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by baby's breath

- Paper Plane -

Under the tree, with the summer sun lazily hanging on the blue sky with a few puffy clouds hanging by, two kids were present and were busy fumbling on sheets of colored paper.


A photo of a box filled with paper planes and a ribbon and a handkerchief.

A few colored papers near the box.

The shadow of the tree looming over the brightly-colored papers.

'When you get back, promise me you'll go here to see me?'

'... I promise...'





Little feet scurried away from her home, her legs carrying her fast to her unknown destination. Her mommy and daddy are going to leave her again for a business trip. She never liked it, for she gets to be stucked with the maids on their big house. She was not allowed to see her friends always, if she had any friends to begin with. So crying her eyes out, ignoring the yells from the background, she kept on running to wherever her feet decided to land her.

When she finally stumbled to the ground, where grass and mud met her face and the sounds of people yelling her name had finally subsided, she laid still. Her face still on the ground, she kept on crying, occasional hiccups escaping her mouth.



When the rustling of leaves and footsteps reached her ears, she raised her head to see a shadow loom over her. The sun at the background shined brightly and she propped her hands in front of her to support her whole body.

"What are you doing in my property?"

Her eyes widened. She never meant to trespass so she decided her mouth to do the work while her mind started lecturing her about manners and respecting people's privacy.

"Ano... it's just that... ahhh... WAAAAHHHH!"

The shadow seemed to step back a little, startled by her sudden crying outburst. She continued crying, silver tears making her way on her dust-covered face. Just then, the shadow stepped forward again and extended a hand. She stared at it for a while, her crying now subsiding to a series of hiccups but the tears still flowing, and accepted it hesitantly.

"D-Don't cry, ano... it's okay if you came here, just please don't cry."

She blushed, one from embarrassment, and the other because of their still intertwined chubby hands. She gazed at the shadows face, now more clear, and admired the pale face framed by dark locks of hair and his hypnotizing black orbs.

"W-well, it was not your fault, really."

The boy led her to the tree and they sat under it gazing at the wide field from their high perch on the hill. Her eyes were still watery and the tears just kept on flowing.

"Ano... stop crying now. Here."

She stared at the white handkerchief, with a red and white fan emblem neatly stitched on a corner. She shyly wiped her tears away and tried to wipe the dirt from her face. He detached his hand from hers and wiped a dirt from her nose.

"Thank you!"

She hugged him tightly and his face instantly turned red, the same as his favorite tomatoes. He doesn't know the reason why, it was either the girl was hugging him too tightly for his own comfort or because of the warmth that had suddenly enveloped him.

"Can you tell me why you are crying?"




"Sasuke-kun! Come on, go down there!"

The pink-haired girl stared at the boy who was sitting on a branch of the tree. The same tree where they had first awkwardly met, and the same tree where he had comforted her. After that incident, they had always met at that same spot.

The girl pulled her hair in irritation as the boy smirked seeing that he was the cause of that. She glanced at him again.

"Mou, you're so unfair Sasuke-kun."

His keen eyes watched her as she examine the trunk of the tree, trying to figure out how she could climb up to him. She made several attempts, each of them being failures. Finally giving up she stomped on the ground and attempted to leave, faking a cry to make him go down.

"I...-sniff-... HATE you!"

With that she stomped her way down the hill, her little feet digging on the ground with every step she took.

"Ne, Sakura... wait!"

He jumped down from the branch, but in his hurry, instead of falling graciously on the ground he fell and hurt his knee.


Sakura heard him and turned around to see him clutching his hurt knee, a small trickle of blood flowing form it.


She ran toward him kneeling beside his form as she inspected the wound. It was not large, but it was enough to draw blood from it. Her eyes started getting watery, even though she was not the one who was hurt. She gently wiped the dirt away from the wound mumbling a soft sorry as she felt him wince. She untied the ribbon that kept her bangs away from her face and tied it on his wound.


He gazed at his friend, who had her hands cupping her face and crying silently.


At this, her silent cries turned into loud wails.

"I-it was my fault you're hurt! I-I shouldn't have made you go down! And I don't really h-hate you! I'm s-sorry."

He moved next to her and half-hugged her effectively silencing her and stopping her cries.

"You are my angel..."

She stared at him, her eyes wide and traces of tears evident on her cheeks. He gently wiped them away and smiled slightly at her. He stared at the emerald orbs that always made his heart skip a little.

"Ano... kaa-san said that people has a destined angel for each of them."



"She said that those angels will always make you smile and make you feel happy."

"B-but angels are supposed to be pretty, I am not."

He frowned at this statement. Carefully, he wiped a strand of stubborn pink hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear.

"The kids always say that I have weird eyes and hair and that I have a large forehead."

"What's wrong with your eyes?"

'They're green.'

"No they're not, they are emerald."

"You mean, those precious stones?"

"Mm. Plus, you're hair color is really unique. And you're forehead..."


He gently tilted her face to stare back at him and he placed a soft, gentle kiss on her forehead. Her eyes widened and heat rose to her face. She was blushing and her heart was thumping really fast. The same goes for him.

"They're adorable."

Upon recovering, she smiled at him who was staring anywhere except her. She kissed his still red cheek and whispered a 'thank you'.




"I can write letters now!"

The boy tilted his head to the sound of the voice and came face to face with his 'pink-haired angel', as he liked to call her. She was wearing a simple spaghetti-strapped dress that reached her knees. On her hands were pencils and papers of various colors.

"My sensei at school taught us how. Here, we can write together!"

She plopped down next to him on the ground and handed him some of the papers. She began writing while he stared at her in curiosity. Her hand that held the pencil slowly moved into action, drawing several squiggles and curves. When finally done, she showed it to him. The paper showed a poorly made 'S' and 'A'. She started feeling nervous when she did not get a response.

"A-ano... I'm just starting so I can't write my whole name yet."

"It's good."

She stared at him before a smile made her way to her face. Then upon realizing something that she had learned a while ago she beamed at him.

"Ne, do you know that our names both start with these letters? That's why I tried so hard to perfect them!"

He nodded gently before he held his own pencil and wrote on his own paper. She tried to peek but he wouldn't let her so she decided to just wait patiently for him to finish. When she heard rustling near her side, she glanced at him and her eyes widened at what he wrote. She could recognize the letter and tried to read it in her mind.

"That's our names."


At the middle of the paper were their names written legibly in big letters. All the sizes were the same though it was a little crooked because there's no lines and no smooth surface to write on.

"Sasuke-kun, what do you want to be when you grew up?"

"I want to be an... airplane driver..."

"Is it the one they called pilots?"

"I... yeah."

There was a comforting silent, until it was broken by a loud 'A-ha!' Sakura looked at Sasuke with a big grin on her face.

"Why don't we make paper planes? I know how to make one!"




Drops of tears fell on the last pink paper plane as she gently placed them inside the small tin box. Inside were planes made of different colored papers. A white handkerchief was also placed inside, along with a red ribbon. He then put his own plane inside, a plane made using a navy-colored paper. They closed the box firmly then buried it in the hole they had dug. He could still hear her sniffs as he patted the ground flat using a small shovel.

For two years, they had made paper planes, where they had wrote all their thoughts and the things that they had learned at school. The box was her idea, when she had forced him into buying one so they can keep the planes that they had made inside it. They hid it in the whole at the tree. When they can't be together, one would find a new plane placed inside, but they made a promise that no one could read what was written.

Only when the time has come.

Once, they fought, and he was pretty sure that the red plane that was obviously made from a crumpled paper had something bad written on it. But the last plane she put was the one he was most concerned about. She had made it clear that he won't be able to read it until he fulfilled his promise.





'I-I'm leaving... my family had to leave, my kaa-san said it was far and we had to ride a plane.'

'B-but, what about me?'

'Don't worry, I will come back.'


'I don't know, but aniki told me that it would be very long time and that we won't be able to recognize each other when we came back.'

'T-Then, how will we meet again?'

A pause.

She took his hands on her own small ones.

'When you get back... promise me you'll go back here to see me?'

'... I promise...'




They decided to bury the planes they made on the ground and open it again after he came back. But still, the main rule applies:

No one would dare read it until the time comes.

He felt her hug him on the back, his shirt getting wet because of her salty tears. He closed his eyes because he doesn't want his angel to see him crying too. After a long moment of her hugging him he turned to her.

"I'll come back angel, promise."

He could still hear her sniffs before she stared at him.

"Kiss me then. My kaa-san said that a promise will come true if it's sealed with a kiss."

He looked surprised for a moment before closing his eyes and placing his lips over her own. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips on him too. They had both lost their first kiss on each other, and it was a moment that the two would treasure.

"Until next time..."




She ran.

Ran to where they had first met, to where he had first comforted her. She ran to where she had been dubbed as an angel, to where they both shared wonderful memories.

She ran to where they had both made a promise that they will read what was written on the planes when the time comes. She fell to the ground knees first sobbing and crying.

"You lied..."

It had been ten years since the last time she had seen him. It had been seven years since he had stopped writing at her. And it was just a moment ago when he had fulfilled his promise of coming back.

But what made her really heart-broken was that he has a girlfriend with him.




'Sakura... when are we going to be able to read the ones written on this planes?'

She paused for a while from making another plane, thinking of her answer. She gave him a toothy grin.

'When the time comes when we will finally get married!'




'When the time comes...'





"Sakura! Why won't you talk to me?"

She kept on walking, ignoring his pleads. Her heart still felt the pain of seeing him everyday with somebody else. Someone who could make him smile. Or was smirk considered a smile? She never knew.




'You are my angel...'

'Ano... kaa-san said that people has a destined angel for each of them.'

'She said that those angels will always make you smile and make you feel happy.'




'Is she your angel now... Sasuke-kun?'

'Please... Sakura... you are my friend right?'

She halted. And after slowing down, she felt him grip her wrist tightly. How she loved the feeling of his hand holding her own. She finally succumbed to him because even if it hurts, she can't stand ignoring him and not being with him.

"Yeah... Sasuke, we are friends. I am your best friend..."




You are invited to witness

Uchiha Sasuke


Yamanaka Ino

as they exchange their marriage vows

on Saturday, March 27, 2006

at 2:00 p.m. at the Uchiha Estate

Sakura clutched the wedding invitation adorned with the Uchiha clan's symbol: the red and white fan. She buried her face on the palm of her hands crying. Sadly, he was not there to comfort her like he always do. For three years since she told him that they are really friends. That she was his best friend.

Three years of pain from seeing him with his girlfriend, who became his fiance, and in a week would be his blooming bride.




'You're going to be the maid of honor right? Ino agreed already'

'Huh? Oh, yeah... 'cause I'm your best friend.'








She stared at the mirror, on her reflection. Only one thing can describe her, she's beautiful. But the puffy emerald eyes destroy her image. And her pinkish nose and the tears that had made her way to her cheeks. She could hear him through the thin walls that had separated their rooms. He was talking to one of his other friend, Naruto.

His voice only made her feel more pain. Today was the day when he would marry the girl he loved. Sadly, it was not her.

She stood up, knocking the chair she was sitting on down and ran away.


Sasuke stared at her back that was running away. Naruto put a hand on his shoulder.

"Sasuke, you have to go now, the wedding's about to start."


"Don't worry, maybe she just forgot something."




He watched as the bride slowly made her way to the aisle where flower petals were present. He was nervous and worried. The maid of honor was not present but they decided to continue anyway. He stared at his soon-to-be wife, but instead of blue eyes, precious emerald eyes stared sadly back at him. Instead of long, blonde hair, soft, silky rosette hair was present. His best man, Shikamaru, had to clear his throat to put his wandering mind back to what was really happening.

Sasuke stared at Ino, he held her hand and kissed it softly. The crowd 'awwed' at this, seeing it to be a very romantic act.

"Ino, you're a great woman. You can find someone who can truly love you."

With that, he ran away leaving a stunned Ino and their best man, Shikamaru.

He had to run fast, and he knew where he was going. His mind kept on picturing bright, innocent emerald eyes and silky pink, hair. Creamy skin and bright smile.

The face of his angel.

He arrived at the place, only to find it empty. He tried calling for her, but he received no answer. He looked for her but she was no where to be found. When he arrived at one familiar spot under the tree on the hill, he noticed that it had been dug and the paper planes were scattered near the box.

He picked the red ribbon.




'I-it was my fault you're hurt! I-I shouldn't have made you go down! I'm s-sorry.'




Next to it was his white handkerchief with the Uchiha emblem.




'Ano... stop crying now. Here'

'Thank you!'




Curiosity getting the better of him, he picked the red plane that he remembered is the one she made when they fought. He slowly opened it and chuckled at what was written on it. The cute word was even slashed with a single line.

'He is a cute devil with a chicken butt for a hair! It looks like horns!'

Then he noticed the last two planes they had made, the pink plane resting on top of the navy plane he made. He slowly opened the pink plane and his eyes widened upon the words written on it. He traced the writing very slowly.

"Have you forgotten the rule Sasuke-kun? No one reads it until the time comes."

He stared above him, and there was his angel, sitting on the branch high above the tree. The one where he usually sat before. Her feet were left dangling and her strappy sandals were tied on each of her arms. She was staring right back at him with a smile on her delicate features. She slowly descended from where she sat and stood near him, her head slightly raised for he was a head taller. He smiled, a true smile and not a simple smirk. The smile he only reserved for her.

His angel.

Before she knew it, she was enveloped in a hug and his lips were pressed against hers. She returned it happily, her arms snaking on his neck and playing on his dark locks of hair.

"I really like that devil horns of yours."

He chuckled at her statement before making her close her eyes and holding her hands with his. She was anxious on what he was doing on her ring finger, something cold was pressed against it, like he was writing something. When she finally opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Sasuke holding a black marker on his right hand.

And there on her right hand, at her ring finger, was a drawing of a ring with a simple circle that represents a stone.

"Would my angel marry me?"

Tears clouded her view, and the only thing she could do was nod and hug him tightly. She kissed him again as tears flow freely down her cheeks. The planes scattered on their feet, representing the memories they had shared together.




The pink paper that was once folded neatly to a plane laid on the ground.

The angel loves Sasuke-kun...




- Fin -


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