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It is not a mistake. To err is a uniquely human trait, exclusively human, even. It is not a mistake.

... no, not a mistake, but perhaps it is a shame...

Yes, let's go with that.

He fights for us; he is a warrior for us. In the beginning we touched him, laid our mark upon him, filled him with our essence; a child of light to counter the darkness that threatened...

We have not made a mistake, we were correct in choosing him. No other was as perfectly placed, no other had the innate strength needed; the darkness has bloomed around him and yet our essence is strong in him. He has looked into the dark, he has been touched by it and yet it has not won. Yet he glows.

We were not mistaken. We did not err. We chose wisely.

... and yet, it is a shame.

He has looked to darkness and seen it look back. He has looked to us and seen nothing.

He has seen their footprints, their handiwork... it bleeds and burns and cries in despair. He has seen their destruction, their darkness. He believes in them, holds their works as truth. In his world they exist as readily as they do in ours, creatures to be held at bay away from the innocent, away from the light...

Our own marks are not so visible. We do not work in blaze and blood; our work is quiet, simple, pure... and in his eyes we are a haven for the innocent, we are ideal, we are hope... a dream to hold out for the deserving.

Their ashes cling to his hair, their fire singes his skin, their cries of grief echo in his ears, their destruction and slaughter flash in his eyes. He does not see us as clearly as he sees them. The darkness has hidden us from him. He does not covet us and what we offer for himself; he does not have that much faith in us.

Our intent was achieved--

He fights for us, to preserve us; he sheds his sweat and blood; his dreams and hopes for us-- he is our warrior, we planned it so, and we do not err. We marked him, chose him and he has proven himself worthy; he fights with the glow of us in his heart, with courage and strength-- and yet...

In his eyes, we are not the truth, they are.

... and that is a great shame indeed...

Author's Note: A re-watching of "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" inspired this. The last scene, the way Dean says "It was a miracle" with not an iota of the wonder and awe that is usually associated with the word miracle. I want to hug him, nothing new there, folks!

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