Author's note:

I missed writing. Honestly, the joy of writing is like my joy when I program. Anyways, Let's see if I still have that touch.


Rozen Maiden: Eternal Play

Act 12: Innocence

Jun found himself standing amidst boundless roses, roses of various forms of majesty, each having a unique scent, mixing harmoniously under his nostrils. He breathed his lungs and absorbed the heaven around him. He was wearing the white long sleeve under the black vest and dark blue slacks from before. Looking around, his eyes were greeted solely by the vastness of the rose field. This certainly wasn't the hospital's garden. Was this another dream?

He knew what he wanted to say, he opened his lips but closed it quickly. Who would answer anyway? Jun looked around for a sign of life, a destination, anything out of place in this weird world, but he only saw the multitude of roses. He sighed and, as he shrugged his shoulders, felt something in his pocket; putting his hand inside, he pulled a watch, one that Shinku uses, and checked the time. Twelve o' clock it read.

Twelve o' clock?

Jun thought as he gazed at the sun. The sun shone brightly alright but not too bright. Judging from what he learned in school, the sun's position isn't twelve o' clock… yet… it was around nine or so. He glanced back at his watch. The small and the large hand remained pointed at twelve.

Twelve… Twelve… Jun mumbled. He raised his head trailing where the hand pointed and sighed. It was a nice day for a walk…


Minutes that seemed hours came by. The sun shone higher now and Jun was tired but he never felt a sweat trickle. It must be the roses he thought. He continued walking until from a distance, he saw a gazebo; deciding to take a rest, he headed for this new destination.

Jun walked up the steps of the structure and found a table with a seat for two on the center. On the table lay cups on each end and a teapot on the middle.

"I'm invited I guess" Jun mused as he made his way on one of the chairs and took a seat.

Slouching comfortably, Jun felt relieved from all the walking and surveyed around once more. The rose field seemed eternal. The wind blew gently as the whole world of various roses swayed upon the breeze. Jun awed at such magnificence around him.

"Breathtaking isn't it"

Jun spun around to meet face to face with a man seated on the opposite end of the table. The gentleman was very well dressed, his shirt was hardly creased, the plackets were neatly laid before the buttons, the cuffs on his sleeve were folded properly, his face was smooth and clean. His blonde hair, despite being mussed up, is presented neatly, casually, covering the upper portion of his face.

Jun knew who this person was. He has only seen him once in his previous dream, and since the environment was a bit dim back then, he wasn't quite sure but now, he knew. He feels it; deep down his gut tells him he's right.

"Rozen?" Jun gasped.

The figure smiled. Jun's eyes narrowed a bit. He was confused. Why would Rozen meet him? Moreover, speak with him.

"I thought only Alice is permitted to see you?"

"That is how the game goes" the doll master replied, as he lifted his cup, savoring its aroma and finally taking a sip.

Jun frowned. "Why am I here? What do you want with me?"

"I'm glad to finally have met you in person, Sakurada Jun"

"You know me?"

"Of course I do" he smiled at the youth warmly. "My daughters are quite… fond of you"

A smug smile was painted across the medium's face. "Heh you can say that again" But having remembered why he was there, his smile turned back to a frown. "Now shall we go back to business mister Rozen. Why am I here and why was I able to see you?"

"To discuss your opinion" Rozen stated after placing his cup back.

"My opinion?" Jun looked at him quizzically, baffled by the gentleman's topic.

"Your opinion about the Alice Game"

Jun blinked a couple of times before slouching on his chair "Honestly, I think the idea is stupid"

Rozen, perked up by his answer, leaned forward and rested his chin on his fingers "Why so?"

"What kind of father would pit his own child against her sibling?"

"What is wrong with that?" Rozen smiled, rather tauntingly.

Jun jerked up from his chair and inched closer at the table, banging it with a clenched fist in the process, the teapot and the cups clinked at his anger.

"What's wrong?! Those girls… they loved you! Worshipped you! They revered you more than themselves, more than their sisters. How could you do this?"

Rozen smiled. He decided to get away from his seat and lean on one of the gazebo's wooden rails. He sniffed the air and smiled. He glanced at the fumed medium and shared his smile at him.

Jun saw this and was annoyed further. All he ever does is smile. He wants answers, not annoying smiles.

"Rozen!!" Jun gritted his teeth, clenching the fist he used to bang the table earlier.

"Sakurada Jun, for you, what is perfection?" The doll master asked.

Jun's anger receded and found himself confused again by Rozen's question.

"Perfection?" Jun thought out loud as he held his chin. Indeed, "What is perfection?"

Rozen smiled again at the pondering boy and turned his attention back at the fields "Look at them" Jun lifted his head and looked at where Rozen instructed. From outside, the various roses swayed to the dance of the wind. They moved in harmony as the blessings passed them by.

"Can you say that they are perfect, Sakurada Jun?"

"I-I guess they are"

"Then what makes them perfect?"

Jun looked back at the fields as it was being swept gently "I guess, the way they sway when the winds pass them by."

"Do you think that is the reason?" Rozen asked.

"Do you?" Jun countered.

Rozen smiled again at Jun, who now felt oddly warm at his response, and faced back at the roses. "Every rose is unique. Each one has a distinct representation of beauty." Rozen paused for a moment as if letting the wind ruffle his hair a little. "They say every rose speaks of a language" he turned back at Jun. "Do you believe in such things, Sakurada Jun?"

The boy shrugged. "Yeah I guess."

"Red roses speak of love, the burning passion and devotion to a loved one. The purest sense of care."

An image of Shinku popped in Jun's mind. Flashes of the time when she would poke him with her cane or hack him with it. Times when her warm smile gives him that queasy feeling he couldn't understand.

"It is also the purest sense of desire"


'To be Alice, we must participate in the Alice Game' Jun remembered Shinku's words back then. 'That is the only way to see Father'

"Pink roses speak the words of sympathy, the consideration of sharing an emotion one already felt. The language of enduring not by oneself but with the help and understanding of another"

'They always tell me to stay inside –nano' Jun remembered the first time Hinaichigo spoke with him. He couldn't believe how this little doll could relate with him in such impact. Hitting the truth he denied, even to himself.

"Yellow roses speak of dying love"

"Dying love?"

Rozen nodded.

Jun smirked. "It seems Kanaria doesn't care about becoming Alice"

"Oh little Kanaria does" Rozen smiled. "It's just that, she wants to become Alice to please her medium"


"For Kanaria, Mitsu Kusabue filled in the emptiness in her heart. I can't blame her, if she chose her medium over me." Rozen smiled.

"Rozen…" Jun looked at him worriedly. He was confused at what he is learning from the great Rozen. It seemed he longed for the love of his daughters yet only decided to meet Alice. What was going on?

"Green roses…" Rozen continued. "Actually there is no such thing as green or blue rose. There isn't even a black rose" Rozen revealed to Jun.

"What?" Jun replied albeit shocked by the truth.

"Green, Blue, and Black roses are made from dying a White rose"

"Why would anyone do that?" Jun raised a brow. "Dye a White rose?"

"White roses speak of purity. However, during the height of the British Industrial Revolution"

"The Victorian Era" Jun mused.

Rozen smiled at him "You are bright, Sakurada Jun."

"During the Victorian Era, people decided to make their lives more colorful. They attuned their lifestyle in symbolism especially around flowers, to be exact, roses."

The wind whisked away Rozen's bangs as he still leaned on the railing.

"In every color they planted a symbol. As I said earlier, red is for love, pink for sympathy, yellow for dying love. White roses symbolize purity but what about peace? And to those who began on exploring the depths of the unknown, the frontiers of mysticism?" Rozen paused. "Green roses symbolize peace…"

"Now that's out of place" Jun retorted, smirking at the thought of Suiseiseki.

Rozen merely shrugged off the remark and continued. "Blue roses were born as a symbol of mysticism itself. Another product of mysticism are Black roses whom they say symbolize death"

"And do you believe in that?" Jun frowned at the thought of Suigintou. What does Rozen think of her?

"Yes… and no"


"Black roses do symbolize death but it also symbolizes devotion. I know that I have many shortcomings on my first child, Suigintou." Rozen stated rather in a regretful tone.

The two remained silent, the wind howling gently on the voided world they are at, the roses dancing blindly in its sweet tune.

"So how is this related to the Alice Game?" Jun asked, finally breaking the silence.

"In time you'll know"

"What the…" Jun was dumbfounded. "What do you want me to do then?"

"Nothing" Rozen said coolly.


"Like what I've said," Rozen's eyes pierced through his bangs across the fields. "I just wanted to hear your opinion."

"What the…" Jun stood up and pounded the table, this time the cup before him fell over and smashed, spilling its contents on the floor, unnoticing, the liquid began engulfing the world Jun stood.

"You've invited me here just to hear my opinion?" Jun raged.

Rozen nodded.

"Do you want to hear my opinion, huh, Rozen?"

"I think that you're sick! That this Alice Game and your quest for perfection are sickening." Jun began, still unconscious of the red liquid as it crept now by the stairs of the gazebo.

"You… you created these dolls only to fight one another in search of this… Alice?! Who is she anyway? Why is this Alice important to you?"

Jun faced him and smiled. From behind him the whole red plague has engulfed the rose field and was now absorbing the blue skies.

"In time you will learn Sakurada Jun… Because you are a turning point in the Alice Game"


Before he could even say another word Jun found himself restrained by blood red liquid tendrils sprouting from the floor. Only then did he notice the change in is surroundings.

"Sakurada Jun"

Jun looked at Rozen in a mix of despair and worry.

"Do not be afraid of the petals of innocence. Let it consume you and you shall be reborn as one who has the power to stop the Alice Game."

"I-I do not understand" Jun shrieked as he was being pulled by the tendrils, sucked by the abyss below him.

"My children must not know that we met otherwise they will know of my plan"

"They? Who're they?"

"In time you will know… Sakurada Jun"

Rozen turned around and let Jun be sucked by the red viscous liquid. He turned back at him and, before Jun was swallowed completely, he mouthed something, words that only Jun could understand. Jun stopped struggling as he understood what the great doll maker told him and nodded. Rozen smiled as Jun was finally engulfed by the red pool.

From before Rozen a small bubble sprouted, kneeling down, he gently placed a finger on it which made the bubble burst, revealing a concealed rose as red as blood. He smiled and caressed its petals.

"Forgive me… Shinku…"


Jun gasped as he woke up. He was back in his reality. He looked at his hands and saw no blood. He turned by the window to see the sun shining calmly, birds chirped outside as the breeze passed by the blinds. He turned on his other side to check the time. 8:07 am the digital alarm displayed. His breathing calmed as he pressed his hands on his sweat-covered face. He remembered Rozen's words as he was sucked by the pool.

From his fingers he opened an eye.



Suigintou perched comfortably on the sill, the sun stealing away a kiss on her cheek, the wind calmly washing away strands of her hair. Mercury Lampe ran a finger through her hair and looked blankly at the everyday morning, kids hurrying for school, wives rushing for the opening of the market, birds chirping on a tree, feeding worms on their young. A normal day indeed, Suigintou sighed and looked again below he saw a school girl riding her bike headed past the hospital gates. This was nothing peculiar except for the fact that Suigintou saw her before. She just couldn't remember when… or where.

The youth wore glasses; her hair was pigtailed neatly and has a large bag strapped on her back. She rode at such pace that when she decided to pull the handbrake, the bike skidded and flung her off, smashing on a nearby tree, the leaves were disturbed and so are the birds who flew away trying to avoid danger that came from the unwitting school girl.

Suigintou raised a brow "that's a nice way to start the day" curious of this particular person's stupidity, she stood up from the sill and stretched her wings and decided to examine things closely.

"Now where have I seen you before?" Suigintou muttered as she landed on the branch of the tree the school girl disturbed. The girl stood up and dusted herself off and settled her bike before entering the hospital's main lobby.

Suigintou frowned as she raised an annoying brow. She flew on a nearby mirror and pressed herself on it.


Jagged shards of glass lay scattered inside Suigintou's church. With a motion of her hand, the pieces hovered before her. The transparent shards were filled with different images mostly around the inside of the hospital. The shards displayed various images that kept flipping as if she were watching television until she finally found what she was looking for.


Nori knocked on the door until a familiar voice instructed her to enter. She smiled and turned the handle.

"Good morning Jun-kun" she greeted.

"I thought I had a visitor" Jun snickered.

"Am I not a visitor Jun-kun?" Nori asked worriedly.

"Usually, when you decide to visit me, you bring the whole gang plus you go through the mirror"

"Oh they're asleep Jun-kun"

Jun looked at Nori skeptically. "Asleep? Have they been up all night?"

Sweat poured down Nori's face. "Ah well…."



"Finally ready -desu" Suiseiseki cheered as she walked by the oven. The four dolls that reside in the Sakurada household along with Nori were gathered at the kitchen, preparing for a party for Jun's return.

Suiseiseki wore on an oven glove and used it to open the oven that contained her greatest pride. Warm, sweet steam gushed out the oven, enveloping lightly the whole kitchen. Hinaichigo sniffed the warm air and drooled. "It smells delicious -nano"

"Of course -desu" Suiseiseki grinned. "After chibi ningen eats this he will be swooned –desu"

Imagination Sequence

"Ah Suiseiseki" Jun exclaimed, satisfied by the piece of heaven in his mouth.

"Such great work Suiseiseki. Such genius. Such creativity. I'm really lucky to have you Suiseiseki"

"Ohoho you don't have to say that Juuuun-kuuuuun –desu. I will do anything for you -desu" Suiseiseki blushed, waving her hand as if to shoo away Jun.

Jun knelt before Suiseiseki and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up, they spun madly under an unseen tune.

"You really are the best Suiseiseki" Jun said happily.

"Oh anything for you -desu"

End of Imagination Sequence

"Ohoho!! I could feel it now -desu" Suiseiseki was struck by euphoria, spinning like the waltz in her dream whilst holding the cake.

"Oh Jun please stop it -desu" Suiseiseki ranted along. "Oh Jun please not there"

"Waha!! Cakey Cakey!" Hinaichigo swayed from side to side, eyeing the precious cake Suiseiseki held on her hand, like a predator drooling over its prey.

"Hmm very well done Suiseiseki" Shinku commented. "For once you did something fruitful in this household"

"The nerve of you Shinku!" Suiseiseki shrieked, tossing the cake on the table (which luckily survived the airborne trip) "At least I made something for Jun. After he eats my cake, chibi ningen will prefer to serve ME over YOU –desu. Ohohoho…" The devious doll teased.

"With that non lady-like attitude of yours Suiseiseki, I doubt it"


"Besides," Shinku added. "If you don't hurry, there will be nothing left to feed that lazy servant"

"Huh?" Suiseiseki looked at the table and saw the drooling Hinaichigo.

"HUWAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Suiseiseki shrieked, holding his head as if trying to contain her sanity.

"Get away from that chibi chibi"

She grabbed Hinaichigo and delivered a volley of rapid slaps

"Don't you even dare take one bite of my cake –desu! Not even a single bit!"

"Unyu… But I'm hungry -nano" Hinaichigo managed.

"Then eat something else -desu" Suiseiseki continued, still slapping at Kleine Beere like a machine gun.

Souseiseki went near the cake. Suiseiseki spun at her as Lapis Lazuli held her shears high.

She left the beaten Hinaichigo and grabbed her twin and shook her violently. "Don't do it –desu. Even if you're my twin, even if you lost your memory, I won't forgive you –desu if you ruin the cake -desu" Suiseiseki whined.

The window of the kitchen crashed and in came Kanaria parachuted using her umbrella, landing on top of Suiseiseki's cake.

"Now I've got you now –kashira!" she shrieked triumphantly

Suiseiseki looked at her, open mouthed, flabbergasted. Everyone remained still, looking at Kanaria.

"What's wrong –kashira?" she finally noticed the soft sponge she stepped on, looking down she found her answer.

Kanaria raised her head and looked at an agape Suiseiseki, she bowed down again and looked at her feet, then back at Suiseiseki then again at her feet.

Nori reacted so as to restrain Suiseiseki who was eager for blood, glaring furiously at Kanaria who was now hiding behind Shinku, whose face was blank with the idiocy around her. Hinaichigo took her opportunity and decided to have a taste of whatever remained to the cake while Souseiseki watched the commotion.

End Flashback

"N-nothing happened Jun-kun"

Jun looked at her curiously. She was obviously lying. "Really?"

"Y-Yes… R-Really" Nori managed under a dry laugh.



Suigintou chimed.

"In the hospital?"

She began to laugh hysterically. "No wonder the idiot girl was familiar, she was Nori" Suigintou continued with her laughter. "What a coincidence for Jun to be in the same place as Megu"

"Well then, what shall I do now that they have delivered Shinku's medium right in my hands?" she smiled menacingly "Now they cannot win the Alice Game. All their Mysticas will be mine"

She smiled at Jun and caressed his face on the glass. "You saved my life and I have finally saved yours now we are even" Suigintou smiled.


The soothing mist of the majestic bath engulfed Kirakishou as she eased herself in the wide tub. It was a tiring day for her, taking care of some rebellious servant and now, to search for a troublesome sister. Snowdrop Kristall sighed as she cupped a handful of hot water and let it trickle down her arm.

"Enjoying the bath milady?" Laplace appeared from behind her.

"Yes" Kirakishou mused nonchalantly. She sighed again and rested on the tub's edge.

"It was… unnecessary… milady," Laplace began. "To use your skill on that servant. You could've just… Cut of her link"

"It would've been boring Laplace" Kirakishou sighed. "Besides I have been practicing my skills alone, isn't it time that I finally try it on a playmate?"

"As you wish milady however…"

"However I lost my grip on Souseiseki. I know Laplace," Kirakishou stated albeit irritated by the facts presented before her. "It was the first time I used that move in its full potential. I didn't know that its side effects could be so… drastic" Kirakishou closed her eye.

"Do you think Lapis Lazuli may have found the way?"

"I doubt it" Kirakishou opened her free eye, now glimmering with renewed strength. "Souseiseki may be strong but her strength was diminished because of my tampering with her Mystica. She hardly has the strength to break that prison… permanently."

"Unless you over exhaust yourself, milady"

"Honestly Laplace, you worry too much" Kirakishou closed her eye and rested her head on the ledge "After I get enough rest I'll fetch that sister of mine."

"Of course milady" Laplace bowed before her before vanishing into the darkness. Kirakishou smiled as she gasped a lungful of air, she opened her eye and the once golden gaze became as black as death, the iris emanating an eerie surge of damnation…


Droplets of water could be heard near.

The figure nudged and tried to move his arms.

"Wh-Where am I?"

He opened his eyes and focused his shaky vision. Everything was black yet he sensed rippled forming under every drop of liquid.

"So you're awake" a familiar voice said beside him.

Enju lifted his head and turned to the voice "Laplace?"

"Let us hurry, Enju. Once mistress Kirakishou wakes up, you'll be trapped in this place for all time"

Albeit still shaky, Enju managed up hi feet. When his vision cleared, he surveyed the darkness he is in. "Where am I?"

"Inside Kirakishou's Dimension" Laplace replied.

"Kirakishou's Dimension?"

"This is where she condemned your daughter"

Enju's eyes widened. "Barasuishou!!"

Laplace nodded. "Come we must be quick"

Enju nodded and closed his eyes as he focused and remained calm. Every Maestro has a special attachment to their creation and he was no different. From before the doll maker appeared a spherical glow that contained a slender quartzite shard. When he opened his eyes, the crystal began rocking back and forth until is steadied on a direction. He looked at Laplace and nodded. Time was indeed of the essence.


Jun was alone again. After he insisted for Nori to go on with her practice, Jun was again deep in his thoughts of the events in his strange dream. Was it even real? He recollected the words the slipped on Rozen's lips. He looked dully at the window and sighed. Rozen

"Why the sad face Jun-kun?" a familiar voice said.

Black quills fell from outside Jun's window as Mercury Lampe finally made her entrance.

Jun's eyes narrowed "Suigintou" he hissed.

Suigintou merely chuckled as she landed on the sill "What's with that look Jun-kun? It spoils your cuteness"

Jun sighed "Are you here to finish me off?"

Suigintou fainted a gasp "My, my, how cruel. I do have feelings to Jun-kun"

Jun narrowed at her "Right. The last time you paid me a visit you condemned me in my dream world"

"And YOU turned me to Junk!!" Suigintou raged, clenching her fist with the memory. They both stared at each other under a standstill until Jun finally decided to give up.

"SO if you're not here to kill me then why are you here?"

"Aren't you going to offer a lady a seat?" Suigintou snickered brazenly.

"My how demanding" Jun sighed. "You remind me of Suiseiseki. Do as you please."

"Don't compare me to that weakling" Suigintou pride as she sat. "I am the most powerful of all my sisters. Suiseiseki doesn't even come to half what I can do"

"Yeah, yeah" Jun shrugged. "So what brings YOU here?"

"Let's just say… on a whim?"

"A whim?" studied the doll on her window. Her new attire made Jun uncomfortable, a fact that Suigintou noticed.

"Is there anything wrong?" The doll raised a brow.

"Your dress," Jun finally stated.

"What about it."

"I don't know it's kind of… odd."


"I'm uncomfortable seeing you in white while having black wings. It makes you look like some…"

"Angel of Death?" Suigintou concluded.

Jun remembered how Rozen described a black rose. He pondered deeply on how Suigintou viewed herself, more so, how Suigintou's medium viewed the doll.

"HEY!!" Suigintou snapped, annoyed that the medium she's talking too has spaced out.

"Huh?" Jun shuddered upon the command.

"It isn't polite for your thoughts to wander while speaking with a lady" Suigintou lectured. "Hasn't Shinku told you that?"

"S-sorry" Jun looked away, ashamed of what happened.

"So," Suigintou persisted in the topic "Why are you uncomfortable seeing me in white?"

"Does it bother you?" Jun sighed as he poked the center of his glasses. Suigintou, now annoyed by his quirky remark, looked at him suspiciously "Why would I be bothered by such names?"

"Just a guess" Jun said. "But, I guess that's what she calls you" Suigintou frowned. Could've he known about her medium?

"She has a pretty voice" Jun smiled. Suigintou's eyes widened. HE KNEW!! But how and when?

"I saw you last night perched by someone's sill" Jun nudged again his glasses. "I decided to pay you a visit and found myself in front of this room with a sweet voice coming from the inside"

"Megu" Suigintou gasped.

"So Megu was her name" Jun smiled. "I'm glad you finally got yourself a medium"

"What does that mean? Are you saying I am weak without a medium?" Suigintou fixed a deadly gaze on Jun who just snickered at her. "I wasn't saying anything."

They again held another locked gaze contest. Unbelievably, this time, it was Suigintou who relinquished the fight. She sat back on the sill and crossed her legs.

"Fine, fine. What will you do then now that you know my secret?"

Jun nudged his glasses and smiled. "What do YOU expect me to do? Eliminate your medium from the game? Sorry but I don't play dirty."

"Hmph. How naive" Suigintou blushed a little, was she grateful of what Jun said? Perhaps...

"Look who's talking" Jun chuckled.


"Oh nothing"

The wind blew gently as they remained silent for quite some time, the rays of the high sun now shining on their faces, like innocent children enjoying a moment's peace.

"My dream is the wind…"

Suigintou jerked slightly when she felt the breeze whisk through her.

Jun glanced at her "She's calling you right, Suigintou?"

Mercury Lampe felt confused as she looked blatant at Jun.

"How did you…?"

"Medium's instinct I suppose" Jun chuckled. "Honestly, since you troublesome dolls came I've changed into something I don't know." He took off his glasses and wiped them. "Very much troublesome."

"Hmph" was all Suigintou could say. Before she left, she glanced slightly at Jun and smiled. "Next time we meet the Alice Game begins"

"You know I will stop you" Jun nudged his glasses.

"You can try"

With that, black feathers fell from where Suigintou stood, Jun gazed at the black quill that landed on the floor, his face was serious now.

"I will"


The quartz compass swayed as Enju ran for his daughter, navigating through the darkness. Oddly enough, Laplace seemed to be at his pace even though he's just walking.

After some time, Enju came to a large viscous wall that reflected his image and Laplace's. He cautiously placed his hand on its surface and was engulfed by the black ooze. When he reemerged, he found himself in a similar place but only this time, colored in white. The compass glowed and Enju noticed as it pointed a direction, he trailed his gaze on where the arrow headed and found a thicket of vines, cooped up, obviously concealing something.

Enju's eyes widened as he dropped the crystal compass and ran for the bush. Upon touching it, Enju was pricked by the thorns; he looked at the droplet of blood on his finger but disregarded the thought. His daughter needs her. Enju pulled a vine after another, his hands being washed in his own blood. After awhile he felt a familiar soft silk on his finger. Pulling the last vine, he finally unraveled the face of his daughter… or whatever remained of it.

Enju was horrified by the sight before him.


Tears formed from the Maestro as he hastened taking off the vines. The pain his hands are suffering is nothing compared to what his daughter suffered. When he finally freed her, Enju mourned for whatever remained of Barasuishou. Rozenkristall's head was brutally severed, the right side of her face cracked open, the back of her skull, more so, the other side of her head was missing an eye, an ear was cut from her, and from where the right side of her lips should have been bore a crack. Other parts of her face and whatever remained of her body had fissures and chipped off parts. A large portion of her left shoulder was crushed, the remains of her left arm was stuck in some of the vines Enju pulled earlier. Her right arm was in shards and so was her entire lower half.

Enju hugged his lifeless child comfortingly as he mourned at her fate.


Enju's cry was piercing as any bereaved one should. He loved his daughter very much. Memories of her flashed in his mind, the times when he held Barasuishou are the times he felt satisfied the most.

He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder. Enju glanced solemnly at Laplace.

"This is Barasuishou's Spirit. Her body is complete in the real world but her soul was… murdered… by Kirakishou" Laplace said. "If you can revive her soul, she will be brought back to life"

"But to recreate a Rosa Mystica…"

"Will you not do your best for your child?"

Enju remained silent and looked back at Barasuishou. The Maestro closed his eyes and radiated a brilliant purple glow. Barasuishou's remains also glowed in a similar tone and, as Enju released his embrace, bits and pieces of Barasuishou from all over the rubble came together and merged into a cosmic shard of energy guided with numerous rings. When Enju opened his eyes, he couldn't believe what he has accomplished.

Barasuishou's Rosa Mystica approached Enju who accepted it warmly. A dazzling purple light overcame the white void they were in and when it cleared, they found themselves back in the chamber where Barasuishou fought Kirakishou, with Enju having a Mystica in his hand.

He went at his daughter and knelt before her before giving her her Rosa Mystica. Barasuishou glowed as her body absorbed the spirit.

"Wake up, Barasuishou" Enju said warmly.


Darkness. Everything was pitch black.

"A voice"

"Wake up"

"Someone's calling me"

"Please open your eyes"

"His words… they sound familiar… where have I heard that voice before"

"Can you hear me, Barasuishou?"

"My name… that voice! That voice is from Father! Father I'm coming… I'm coming!!"

Light poured in like a stream of eternity, Barasuishou's vision was blurred but from before her a figure loomed. As her vision slowly cleared, the features of the man she called father became more distinct.


She managed.

"Thank God Barasuishou!"

Enju hugged his daughter tight, letting his tears trickle down onto his daughter.

"Father, why are you crying?" Barasuishou asked, troubled by the facts before her.

"I-I just miss you Barasuishou."

'Miss me?' Barasuishou thought. In a flash she remembered everything. The battle, the torture. Barasuishou's eyes opened wide. Enju felt her shudder. He lifted from his embrace and looked at his child who now seemed afraid.

"Barasuishou what's wrong?"

"Father…" Rozenkristall whimpered. "I-I became Junk"

Enju was shocked to learn that her daughter remembered her ordeal with Kirakishou. Her eyes, Barasuishou seemed traumatized of what happened. Enju hugged her again as tears formed and rolled over Rozenkristall's cheeks.

"Papa, I became Junk" Barasuishou thought out loud.

"Shhh… you're safe now Barasuishou. You're not Junk anymore"

"Unless she defies me again"

Enju snapped his head to see Kirakishou standing form the main door, beaming evilly at the doll master and her child.

Enju hugged Barasuishou instinctively, as if trying to protect her from the devil herself.

"I-It's her papa. It's her…" Barasuishou whimpered, clenching Enju's sleeve tighter.

"Aww how sweet" Kirakishou mocked as she neared them, her footsteps echoing along the ivory floor.

"What do you want?" Enju glared back. He knew it was futile but it's the best that he could do to protect his daughter.

"I want one thing clear Enju" Kirakishou said as she loomed over them, kneeling Kirakishou held Enju's chin lightly. "In my domain, your lives are meaningless" Her golden eye glowed radiantly against the doll maker. She then turned to his child who looked back at her in sheer terror "Your lives will bend in accordance to MY will otherwise" he looked back at Enju and smiled menacingly. "I will have them be broken, like shards of glass, your lives will be junk" she hissed especially on the last word.

"Do I make myself clear?" She smiled at Enju who nodded submissively. Kirakishou released her grip and stood up.



"What now of that nuisance?"

"Lapis Lazuli still hasn't broken free"

"Good" Kirakishou grinned. "Time to pay her a visit"

From behind Snowdrop Kristall emerged a full-body mirror. Turning around, facing her reflection, Kirakishou smiled as she pressed her hand creating ripples that slowly engulf every inch of her body.


End of Act 12


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