" Why am I here Potter?" what am I even doing here this is crazy why did I go? Stupid potter and his stupid big pleading eyes. Lily was standing hugging herself in the dark entranceway to the castle. She could see the outline of James Potter's shape in the twilight. First it's helping with his bloody homework now he's got me out at all hours of the night…what's happening to you Lily?

" Wow, I was half expecting you to stand me up," he turned to face her his hands in his jacket's pockets. She frowned as she watched their breath's cloud

" I can't stand you up when it's not a date, now answer my question," she snapped shivering slightly. He frowned and walked towards her. She was standing on the top of the steps and he was at the bottom. He looked up at her intrigued for a moment before lending his hand to her.

" Well I wanted to see you. Alone, with out anyone else In my head, namely…well it doesn't matter, come on I'm not going to bite you," he grinned at her and she tentatively took his hand and he led her down the steps to some unknown destination in the grass. Lily? Why haven't you let go of his extremely warm hand? Lily blushed but it didn't show in the darkness as she let go of his hand continuing to walk until he abruptly stopped. She looked around but couldn't see anything but James and the castle's few remaining lights. She turned to him expectantly. Now what was he going to try to do? Kiss me? I've already got that mouth be gone hex all prepared… James surprisingly didn't do anything he sighed and looked at the stars for a minute until Lily's deliberate clearing of her through caught his attention.

" Is this it Potter? You want to look at the stars with me? How completely idiotic, why didn't you just take astronomy?" she began lecturing him as he turned to her, " …and furthermore it's freezing out here and we could have just gone in the great ha-" she was silenced by two of his fingers. She looked at him annoyed.

" Shut up Lily. And to look at the stars with you –though probably just as enjoyable- is not the reason why I wanted you out here," he said smiling in a knowing way at her. She frowned. He's not allowed to smile like that, he's a goon! He wouldn't know Cassiopeia from Orion! Whoa Lils nerded yourself out there…

"So once more, why am I here?" she pronounced clearly for him, she was getting really cold. He smiled and held out his hand again.

" Dance with me," he said innocently and alarms went off in her head.

" Are you completely mad Potter? You drag me out of bed at an absolutely absurd hour…TO DANCE in the middle of…well…the school grounds?" she asked as she took a glance at their surroundings.

" Yes, now come on," he said and she frowned. He's gone mad what would lead him to think I'd dance with him? What would lead him to want to dance at all? She shook her head unbelievingly.

" You're mad Potter," she said and turned away talking briskly towards the doors.

" Hmm, would have never thought you'd be afraid of a little dance," he said and she stopped dead in her tracks. She whipped around.

" I'm not AFRAID of a dance!" she hissed at him. He'd poked at a soft spot for her. Lily didn't like to back down from a challenge and calling her on being afraid of something was defiantly a challenge.

" Well then…dance with me," he said shrugging in innocence that she knew was masking something else.

" Fine, just to prove you're a stupid git," she heard herself agreeing. What lily! Nooo! What's going on with you? No don't go over there! Her body disobeying her mind went back to where he was standing. He was smiling smugly and she rolled her eyes taking his hand in hers and placing a hand on his shoulder.

" What's the harm in one little dance?" he whispered almost to himself as he pulled his arm around her waist. For a second they stood like that before James relaxed and moved pulling her with him. At first she stayed stiff and ridged as they moved, but his motions became sort of sweeping and she had to behave more placidly. She tried not to trip on her own feet as she felt extremely foolish dancing with Potter who was shaping up to be quite bigger then her. She had trouble keeping up with his steps. She felt herself flush once again and grumble to herself. Stupid Potter, stupid dancing, stupid dark, stupid no music, stupid thrown body warmth, stupid amazing smell, stupid minty breath… she was having the most problems because of his size she just couldn't dance with him! He was far too large. He'd never seemed this big before! When did he get these shoulders? And the height holy cow has he always been this bloody tall and strong… it was true James was strongly leading her with every step. His breathing was steady and even and she was struggling along puffing as she went. Finally she grew just tired enough and…

" Oomf!" Lily tripped and fell into his chest her hand in his coming to brace herself on his shoulder and her other traveling to his neck to catch herself. He stopped letting her regain balance. She frowned about to send a burning comment to him from her razor tongue but when she looked up at him to complain she couldn't. She could even speak, he looked concerned yet amused and most of all loving. Lily had never seen him look that truly loving before and it melted her heart. Just as she was about to come back his hand left hers on his shoulder and he ran it down her arm to her back and meeting his other at her waist. The long movement sent shivers coursing through her and the strange thing was she didn't feel cold. She was in complete shock and still looking up at him when she let him pull her closer. They were pressed together now and she realized as she looked down that her cheek was brushing again his neck. She closed her eyes, more shivers and that smell… her head bent naturally to take in more of it and rest her face in the crook of his neck.

She hadn't noticed they were now moving again, slowly in a rotating circle, swaying back and forth, she just knew she felt happy. She sighed he smelled like Hogwarts hallways, and the wood from the common room fire place, and fresh laundry and everything she loved all combined together. It smells so familiar…so familiar…he pulled his arms tighter around her and rested his head on hers. Lily could hear the music now, the rustle of the wind in the trees, some crickets in the distance, the shuffle of their feet on the grass, even the beating of their hearts added to the sweet melody.

She was so relaxed and even smiling when she felt him turn his head and press a kiss to her hair. She sighed James Potter had just kissed her and she couldn't care less. She moved and pulled her head up. She looked into those once again loving brown eyes as she played with the hair at the back of his neck. She then realized what he smelled like.

Home…he smells like home. He didn't smell of lemon cleaner and petunia's perfume like her house, but he smelled like the place she felt safe and loved and where she belonged.

He smiled slightly sadly and pulled away. She barely noticed they were now bathed in the early morning's sunshine pink glow.

" Well, thank you…" he said stepping back and bowing taking one of her hands and standing back up to kiss it gently, " Lily," he said lovingly. She opened her mouth but had nothing she could say…he'd just…before she could even finish her thought he was walking to the castle. He can't do that! He can't walk away!

" James?" she called after him feeling her voice going over his first name like it was oddly shaped. He turned to look questioningly back at her," When can we dance again?"

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