" Well! I must say I am surprised you're here Miss. Evans! I always thought you were above rule breaking," Professor Slughorn clucked his tongue and sat down at his desk. Lily and James were sitting in the potions room for their detention.

" Now why have they given you two to me? Head boy and girl both Gryffindor this must be good, so what did you two do?" he asked eyeing James as Lily crossed her arms and set her face in them. Why? Why did I have to go and kiss him? Why did he have to kiss back so well?

" See sir it's a funny story, Lily and I well we've had our disagreements over the years, and we'd been warned before to stop screaming at each other in the halls." James sighed and Slughorn nodded sympathetically. Lily looked up. Really? That's all he's going to say he's not going to flaunt the…oh spoke too soon.

" See we broke into a big fight but you know Lily's got this temper, and she found the only way to shut me up would be to well sir kiss me in the middle of a crowded hallway…it caused a kind of scene…" James grinned and Slughorn looked completely shocked.

" Well now! It sounds like all these arguments have been lovers spats," he said grabbing a toffee from his desk and unwrapping it. Lily rolled her eyes. Unbelievable, bloody unbelievable.

" Sorry professor but we are NOT lovers under any circumstances," lily shot a look at James to her left. Slughorn chewed his toffee thoughtfully.

" We obviously have to come to some kind of resolution by the end of this detention, so regular lines or cleaning is not going to work." No! Why can't you just let us to lines? Please? PLEASE? " No, I think I would like you both having to work together to learn…how about a dance that should be nice and safe and a way for you to have to communicate." He said his eyes sparkling. NO! That's how I got in this mess in the first place!

With a flick of his wrist most of the desks were gone and Lily and James were left standing in the middle of the room. Slughorn soon had a large music-playing device Lily didn't know the name of and was setting it up looking almost gleeful. Lily turned back to see James with his hand outstretched. She frowned. This is a serious case of deja vous I'm not doing it this time!

"Miss. Evans would you please? And I think we'll start with a box step very easy one two three four, one two three four…" Lily took James's had and he grinned pulling her in.

" What's the harm in one little dance?" he grinned Lily scowled at the phrase he'd already used on her once. They began to move to the music Lily deliberately did her worst. She stepped on his feet painfully causing him to wince, she pulled away from him she pushed him and did everything she could to make this unpleasant. It's working I see that gleam of Hate in your eyes Potter.

James was looking at her with a deathly stare. He was very angry she was being this stubborn.

" Now, now Lily I know you can do better then this, actually try or you'll spend every night this week here," Slug horn intervened. NO! I can't spend an entire week in DETENTION! " Come on closer no need to have trucks pass between you, good now don't look at your feet. James you're supposed to be leading so lead her." he said perfecting their stance and let them begin once again.

Lily danced the actual steps and followed his much stronger lead but she did it all while fiercely staring at a stain on the wall. I wonder what made it? Probably some potion gone wrong…maybe a past teach threw something at the wall…

She did anything to not look at James to not smell James to not feel the way his hands felt on her.

" Lily…look at your partner!" Slughorn's voice carried over from his desk. Lily blinked and did as her teacher said before thinking better of it. James was smiling gently at her; he had that kind loving look again. Lily sighed basking in its warmth. Does he always have to do that? Can't he let me be? Why does he love me so much? I miss treat him so badly! I'm constantly yelling at him and threatening him, punching him, telling him to leave me alone…

James was now looking at her in the smug attractive way and making every 'why Lily why are you staring at me in such a provocative manner' face he could muster. Lily smiled faintly he always did take her mind off of her troubles. Except for when he was the trouble. Okay so maybe he's not always so bad…

"You're smiling at me Evans…" James leaned down and whispered in her ear. They were in so much more of an intimate position.

" I thought I should return the favor eventually, Potter," she whispered crisply back to him before resting her now very drowsy head on his shoulder. Slughorn must have looked over that them.

" Tempo, tempo children, you're out of rhythm…ahh…young love," he said joyfully seeing their disregard for proper dance form. Lily blinked sleepily, why does this always happen? How come I always give in to him? Am I malfunctioning as a woman or something?

" Hey, professor mind if we take this somewhere else?" James asked stopping their movement and letting Lily pull away. Now is you're chance…just let go of his hand…let go…LET GO!

" Certainly not, go on but make sure you get to bed on time now," he smiled and James looked at Lily. She let him lead her outside the potions classroom along the Corridors silently. I know where he's taking me…

" James…James stop," she said wrenching her hand back. He looked at her confused, " I can't do this okay…I can't be with you…" okay good so far now think of an excuse…

James smiled and leaned against a wall.

" All right Lily why this time?" he asked calmly. She frowned he was supposed to get worked up to be angry with her to beg her to be with him.

" Because…because…" she did have a reason she hadn't thought that far ahead and James reaction had totally thrown her off. Stupid him why does he look so good when he's leaning looking all casual…

" Because you don't have a reason? Because you're scared to love me?" he asked and she stood with her lips pressed together firmly. Lets just let him speak for now he may tie himself up, " Lily don't be afraid, I'm not going anywhere…I've been chasing after you for years, I'm not going to get my fill and suddenly you don't match my fancy anymore." His words made her blinked openly.

" No Potter I know you aren't going anywhere, and I know you're smart and athletic and funny and every girl on the girl fancies you but you only have eyes from be but…maybe just don't like you!" she said fiercely he frowned.

" Lily…answer me truthfully…do you like me?" he asked and she gave a low sighed why can't he just accept and leave me alone?

" Yes," she said and He smiled.

" Well that can't be the reason now can it, you like me, you aren't afraid that I'm going to leave you, what is the problem Lily?" he asked standing before her and she sighed. Lily time to face up, you've hid behind so much for so long…and it's not working any more so…why won't you be with James Potter?

" When we aren't fighting…and when we aren't not getting along…I don't know what to do!" she said finally. He surprised her my giving a great laugh.

" Lily! You honestly think we'd stop fighting if we became a couple?" he asked and she sighed. Okay rub it in I'm stupid.

" No, we'd probably just fill all our extra fighting time snogging and then you know you'd get fed up with me and we'd get in another fight and make up and-" he her told and she laughed hitting him. She took him back out to the grounds. He grinned knowing exactly what she had in mind. Lily sighed thinking hard.

" So you don't think it's going to be that different from now if I did decided to accept one of your proposals to go to Hogsmeade?" she asked and he shrugged

" Probably not, we've technically already been dating for like two weeks…not that I'm complaining or anything…" he laughed as she scowled at him. They both didn't have to get used to the others presence they knew their way around.

Lily was very content for once, James wasn't on her nerves…in fact he was stroking them affectionately. She felt a great wall crumble inside her letting a release of happiness flood her soul. She felt at peace like she only could during a fight with him. But this was ten times it's greatness so felt herself slipping gently away from her long held grudge. She sighed and smiled to herself.

" Hey James…I think we should dance more often,"

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