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For those waiting for the all out war between Kirakishou and Barasuishou, I would like to first apologize as I have tried to portray their fight segments as vividly as possible so expect to read Kirakishou, Barasuishou, Rozenkristall and Snowdrop/Snowdrop Kristall a number of times. Also, the outcome of their little bash is a bit brutal. If you don't like reading about broken… stuff, then I strongly urge that you discontinue.

Anyways, for those still willing to read, I present to you chapter 11. Enjoy you guys


Rozen Maiden: Eternal Play

Act 11: Defiance and Damnation

They both stood amidst an audience of a rabbit and a doll maker, the sun, shining through the window, bathed the sleek floor that waited eagerly for the dance of a striking waltz.

"Never lay your hand on father!!" Barasuishou warned as she bolted for Kirakishou and delivered a volley of stabs.

"Ohoh… My, my" Kirakishou mocked as the indigo saber would pass her by, barely touching her hair "Someone really has a temper rising around here"

Barasuishou's eyes narrowed as she sliced Kirakishou who gracefully lunged backwards like a skilled gymnast. Barasuishou trailed her escape by streaming her with indigo shards.

Under the golden glare of Kirakishou's eye was a world in which she perceived in sluggish rhythm. She saw as the indigo shards whisk through the air before her, slowly making its way. Snowdrop Kristall smiled as she held her hand and caught the lead crystal then, using it, parried the rest. Barasuishou and Enju were amazed by how Kirakishou could have pulled off such feat as it was… impossible.

Kirakishou, as if reading their thoughts, sneered at them "Was that all?"

Barasuishou snapped out from her dazzled daydream and went after her for another round.

Kirakishou who saw everything slowly looked up and smiled. As Barasuishou neared her, she suddenly flung the indigo shard she used earlier to the support of a nearby chandelier. Kirakishou calculated as the fixture fell slowly on the ground, meeting up with Barasuishou who advanced in a similar pace. Rozenkristall noticed it and was able to evade the furniture… just as Kirakishou calculated, as the she now appeared before Barasuishou. Twirling elegantly, Kirakishou delivered a backhand, slapping Barasuishou by the cheek. The doll flung away but recuperated from her fall as she pressed her hand on the ground and tumbled on her feet.

"She could read my movements? How was it possible?"

Kirakishou smiled. "Shall we dance?"

Barasuishou decided to take off her eye patch…

"Do you think that will make any difference?"

Barasuishou blinked her eyes a couple of times. Seeing her vision now clear, she headed to Kirakishou at full throttle. She then leapt at the air and hurled some shards. Kirakishou evaded backwards as Barasuishou landed before her giving her a horizontal slash (which Kirakishou evaded by ducking), trailed by a vertical cut which Kirakishou parried as she, from her ducked position, supported her weight with her free-hand and cart wheeled on the side, parrying the blade with her leg, sending it skidding off Barasuishou's grasp. Kirakishou, who now had the upper hand, swiped Rozenkristall's legs while she was still low on the ground. Snowdrop again supported her weight as she pressed her hands on the floor and somersaulted towards Barasuishou, delivering a kick at the doll who managed to cross her arms so as to block it, nonetheless, sending her away.

Barasuishou skidded with her feet yet managed to regain her balance and, re-summoning her blade, fought again with Kirakishou. She twirled as she neared her and heaved a would-be lethal blow which Kirakishou evaded easily. Barasuishou surveyed the area in front of her to find the elusive wretch. Even Enju turned around, confused on where Kirakishou might possibly be.

Kirakishou smiled menacingly as she sat, unbeknownst to them, on the chandelier above. She gracefully turned her back whilst still seated on the support ring and, using her legs as a clamp, held her body upside down from the chandelier. She held both her palms and conjured a white glow.

Barasuishou looked around her as she searched for Kirakishou when all of a sudden, she felt her neck strangled and was being pulled off the ground. Barasuishou released her grip on her weapon as she turned her attention on the vines that choked her, trying to pry them free with bother her hands.

"Barasuishou!!" Enju cried as he saw his daughter hanged off the floor.

"F-Father…" Barasuishou gasped. She managed to open her eye upwards and saw Kirakishou smiling at her diabolically from above.

Kirakishou sat herself straight from the chandelier and tied her rose whip on its base. She arched her body again backwards, this time, letting herself fall instead of sitting upside down, from the chandelier. She saved herself from the drop by reaching out her arms and pressing them on Barasuishou's shoulder, strangling the doll even more, she remained on that pose with Barasuishou like a trapeze artist as she talked to the doll.

"Having fun lately Barasuishou?" She sneered at the doll that was turning red from suffocation. "Hope you get the hang around things" Kirakishou smiled evilly as she relinquished her pose by pushing her weight on the doll, making her turn red even more, then hurling herself off as she spun madly in the air. As Kirakishou spun, she accumulated force down her legs and released a sharp kick down Barasuishou's gut and somersaulted once more, backwards, and landed with such poise like what gymnasts do after executing a difficult move.

Barasuishou ached for air as she swung along with the chandelier. She found her lungs (or whatever similar functions) burn when she was hurled farther when the fixture met the peak of its swing, making the rose whip chokes her harder. Out of desperation, Barasuishou managed to summon her blade before she began to swing again on the opposite side. As her swing would seem to pass Kirakishou by, Barasuishou managed to pull up her body and, turning upside down (similar to what Kirakishou did with the chandelier), wrapped her leg with the whip. She managed to cut her neck free with her blade and, as she neared Kirakishou, gripped her weapon tight and held it high thinking that it would hit her enemy along the way.

Kirakishou saw all these in slow motion, however, and managed to move her head away just as it was about to be cut vertically by the passing sword. Oh such is the power of her only eye, to be able to perceive things at such pace.

Barasuishou's effort was not wasted however, as she arched herself and somersaulted away from the swinging chandelier towards the ivory wall where, she managed to turn around and absorbed her impact with her legs. Gathering enough force from her feet, she blazed for Kirakishou who idly stood before her. Barasuishou held out her palm and fired a volley of indigo shards at Kirakishou who lashed them in midair with her whip in deadly accuracy.

Kirakishou then retaliated by lashing at Barasuishou who parried with her blade. Snowdrop Kristall managed to leap back from where Rozenkristall landed. Catching her opportunity, she wrapped her whip around the weapon and disarmed the doll. With deft movement, Kirakishou caught Rozenkristall by the arm.

Barasuishou pulled the whip and glared at Kirakishou who merely snickered back. Agitated by Snowdrop Kristall's mockery, Rozenkristall lunged after her despite the handicap. She fired indigo shards with her free hand which whisked past Snowdrop Kristall's silky hair. Barasuishou leapt high and gave Kirakishou a succession of kicks which she parried lightly with her free arm.

"Is this the best you can do?"

Barasuishou frowned at the remark and somersaulted backwards. She pressed her hand on the floor and conjured a monolithic chunk of indigo ice beneath Kirakishou. The chunk impaled the whip and set Barasuishou free whilst Kirakishou manage to somersault backwards to safety.

Snowdrop Kristall mused at the huge heap only to see it cut horizontally. Kirakishou's eyes widened as she managed to leap away from the falling half and wasn't able to notice Barasuishou sneaking up on her. Rozenkristall sliced at Kirakishou who luckily evaded the lethal blow, slicing only a few strands of her hair. She was unable to evade, however, the rising kick that was driven to her chin.

Kirakishou was flung for the first time in her battle. Barasuishou, taking her opportunity reappeared before her for a fatal stab which she managed to dodge by gracefully arching her body in midair.

When they both landed, Rozenkristall wasted no time and returned the favor to Kirakishou. Snowdrop Kristall was able to dodge the slashes but had difficulty when Barasuishou combined it with monolith shards uprooting from the ground. On a critical standpoint, Barasuishou tried to deliver a horizontal cut at Kirakishou who ducked just in time. Snowdrop felt the ground tremble and, from her ducking position, leapt as another monolith tried to impale her. She somersaulted gracefully, evading the infuriated doll's attacks until a monolith chunk appeared behind her, blocking her path of escape. She ducked as she was about to get sliced again and leapt off and delivered a one-two kick at Barasuishou followed by a spin kick that hurled her away.

Barasuishou regained her balance as she tumbled from her fall and glared directly at Kirakishou's gold eye… a fatal mistake that Rozenkristall made…


"Where am I?" the doll mused. For a moment she was fighting with Kirakishou now she was in this watery place… or what seems to be watery. She look on her feet to see ripples forming on where she stood despite that the floor (or whatever it is) is neither slippery nor wet. She surveyed this new environment. From everywhere were ripples like a world of endless watery-like walls.

"What place is this?" she mused.

"In wonderland" said a voice.

Barasuishou spun around. From all around her, thorny vines rushed from out the ripples and wrapped themselves around Rozenkristall.

"Amusing yourself Barasuishou?"

Rozenkristall looked ahead and saw as the white, watery wall created a multitude of ripples from which, Snowdrop Kristall slowly emerged.


"For you to find my weakness…" Kirakishou smiled. "Congratulations… You've earned my respect and the honor to experience… never-ending torment . Now my child, for putting up such rebellious act, prepare for your punishment" as Kirakishou held her palm, the vines gripped her tighter making Barasuishou wince in pain. "How long can you last? I wonder"


"Why can't we sleep at the hospital instead –nano?" Hinaichigo moped at Suisieseki

"The human doctors and nurses might find out about us –desu… If they find out about us Rozen Maidens, especially chibi-chibi" she made a horrifying face. "They will try to cut chibi-ichigo in half!!"

"HUWAAAH!!" Kleine Beere whined.

"Honestly, that is the reason why we can't stay with Jun while he is recuperating in the hospital" Shinku sighed.

"W-w-w-w-what are you saying –desu?" Suiseiseki grimaced.

"That kind of behavior might cause such a great fuss all over the facility. We might disturb, not only Jun, but the others who are resting"

Hinaichigo continued to whine as Suiseiseki pouted. They were back in Jun's room coming home with Nori from the hospital as Jun instructed them to do so, saying that he will be able to move on his own. Besides, as he insisted, he hasn't broken an arm or anything making him capable of taking care of himself. Much to his dismay however, the doctor ordered him to stay to cooperate in a few tests to really see if there was nothing broken. He will be released after a week or so.

"Hmph" Suiseiskei sulked as she decided to give up arguing with Shinku. From the corner of her eye she noticed her twin who sat blankly in her case. Her indignant feature was replaced with awe as she pitied her twin in her helpless state. Standing up, she came to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Do you wish to sleep Souseiseki?" Jade Stern smiled.

Souseiseki nodded. For the rest of the day, they were able to teach Souseiseki some basics such as nodding and shaking one's head. It was Jun's idea and his contribution in helping bring back the gardener's twin. They trained her on the hospital after Jun had his talk with his parents. Jun commented on the doll's improvement, suggesting that this is the small step in bringing her back. Before leaving, he encouraged Suiseiseki to be patient.

Jade Stern smiled as she helped her twin get ready for sleep. After closing her case she smiled with satisfaction.


"Be headstrong you troublesome doll" Jun snickered before they left.

Suiseiseki held her twin's hand slightly tighter as she blushed and cast her eyes away from the meddlesome human. "You don't have to tell me that chibi-ningen"

End flashback

"You should get some rest Suiseiseki" Shinku suggested, still fixed with her book. "It has been a long day after all"

Suiseiseki smiled. "Goodnight Shinku, chibi-ichigo"

Hinaichigo nodded who now calmed down. After Suiseiseki left for her case, only Shinku and Hinaichigo remained as Nori has slept earlier that day as she would come by and visit Jun tomorrow before her lacrosse practice and left everything under the control of the dolls.

Kleine Beere busied herself with drawing once more, humming along the way, as Shinku continued reading. After awhile, Shinku noticed Hinaichigo stopped from humming. She gazed at her from behind the book and saw the doll staring sadly at the empty desk.

"What's the matter Hinaichigo?"

"Uyu… I miss Jun -nano" she said sadly. "He would always make clackety noises in there -nano" Hinaichigo pointed. Shinku smiled at her. Despite being an immature child, Hinaichigo rarely forgets. Shinku snapped out of her reverie when Hinaichigo stood up and, setting Jun's chair aside, climbed up and fiddled with the device.

"Hinaichigo, what are you doing?"

"I'm doing what Jun does" the doll said as she keyed in wildly. "Clickety clack clickety clack" Klein Beere sang. "Jun always sits here and does some clickety clack… Uyu?"

Shinku looked at her questioningly.

"There should be images here -nano" Hinaichigo said at Shinku while pointing at the black screen.

Shinku sighed "honestly, you shouldn't use things that you don't know"

"Do you know how to use it Shinku" she asked innocently.

Shinku's eye twitched as she forced a smiled "O-Of course… Anything Jun has is mine… That piece of contraption is just easy"

"Please Shinku open it for me"

"Wha" sweat poured down her cheeks.


"But Hinaichigo, it's already late. You should go to sleep"






"I promise we'll open this tomorrow" Shinku excused.

"Yay!! Tomorrow, Hina will be clickety clackety with Jun's… com.. com.."

"Computer" Shinku corrected.

Hinaichigo nodded. "Right –nano. Computer –nano!! Tomorrow, Hina will be clickety clackety with Jun's Computer –nano!!"

"Yes" Shinku felt relieved "Now go to bed"

"Hai" as Kleine Beere trotted of for her case. Shinku sighed when Hinaichigo closed her case.


Reiner Rubin gasped.

"Don't forget –nano!!" as the troublesome doll finally closed her case. Shinku finally felt a sigh of relief. What does she know about such infernal contraption anyway as she look at the PC. She sighed and tried to look at her book when in the corner of her eye, she saw Souseiseki's face appear on the black monitor. Shinku dropped her book and looked again but saw nothing. She rubbed her eyes and tried once more. Nothing. She checked Souseiseki's case. She was sure that Suiseiseki tended her before going to sleep if so, who was that she saw earlier. Shinku checked her watch. It was past nine.

"Oh my, I'm seeing things" Shinku sighed. "Maybe I'm just exhausted" as she hopped off the bed and went to her case.

The black monitor remained black and lifeless until a figure of a despaired Souseiseki appeared again and pounded the mirror, shouting something.



Barasuishou cried in horror as tears poured down her soft cheeks like rain.

"Barasuishou!!" Enju screamed at his daughter who was crying in pain. After Barasuishou looked at Kirakishou, neither of them moved anymore they merely stood there for what seems like seconds. He was confused. What was happening? Why was Barasuishou screaming all of a sudden? Is this? He looked at Kirakishou. Kirakishou's real power?


"That' won't do Barasuishou"

Vines wrapped themselves firmly on every inch of Rozenkristall, one in every joint and piece of her body. She hangs from the watery surface before Kirakishou, who now seemed bored as she sat on a chair inside her watery world.

"Again, how many times must I tell you that whenever you choose to faint, we will have to repeat everything from the start" Kirakishou sighed. "You're making this harder for yourself"

"Again let's begin counting"

"One" Kirakishou smiled evilly as a rose vine pulled one of Barasuishou's fingers making an agonizing crunch.

"AAH!!" Barasuishou yelped as tears watered her eyes.

"Two", as another vine pulled another finger. Barasuishou winced. Her breath was shaky, exhausted rather, as this has been the second time in what seems to be an endless replays of torture. Kirakishou continued her count but on the eighth, Barasuishou fainted again.

"My, my, this really won't do" Kirakishou shook her head as she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers.


Barasuishou opened her eyes slowly as light poured in her sight. She blinked slightly and noticed a familiar place painted in white.

"This is the third my dear" A familiar voice said menacingly. Barasuishou's eyes widened in horror as she finally lifted her head to see Kirakishou sitting before her.

"You aren't dreaming" Kirakishou chuckled. Barasuishou was dumbfounded. She turned to her side to see her fingers, wrist, elbow and arm still entangled. The same goes when he looked at the other parts of her body.

"Shall we count again?" Snowdrop Kristall suggested menacingly.


Enju felt relieved when Barasuishou stopped screaming for awhile. What the hell did just happen? As he began to near them, his child began screaming again.

"Barasuishou!!" Enju cried. He arched forward as if to come to her aid but felt a hand holding him back. Glancing over, Enju came face to face with Laplace.

"Release me…" Enju threatened.

Laplace shook his head "If you die now you might not be able to bring her back"

"She needs me!!" Enju argued as Barasuishou still screamed, "Don't you see? My child is crying! She's in pain dammit!!"

"And what shall you achieve if you plan on interfere?" Laplace asked the doll master "Share the same fate as her? Even though you are a high-level maestro, you still could not contain mistress Kirakishou"

Enju realized what he was saying and began to cry, beginning to accept the bitter truth "But… my child…" She looked at Barasuishou who screamed.

Laplace held out his palm and placed it before him. "May this help you my friend" when Enju spun at him, Laplace blew some magical dust off his hand. Enju became nauseous and fell down on his feet.

"Conserve your strength great maestro; you will need it to save your precious child…" Laplace said as he looked at him. He then turned back and watched the two dolls. "… If she manages to survive her punishment"



The scrunching sound of Barasuishou's last finger echoed as it was pulled off from her hand. Barasuishou breathed heavily. How exhausted she was. After the seventh trial she was able to withstand her fingers being torn.

"Well done" Kirakishou smiled as she clasped her hands. "Wonderful Barasuishou"

Barasuishou breathed deep and glared at her.

"I never thought you would be able to pass the test… However" Kirakishou opened her golden eye and smiled menacingly. "That's only the beginning. Let's continue counting shall we?"

Barasuishou's eyes widened as sheer horror painted itself on her face.

"ELEVEN!!" Kirakishou declared, rather triumphantly as she began to cackle. Barasuishou felt her feet being pulled off her. The snap was mind numbing. Her eyes that have dried itself earlier began to water again.

"Hahaha!! TWELVE!" Her other feet was torn. "Don't faint now my dear" Kirakishou warned. "Do you want to start our session all over?" she smiled evilly.

Barasuishou bit her lip and tried to contain herself she wouldn't want to restart everything would she?

"THIRTEEN!!" The vines which now wrapped itself around her leg pulled it from her, making a much scrunching sound.

"FOURTEEN" Her other leg was now torn.

Kirakishou laughed evilly at Barasuishou's demise. Rozenkristall gasped for air. Her throat was dry, her eyes shuddered, and the pain was remarkable as her body roared from such intense torment.

"Shall we continue Barasuishou?" Kirakishou beamed at her. Barasuishou managed to look up at the devil before her and shared a scornful gaze.


"S-stop…" Barasuishou pleaded. After twelve long, agonizing trials, Barasuishou finally came to the point where only her head and the upper part of her body remained, her eyes are now sore as they could no longer be watered with tears, no matter how hard she forced them to… "P-please… I beg of you mistress…"

Kirakishou sat before her cross legged and cross armed. After of what seemed to be a boring eternity of tormenting the doll, she finally cracked. Kirakishou sighed yet smiled at her. With a wave of her hand, the rose vines released Barasuishou as the doll fell on the hard watery floor.

"If you really are sincere with your apology, crawl here like the filthy worm you are… and kiss the sole of my feet" Kirakishou smiled at her with malice as she waved her feet for her to see.

Barasuishou, exhausted from what she has been through, crawled to Kirakishou using whatever energy she had. Barasuishou after being humiliated by the devil herself, let go of her pride, her honor, her dignity as when she finally came to her, she lifted her head and humbly kissed the devil's feet, much to Kirakishou's delight.

"Wonderful" Kirakishou mused gladly. She snapped her fingers and Barasuishou's body became whole again. Rozenkristall, feeling complete once more, stood up examined herself starting with her hands. She was amazed and tries feeling her face. She was indeed back to normal, complete and healthy, so to say. She looked at Kirakishou and bows humbly before her. Kirakishou smiled and turned back. As she began to leave, she stopped abruptly and glanced at Barasuishou.


"Yes mistress?"

"How many times did we undergo the session?"

Barasuishou shuddered yet answered her nonetheless "twelve times mistress"

"So…" Kirakishou chimed thoughtfully.

"It was that long huh…" she grinned and snapped her fingers. Rose vines again wrapped themselves around Barasuishou.

"Mistress! What's the meaning of this?!" Rozenkristall held out her hand to her.

Snowdrop Kristall glanced back and grinned at her lustfully "For boring me…" Kirakishou turned back and continued to on her way as the rose vines wriggled around Barasuishou who screamed despairingly, calling out her name. When she was fully wrapped by the vines, Kirakishou stopped and snapped her fingers one last time, making the mass of rose vines constrict themselves…

Barasuishou had one long, agonizing scream, before she was crushed by the wringing mass of Kirakishou's rose vines.


"Help me!!" screamed Souseiseki from inside the computer as she pounded the glassy aether.

"So there you are…" a familiar voice said. From the darkness behind Souseiseki echoed a pair of footsteps until her features slowly became visible. Souseiseki's eyes widened in horror.

"I see you have decided to grab the opportunity while I busy myself with Barasuishou"

Kirakishou appeared fully from the dark background. She smiled at Lapis Lazuli who ran away.

"Oh so you still want to play Souseiseki?" Kirakishou sighed under a devious smile. "Well, how long do you intend for this chase to go on?"

"Until I become free" Souseiseki thought as she ran, navigating her way through the darkness.


Jun sat on his bed and gazed out the window, an algebra book rested itself on his lap. He sighed. He missed his activity with his computer. He missed his room and his bed. An image of Shinku and the rest appeared in his thoughts. Jun immediately shook his head.

"Even in my thoughts…" Jun smiled. "Such troublesome dolls" Jun felt thirsty and decided to grab a can of soda. Reaching for his wallet, he got off his bed and left the room.


Megu sung as Suigintou leaned comfortably, her elbow rested on her leg which she placed along the sill she leaned on. She seems lost, deep in her thoughts of the events that happened earlier.

"My dream is the wind…"

"Do you not love me?"

"Guided by light"

"Why was I incomplete?"

"Your voice resonates"

"Why am I alone, suffering in this world?"

"Across the skies and clouds"

"Why am I alone, suffering in this world?"

"My memories of"

"Why won't you hold me? Kiss me? Love me?"

"Delight and Sorrow"

"Why have you abandoned me Father? Why?"

"Become distant in this tender moment"

Suigintou closed her eyes and heaved a sigh as she opened them again and looked at the moon as it was being covered by clouds.


Jun walked past corridors until he finally came to the vending machine. After getting his drink, he started back. Passing by a window, he saw a familiar figure perched by the window. Jun dropped the can he held as its contents were spilled all over. He started off with a run.

"No… it can't be…" Jun muttered.


"The heart that is born"

"Within a dream"

"You watch me"

"By that glass window"

Jun could hear a magical voice from inside the door. He was breathing heavily after he ran and was now in front of what he thinks is Suigintous' medium's room

"Put everything into this moment"

Jun raised a hand to knock but hesitated. He knew that if he did, Suigintou would be opted to hide rather than be seen. Peeking would seriously a violation and Jun disregarded the option.

"Discard all clinging emotions"

"Suigintou…" Jun muttered.

"And connect all our memories into one…"

The front of Megu's door was empty as Jun had decided to go back instead, choosing not to disturb neither the doll nor her medium.

Suigintou's image flashed again in Jun's head. Her dress was different but it was Suigintou alright. A black winged doll under a white dress…

End of Act 11


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