the feeling, not directly anyway.

"Hotaru!" A chorus a voices cried out as Ranma saw the young girl in a strange, almost fetish version of a school girl's uniform being attacked by a strange looking creature that almost resembled a woman. The vision faded as quick as it came, she wasn't sure how she knew it but Hotaru was in pain and Ranma had to get to her.

"Stay still you pervert!" Akane screeched.

"Stay away from me." Ranma snarled, catching the head of the mallet as Akane swung it again in an attempt to drive it into the ground. The angry girl struggled trying to pull it free but gasped in shock … and more than a little fear, when with a squeeze of her hand the redhead shattered the head of the mallet leaving Akane to fall on her ass from the sudden disappearance of any resistance to her struggles.

"You bastard!" Akane screamed in outrage.

"All of you can go to hell." Ranma snarled, the feeling on her head growing stronger as she grew angrier. "I've had enough of all this. You want the engagements over? Guess what, I never wanted them in the first place! The only one I kind of wanted was with you! But you couldn't trust me. Hell all you did was abuse me you bitch! So piss off, all of you can just leave me the hell alone!"

"Ranma!" Nabiki snapped.

"Hold on, Hotaru, I'm coming." Ranma whispered to herself as she jumped to the wall next to Happosai.

"Good luck my boy." Happosai said as Ranma jumped again, surprised with the genuine feeling Happosai had in his voice. She didn't have time to think about it though as she jumped from roof top to roof top following the path she could feel Hotaru's pain coming from.