Author's Note: I took several requests for drabbles a couple months ago, and have finished all but one so far (I hope to start it soon i2awesome4u…promise!), and I have decided to post them on ff . net just for the heck of it. If anyone wants to leave one-word prompts for me in their review, I might be so inclined to write a drabble from it when I get the time, however, I make no promises. Anywho…enjoy the randomness of the drabbles.

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Title: Covert Admiration
Rating: PG-13
Words: 577
Request from: Anonymous
Request: RK drabble. KK pairing.


Steam filled the bathroom, fogging the mirror behind her. Kaoru caught her lower lip in thought as she stared at the cluttered countertop and then glanced discreetly under her eyelashes across the room. With a slow quirk of her lips, she reached out and, as silently as possible, shoved the haphazardly placed items closer to the mirror. Placing her hands down on the countertop, she pushed up and sat down on the cool tile next to the sink. Kaoru pulled her legs up, rested her heels on the edge of the counter and wrapped her arms around her legs to keep them snugly against her upper body. She pressed the lower half of her face against her knees to muffle her sudden amusement, and kept her sapphire gaze glued to the vision in front of her.

It was too bad, really, that the shower curtain was covered with hundreds of tropical fish. It was clear, otherwise, which gave her a nice view of the redheaded man underneath the spray of the showerhead.

Her original intent, when she had snuck into the occupied bathroom, had not been to spy. She'd only meant to dart in, grab her makeup case, and depart quickly, but one glance to her right had turned her legs to jelly.

She could never get enough of him. It wasn't as if she hadn't spent the night with him, their limbs tangled, sheets twisted around them…it wasn't even as if she had only started dating him. She had had plenty of time to watch him, be around him, and touch him in the years that they had been together – the months that they had been married. Maybe it was the 'newlywed' status that gave her goosebumps, and made her tingly all over.

Kaoru tightened her grip around her legs and let out a heavy sigh. She was going to be late for her outing with Misao if she dallied around for much longer. While tapping her fingers against her bare calves, she lifted her head and watched her husband lean into the water spray to wash the shampoo from his long hair. Her fingers suddenly itched for those crimson strands.

Bracing one hand against the wall, he remained unmoving for a good minute before shifting and pressing his hand to his face. Kaoru's eyes followed him as he turned off the water and reached for the shower curtain.

When his amethyst gaze caught hers as he moved the curtain aside, there was no flicker of surprise in his eyes, only a deep-seated amusement. His lips curled the smallest amount as he reached for a green towel on the rack beside him.

"Took your sweet time in there," Kaoru remarked as she watched him unabashedly. She slackened her grip from around her legs and let them drop down, dangling from the countertop.

Kenshin quirked a brow as he wrapped the towel snuggly around his hips. Smile widening, he stepped slowly over to her. "Complaining?" he queried softly, hands gripping either of her legs to pull them gently apart, allowing him to stand in-between them.

A devious grin slipped over her lips as she grabbed the top of the towel tied around his waist and pulled him closer to her. "Mmm…no."

She leaned into him as his arms slowly wrapped around her, bringing her body up against his wet skin. As his lips covered her hers, she couldn't help the hushed laughter that escaped her.

Misao would just have to wait…