The waves clashed gently along the sand, touching our bare feet. The moonlight shone wonderfully on the face of this extremely handsome creature beside me. Soft wind blew away my hair, making the cold night air more cooler than ever. I am wrapped in his strong arms, thus, I can feel the warmth of his body, sending slight shivers through me. Everything seemed to be perfect.. with the romantic setting and a perfect date. I am on seventh heaven, of this, I am sure. I feel peaceful, safe, and most of all, contented. His green eyes shone beautifully under the moonlight.

I woke up with a gasp. That was the same dream I had for a whole week! However, I never really had the chance to understand why. Or even see who that man is. Right after that scene, everything just fades away, and I would always get more and more curious about it.

There must be something about that dream. Is it true? Did it happen to me?

Sighing loudly, I stand on my bed, and started my daily routine. I can't understand why, but my parents and my two siblings seemed to be surprised when I do this. All I do is to splash water on my face, brush my teeth, bath, comb my hair and make sure that it lay nicely on my shoulders, then fit into something comfortable. What could possibly be wrong?

Hmm.. maybe I wasn't like this before. How do I act in the past, anyway? I wonder if a was a lesbian or something.

I laughed aloud. The thought seemed to be outrageous, but how am I supposed to know? They wouldn't say a thing to me. I checked my things inside my bag to check if I didn't forget anything. So far, everything I need placed neatly inside, including my makeup kit with a lotion, a hand sanitizer, a comb, a mirror, a lip gloss, and a powder, and of course, my notebooks and pen. Once, when my older sister, Lucy, saw the new contents of my bag, she actually looked shocked. Actually, with all these stuff happening, I couldn't be bothered more by such things. I mean, why should she be shocked? I am a girl, anyway. With this reaction, I seem to get more convinced that I am indeed a lesbian in my past life. Good gracious! Now that's news. Outrageous.

Dismissing the idea, my thoughts suddenly flew to the guy that I saw in my hospital room when I woke up a week ago. I haven't seen him again after that, and I'm actually quite curious about him. I wasn't able to see his features clearly, but I did see those bewitching green eyes. Whoa! Green eyes? Could he be the man in my dreams for the past week?


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