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Just a quick note... I've not written Snarry yet, so I thought I'd just write this really quick thing to see how I am at it. I'm thinking about expanding this later (at which time the rating will increase expontentially). So let me know what you think for now.

The excitement that buzzed incessantly in the corridors of Hogwarts didn't seem to even touch Harry as he walked with a purpose to the Great Hall in search of one person. Ron and Hermione sat at one of the long tables enjoying their last meal as Hogwarts students. Harry could feel Hermione's gaze anxiously follow him as he made his way up to the teachers' table. He knew that what he was about to do was both incredibly stupid and irresponsible, but he'd had enough of the secrecy and lies. After all, they had agreed to announce their relationship as soon as Harry had graduated. And as of two hours ago, he was a free man.

The hall seemed to go deafeningly quiet as he strode toward his former potions master. The professor was talking in earnest to Professor Sprout about the applications of ginger root in healing potions, but the words seemed to drop from Snape's mind when he saw Harry approach. He glanced up at his former student, who just smiled back with a slightly devilish smirk that easily rivaled the professor's own.

"Potter," he said stiffly, uncomfortably aware of the boy's likely reasons for coming to the table. By this time the entire hall was chillingly silent, save for the occasional harsh whisper. Harry's eyes darted down the table to where Dumbledore sat, his chin tucked to his chest as he regarded Harry over his halfmoon glasses. "Is there something I can do for you?" Harry turned his attention back to Snape, who had a vicious glare set on his face.

"As a matter of fact," Harry began, taking a step closer, so his hands rested on the table. The entire room seemed to hold its breath as Harry swooped forward, boldly taking Snape's lips with his own. For a moment, it was only them; in the dungeons or under the tree on the shore of the Black Lake, bathed in the moonlight. It didn't last, though, before the professor regained himself, pushing Harry away. The glare had returned full force, and a very faint blush had begun to tinge the pallid cheeks.

With only a parting smile, Harry turned on his heel and left the Great Hall. Dropped jaws followed him as he left, and the moment he'd passed through the doors, the noise erupted behind him in a great wave. Chuckling quietly, Harry made his way down to the dungeons to wait.