Dear readers,

Since I've gotten so many reviews asking me to continue I decided to answer them all in one shot like this.

I will not break my promise. I will finish this one day. Unfortunately my life has been a living hell lately. You all remember me posting about all the deaths in my family. Well, on top of that, the greatest tradgedy of my life occured in May of 12. My husband of 16 years who I loved more than life itself cheated on me (I found out on Mother's Day) with an 18 year old girl who was 25 years younger than him. The ONLY reason I didn't suspect they were dating was because of her age...I was so naive.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought this would happen. I was devistated. We tried to reconcile for 6 months but he eventually decided he just wasn't in love with me anymore and moved out back in October.

All this has destroyed so many of my opinions about life and love. I no longer believe there's a such thing as a couple who is invulnerable to being split up. I used to believe this with all my heart. I used to trust my husband so much that if I had walked in on another women's lips on his and it didn't look like he was actively kissing her back I would've assume she'd surprise kissed him and he hadn't had the chance to shove her off yet...I will never trust like that again.

Thank God I have my little girl. If it weren't for her I may have wound up killing myself over an asshole not worth doing that over. I've finally come to the near end of the mourning process and am feeling much better about myself. I'm slowly losing the disgust at every happy couple I see. And I'm actually looking for someone new (Feels weird to say that at 36).

The only reason I still have any contact with the stranger wearing my husband's face is because of my daughter. I used to want him back so badly but I've come to realize that the man I loved has been dead for at least two years. And you can't ressurect the dead.

Well, I hope that explains everything. Hopefully I will feel up to writing again soon. Part of the reason I haven't started yet is because of NaruHina. I just can't write romance right now. :( Thank you so much to everyone who hasn't given up on this story.


P.S- Sorry if this being posted got anyone excited because they thought a new chappy was out.