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There will be a segment here that seems taken from the Barasuishou drama cd… (please don't flame me . )


Rozen Maiden: Eternal Play

Act 13: Snow Mirror

Hastened steps echoed inside the dark realm where Souseiseki is trying to break free. Her breath was deep and shallow, how long was she running? The shadows that surround her made her grip tighter in her swelling fear. Her stomach churned as she despaired under the dominating darkness.

A sweet chuckle echoed from all over the darkness, it is as if the darkness itself is making fun of her futile attempt of salvation.

"Don't you want to rest Souseiseki?" The voice ruling over the darkness mocked. "You've been running around a lot haven't you, little Souseiseki"

'She found me'

Souseiseki snapped her vision as if paranoia finally gripped her fighting spirit. She was expecting her any moment now. Whatever it was that made her escape from that devil seemed gone, and now, only her will to fight for her freedom remained.

Souseiseki's warrior-like instinct kicked in, warning her of the impeding danger from below. True enough as she leapt to safety, thick vines sprouted from the black pool where she leapt off, missing their chance of entangling the doll.

An echo of applause as the enemy who has recovered her spirit finally appeared.

"I'll give that agile leap, 40 points" the figure said as she walked from the darkness

"You?!" Souseiseki looked at her sternly. "Who are you? What have you done to my body?"

"Curious are you not Souseiseki?" the doll clad in silk white chuckled a little, amused perhaps of Lapis Lazuli's inquisitive feat.

Souseiseki gave her a deadly look, one which Kirakishou perceived as rather an empty threat.

Snowdrop Kristall curtsied before her. "Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Kirakishou, Seventh doll of Rozen"

"Seventh doll of Rozen? Then… who is Barasuishou?" Souseiseki asked bewilderingly.

"Ah that insolence…" Kirakishou placed a finger on her chin, acting as if a child caught by her Father and is now searching for a plausible excuse. "Let's just say that she's my…" She raised her eye to the ceiling as if to find the term up there "… Accomplice"

Souseiseki's eyes widened, dumbfounded by this truth before her. "A-Accomplice?"

'Accomplice? But why? Why not present herself earlier to all of us? Why hire an impostor?'

Souseiseki's mind raced through the possibilities. So many questions yet so little answers.

Kirakishou noticed as the doll before her seemed to space out. She giggled, albeit loud enough for Souseiseki to hear. Lapis Lazuli snapped back and glared at Kirakishou.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, it's just that you think too much Souseiseki. Among all of us sisters, you really are the most decisive, the most calculating"

"You've been spying on us?"

"Why of course" Kirakishou held her chin under a cross arm. "I too am part of the Alice Game, being an official Rozen Maiden. Wouldn't it work for me if I study my enemies?"

Souseiseki frowned. "But why hire an accomplice? Why not reveal yourself in the first place?"

Kirakishou acted again as if she were thinking yet another grand excuse. "Well it's none of your concern really, Souseiseki" Kirakishou said politely. "After all, you'll be going back to that place" she eyed her evilly.

The image of a white monolithic slab flashed in Souseiseki's mind.

"I'll fight for my freedom no matter what" Lapis Lazuli declared, she was now poised, her form now perfect for combat.

"You aren't that strong sister without your shears" Kirakishou smiled tauntingly "… or your Renpika"

"I'll fight my way nonetheless" Souseiseki said, ignoring her taunt.

Kirakishou sighed. "I really don't want to do this but if you insist"

Souseiseki lowered her head and lunged for Snowdrop Kristall.


Kirakishou received her assault with a psychotic grin, painted all over her face.

Their distance closed as Souseiseki leapt and delivered a couple of spin kicks that merely passed Kirakishou by as she stepped back from Lapis Lazuli's reach. Souseiseki followed her primary assault by making a handstand and pressing off the ground, delivering more reversed spin kicks until Kirakishou decided to parry the last, grabbing Souseiseki by the leg and hurling her on the other side. Lapis Lazuli flung but found her balance as she tumbled off and landed nicely.

Kirakishou's grin now turned to a smile, overjoyed perhaps by such worthy opponent that she decided to match Souseiseki's agility. Rushing at the doll, her eye glaring in madness, their distance closed once more as it was now Kirakishou who leapt at the air, tumbled and delivered a heel drop at Lapis Lazuli who defended by shielding both her hands, catching Kirakishou, Souseiseki pulled her closer and delivered a clean straight kick to her chin, sending the doll a few feet away from her.

Before landing on the blackened ooze that lay the ground, Kirakishou flexed her body and recovered her fall by making a handstand and tumbling gracefully. She sneered at Souseiseki and nudged her left cheek which was now sore by the kick.

Souseiseki darted off at her and exchanged blows with Kirakishou, each of them exchanging attacks, parrying a blow after another. After Kirakishou evaded Lapis Lazuli's most recent strike, she opened her arms in full length and conjured a white glow. Souseiseki's eyes widened as she instinctively somersaulted backwards, being trailed by a multitude of rose vines sprouting from the darkened floor. She was able to evade the attack but has caught herself on the last by the feet. The vine violently pulled Souseiseki whilst in midair and swung twice before throwing her. Tumbling on the ground, Souseiseki rolled yet found her balance and recovered from the fall, skidding far away from Kirakishou.

"What do you say Souseiseki?" Kirakishou offered as she walked at the beaten doll.

Souseiseki managed herself up as she wiped her cheek. She turned at Kirakishou and scowled.

"Will you play good sister and obey me now?" she asked her cheerily. Raising her hands up to her chest, she conjured a white glow.

"Tch" Souseiseki glared at her


Barasuishou sat beside her Father, whimpering, still traumatized by the events that happened earlier.

Enju seemed busying himself up with something rather than comforting his daughter… or so one may think.

"It's finished" Enju said proudly. Barasuishou looked at her Father with curiosity, still teary-eyed.

Enju raised his hand and beamed at his creation.

"What is that, Father?"

Enju smiled at his daughter and held the piece of quartz before her.

"This is Quartz, Barasuishou"

"Quartz" the doll mused, her eyes have dried a bit and her expression was now filled with wonder with the crystal before her.

Enju nodded.

"Quartz is a special stone"


Enju nodded. "It is a growing stone… overtime it evolves into what you see, such as this in my hand"

He neared his daughter and placed the quartz ornament on her hair.

"Father" Barasuishou blushed, delighted by her Father's gift.

Enju smiled at her comfortingly as he wiped away remnants of a tear.


"Yes, Barasuishou"

"Like quartz, will I also grow?"

"Of course Barasuishou" Enju reassured, more serious in his tone. "In time you will grow. In time you will be independent of her powers. In time, the evolution of your own Rosa Mystica would surpass even that of Kirakishou"


"Don't worry Barasuishou, we'll play with her wishes for now" Enju patted her head.

"Then we will have the last laugh… won't we?"

As the doll nodded, the quartz ornament dangled, chiming a mystical tune of a future between the apprentice and his masterpiece.


"Unyuu… I'm scared -nano" Hinaichigo whined.

"We have to do it -desu" Suiseiseki tried to compromise the situation they are at but found herself troubled by the task at hand.

"Honestly, how hard can it be?" Shinku sighed.

"Bah!! Easy for you to say –desu since YOU never TRIED using that idiotic machine –desu!!" Suiseiseki moaned as she waved a finger at the infernal machine known as a vacuum cleaner.

"So are you imposing that I clean the house by myself?"

"It was your suggestion –desu! Promising such things at Nori before she left"


"I'm going everyone"

"Give Jun lots of unyuu –nano!"

"Tell ningen to get well soon –desu. I miss him -desu"

Hinaichigo and Shinku snapped their heads at Suiseiseki when they heard her say the second line.

Suiseiseki blushed as she nervously looked at them and revised her sentence. "I-I-I-It's n-n-n-not that I miss the ningen –desu I-I-I-It's just that I-I missed beating him up -desu"

Nori smiled. "I'll tell him that Suiseiseki-chan" making Suiseiseki blush brighter.

Shinku smiled at Nori "Don't worry Nori, we'll take care of the place while you're away. Besides, I have noticed that this household has become unsanitary and is not anymore fit for living, we'll clean this place up while you're gone"

It was now Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki's turn to snap in sheer disbelief at Shinku.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING –DESU?!" as Suiseiseki began waving a pointed finger at Shinku.

"Thank you guys. If you do that I promise to cook the special flowery-topped hamburger"

That caught Suiseiseki's attention as she composed herself. "Don't worry –desu. We'll make sure that this place will be as clean as a morning dew -desu"

"Okay. See you later, bye."

End flashback

"My, my, how childish of you Suiseiseki"


"Blaming somebody else whilst covering your own fault"


"Clean as a morning dew?"

Suiseiseki staggered back.

Shinku sighed. "Be it as it may, I'll just show you then how to use the vacuum cleaner properly."

Shinku neared the weird contraption and looked at it. Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo looked at Shinku… then at the vacuum cleaner… then back at Shinku… then at the vacuum cleaner until Shinku broke the silence…

"Hinaichigo, you do it"

Suiseiseki fell on the ground as if a stone hit her forehead.


Suiseiskei snapped herself up from the floor and roared at Shinku "WHAT THE HELL –DESU?! I thought you're going to show us how to make it work –desu!"

"For a lady like me to do peasant work, certainly not"

"P-Peasant work?" Suiseiseki staggered back but a lucky suggestion made its way in her head. She looked deviously at Shinku and chuckled.

Reiner Rubin raised a brow. "What's the matter?"

"O-oohhh… just… nothing -desu" Suiseiseki excused, yet continued her wily giggle at Shinku.

"Just tell me will you" Shinku demanded, her voice raised along with her temper.

"Weeeelll… Why don't you just admit it Shinku, you don't know how to operate a vacuum cleaner -desu" Suiseiseki drove the mallet right at the nail.

Shinku staggered back and tried to defend herself.

"I-I certainly do know how to operate such simple device"

"Then do it -desu" Suiseiseki mocked, her evil smile predicting her triumph over Shinku.

Shinku staggered farther but defended her pride by gathering her courage and coming beside the machine. Shinku searched her memory of when Nori would use the machine but all she could remember was the hellish sound it made.

Inquisitive eyes watched Shinku as she studied the machine. Her eye caught what seemed to be an ominous-looking switch. Shinku smiled as she finally found her key and looked at her spectators.

"I told you this was easy" she smug at them "All I have to do is flip this tiny switch and everything will be alright." She sighed a sigh of relief and continued 'celebrating' her victory "Honestly, you two are useless"

Suiseiseki sobbed, finally grasping her defeat (again) by Shinku.

Shinku, feeling satisfied with her victory, flipped the switch…

All of them looked expectantly at the machine, waiting for it to come to life…


Suiseiseki regained her smirk as the tables turned. "Ohoho, just flip the switch –desu, you two are useless –desu well guess what Shinku, the machine didn't work so that makes you useless too –desu kyahahaha…"

A large sweat dropped beside Shinku as she lurched from a comeback victory from Suiseiseki.

Suiseiseki's 'triumphant laughter' made Shinku panic, unable to accept her defeat, and in her frustration, kicked the vacuum cleaner… hard…


All three girls looked at the machine as it spun to life.

Seconds later, the lifeless Souseiseki was found being dragged by her twin as all three girls found themselves running for their life… fast…


"It will eat us -nano" Hinaichigo whined.

"It's your fault Shinku. If you didn't agitate it, it wouldn't be mad -desu"

"Wh-what?" droplets of sweat trickled on Shinku's forehead as they ran. "It was annoying me so I kicked it"




"Today's the day –kashira."

The sun reflected its rays under Kanaria's binoculars. She was conducting another surveillance mission whilst on top of a telephone post and has seen the chaos inside the Sakurada house.

"The time is ripe –kashira… while they are facing the monstrous vacuum cleaner, I'll fly down and finish them off -kashira" Kanaria's eyes twinkled. "It'll be like stealing tamagoyaki from a baby –kashira. Ufufufufu"

"Aho, Aho" cackled the crow.

Aho means fool/idiot in Japanese


Souseiseki stepped left as the whip cracked on where she stood. She then stepped right as the whip missed her again. She took a step backwards as the whip struck.

"My, my, you pace tremendously well Souseiseki" Kirakishou praised.

All Souseiseki could do to reply the annoying remark was glare at Kirakishou while avoiding her attacks.

"Let's hasten things up a bit, Souseiseki, a fast paced waltz is good… don't you agree?" Kirakishou smirked.

The whips began cracking faster at the doll. From small steps, Souseiseki was now extending her legs, strafing back and forth. She's having difficulty now as Kirakishou increased the speed of her lashing.

Coming close to Kirakishou is difficult, especially without her shears. The versatility of a whip in combat that is used in range is efficient when combined with Kirakishou's agile body. Even if Souseiseki manages to close the gap between her, it would be easy for Kirakishou leap away.

Lapis Lazuli gritted her teeth at the thought. In this dark world, there isn't even a single item to help her and against such formidable enemy, the odds aren't fairing on her side.

The whip cracked as instinctively, Souseiseki leapt above it and landed a foot on the whip, much to Kirakishou's amazement. Souseiseki used her free foot and entangled it with the length of the whip and jerked her knee high, pulling the weapon off Kirakishou' clutches. Souseiseki then swerved the foot she used to trap the whip's tail and spun gracefully, rolling the remains of the whip around her feet. Once the whip was finally rolled, Souseiseki placed a foot outside the heap and used her other foot to hook the weapon, jerking her knee high as what she did before; she flung the whip and caught it with her hand, much to Kirakishou's amazement.

"Now, let's see how you dance" Lapis Lazuli threatened as she unleashed the weapon on her hand.

Kirakishou's fazed look was now replaced with a challenged smirk, a sign of accepting Lapis Lazuli's challenge.

The vine whip cracked under Souseiseki's command, with deft hands she flexed the whip and struck at Snowdrop Kristall whose gold eye reflected the incoming attack from Souseiseki.

Kirakishou grinned as she merely snapped her head on the side, the whip missing her by inches.

Souseiseki looked in disbelief but refuted her reaction as she pulled the whip and struck at the enemy before her. Kirakishou saw the attack again, her gold eye glimmering, as she snapped her head on the other side.

"Is this the best Souseiseki?" Snowdrop Kristall mocked.

Souseiseki was fumed with the insults coming from this obnoxious youngest sister. With full force, she charged at Kirakishou and began lashing her. Kirakishou avoided the assault by merely avoiding her head but, as Lapis Lazuli came close to her, she was forced to stretch her still muscles (flex some doll joints, rather).

Lapis Lazuli delivered a horizontal lash that Kirakishou evaded by jumping high. Souseiseki's deft hands flexed the whip and turned the horizontal lash to a rising whip strike that passed by Kirakishou between the legs as the doll arched her body backwards, executing a reversed somersault. Snowdrop Kristall landed with both hands and tumbled away from Souseiseki who trailed her, intent on denying her of space as Lapis Lazuli leapt off the ground and delivered slashes from the air. Kirakishou twirled her body as a lash passed by, she cartwheeled on the other side as the whip struck another and while standing on her hands, she managed to evade another couple of strikes by twirling her body while under a handstand, a portrayal of how flexible Souseiseki's opponent really is.

When Lapis Lazuli landed from midair, she leapt once more at Kirakishou and spun as she arched her body, from a 90 degree position going to 0, accumulating force to her whip with her swing. When Kirakishou was in range, Souseiseki landed with her free hand and jerked off the whip and tried to slash the doll vertically, thanks to her gold eye however, Kirakishou saw through the move and has leapt back before being cut in half.

The whip landed on where Kirakishou previously stood, if the floor was built on stone it would have crushed under the force of Souseiseki's whip twirl. Souseiseki's display of acrobatics was not yet finished though, as she landed on her free hand, Souseiseki gained momentum and jumped off the ground by exerting force with her free hand. She somersaulted majestically in midair as she delivered a falling whip strike at Kirakishou.

Kirakishou smirked as she thought of a plan of catching her whip. As the whip delivered its strike, Kirakishou softened its blow by parrying it with her boot-protected feet by giving it a back flip. After the whip's impact has finally reduced, she finally caught it with her hand.

Souseiseki pulled the weapon away but to no avail, the tug of war for the vine whip begins.


"HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the three dolls shrieked as the vacuum cleaner chase continued.

"S-Stop that thing Hinaichigo!" Shinku ordered.

Hinaichigo pouted. "Why me –nano. Suiseiseki is the one nearest to it; she should be the one to stop it instead -nano"

"Wh-wh-why me –desu?" Jade Stern moaned as she rang along with them, with her twin in tow, mindless of the situation.

"This is Shinku's fault –desu. YOU STOP IT –DESU!!" she cried with the top of her voice.


"Ufufufufu… now's the time -kashira"

Kanaria pulled her parasol as she leapt from the telephone post and flung it open.

"If everything goes according to plan"

Imagination Sequence

"KYAAAH!!" the three dolls shrieked.

CRASH Kanaria makes her entrance by breaking the glass on the window, she's standing before the fleeing dolls, blocking their way, with her violin drawn



Suiseiseki spun around while covering her ears to see the vacuum cleaner getting really close.


bang crash and a lot of exploding sounds.

Kanaria stands up on top of the pile of four dolls under a vacuum cleaner, celebrating her triumph.

"Ohohoho… finally, your Rosa Mysticas are mine. I have finally done it –kashira!!"

End Sequence

"Ohoho. This time I will win –kashira!!"

Her distance with the target window closed as the dolls came near at the exact point where she would trap them.

'This is it -kashira' Kanaria sneered as she opened her free hand and summoned the violin. Just as the parasol inched closer, the wind blew hard… much to Kanaria's demise.

"O-Oh no… this is wrong -kashira" the doll whined as the wind blew harder, delaying her floating parasol.

'B-but, I still might make it if I enter now -kashira' she swung her frail body towards the window and finally released her grip, making her grand entrance… just after the trio passed by the window.

"Tadah!! The brilliant Kanaria is here to finally…" Kanaria said as she faced her audience which is none other than the…

"Get… your… Rosa"

Monstrous vacuum cleaner…

"Mysticaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Kanaria shrieked as the vacuum cleaner crashed.

The trio heard the bang behind them and stopped running and spun around to see Kanaria all beat up, her eyes swirling as tiny versions of black crows cackling "aho" fly above her head in circles.

"Woe is me -kashira"


"Good morning, Angel-san" Megu greeted as she stretched her arms.

Suigintou landed, still unfazed with her medium's greeting.

"Have you been out lately?"

"It's none of your business"

Megu chuckled at her Angel's expression and turned to her side to find breakfast served, omelet filled with slices of bacon, onions, and tomatoes, mixed with mayonnaise and sided with two slices of cheese and fresh fruits.

Megu placed the tray on her lap and forked a sliced apple then offered it to Suigintou who merely looked away, indicating her refusal. Megu chuckled as she began her day by eating breakfast.

Suigintou sat and glanced slightly at her eating medium. The wind blew gently and ruffled her hair. Mercury Lampe ran a finger so as to fix them.

'Mediums… Why must they be involved in the Alice Game? Isn't our strength enough to make us win? Why did Father enable the participation of such beings… I really don't understand'

"Is anything wrong Angel-san?" Megu asked under a fork.

Suigintou snapped away from her thoughts and looked outcast at Megu

"Nothing, continue you breakfast"

Megu giggled under the food in her mouth and continued her meal.

Suigintou turned back at her view as flashes of Jun protecting her from Suiseiseki came by.

'Mediums… I really can't understand them…'

Suigintou sighed silently as the wind carried away her deep thoughts of uncertainty.


"Thank you for risking your life to save us Kanaria" Shinku expressed her gratitude.

"Thank you very much -nano" Hinaichigo chimed in.

"I really don't want to say it but thank you for saving us -desu" Suiseiseki pouted.

"D-Don't mention it -kashira" managed Kanaria who was still under the rubble, her eyes swirling from the events that happened. "C-could you help me out –kashira?"

"Everyone, let us pull Kanaria out. It's the least we could do to her for saving us" Shinku commanded while the other two nodded.

All three found their places and had a part of Kanaria to hold on to. Shinku looked at Hinaichigo who nodded. She then turned at Suiseiseki who approved.

"On three. One, two, three!!" the dolls heaved Kanaria too hard that she was hurled to the couch behind them, knocking it over. Rushed footsteps came to poor Kanaria's aid who again was accompanied with her crow friends, flying around in circles, cackling "Aho"


"Drink this –desu. This will make you fell better –desu." Suiseiseki offered Kanaria a cup of warm peppermint.

"Thank you -kashira" Kanaria managed as she took a sip.

"By the way –desu, Kanaria, when you entered earlier, you were shouting something like Rosa Mysticas… what was that about -desu?"

Kanaria twitched her hand making her drink the hot tea in gulps. She motioned for help as she stuck out a bright red tongue. Hinaichigo hopped down and went to the fridge.

"Suiseiseki, is that how you repay Kanaria? Doubting her while she risked her life just to save her sisters" Shinku scolded.

"B-But I heard she was shouting something about taking our Rosa Mysticas -desu" she turned at Souseiseki "You heard that too right? Nod –desu Nod"

Souseiseki obeyed and nodded.

"See!! I told you –desu, even Souseiseki heard her"

"Maybe Kanaria yelled something like 'I will protect your Rosa Mysticas my sisters' isn't that right Kanaria?" Shinku looked at the doll.

After drinking the last ounce of water, Kanaria nodded in her defense.

"Of course –kashira. I won't let any harm come to you -kashira"

'Ufufufu… they still haven't found out –kashira about my grand plan of stealing their Rosa Mystica -kashira'

"But how did you know we were being attacked –desu?" Suiseiseki made a face "Were you spying on us –desu?"

Kanaria staggered back, three vertical dark lines dropped beside her ear.

"I-It's not like that -kashira" Kanaria whined her defense.

"Reaaaalllllyyyy -desu" the devious doll inched at Kanaria who now found herself in deep perspiration.

"Honestly, you are becoming much paranoid Suiseiseki"

That stopped the doll dead in her tracks


"Unyu Suiseiseki is paranoid long before -nano" Hinaichigo chimed in.


"Yes it is -nano" Hinaichigo leapt down the couch as she senses what comes next.


Shinku sighed as the two were at it again. Turning to Kanaria, she apologized. "Sorry for such behavior Kanaria, it seems it can't be helped. They are all but children."

"Ahehe… I-It's okay -kashira"

From a corner Souseiseki stood lifelessly, her eyes still dull but hinted a flicker of battle deciding on who controls her body…


The tug of war continued between Kirakishou and Souseiseki, neither of them has any plans of letting go. Finding the initiative, it was Souseiseki who began, closing the gap between her and Kirakishou, with the whip still in her hand.

Lapis Lazuli leapt and delivered a flying kick at Kirakishou who parried it by catching the remaining length of the whip and stretching it to block the kick. Souseiseki smiled as her opponent caught the bait, as she bounced off, she entangled Kirakishou with the remaining length of the whip in her hand. Kirakishou found herself unable to move as her arms are tied to her body. Souseiseki, still in midair, rolled and converted her failed flying kick to a punishing heel drop. Kirakishou inched backwards just enough for the drop to miss her by mere centimeters.

Souseiseki may have landed on the ground but that doesn't mean she's through. Now that Kirakishou stood inches before her, restrained, Lapis Lazuli finally got the upper hand. With graceful feat, Souseiseki launched her body from the ground straight at Kirakishou and delivered a couple to bicycle kicks at the doll's gut. Kirakishou staggered, her eye widened from the pain as she found herself agape from the assault. Souseiseki finished her combo by somersaulting from her place and, by cuffing both her hands, delivered an uppercut at Kirakishou.

The doll was flung off the ground, her eye unfocused from Souseiseki's beating. Lapis Lazuli sneered as she yanked the remains of the whip hard and pulled Kirakishou closer to her.

As Kirakishou's body flew closer, Souseiseki met her half way and delivered a rising spin kick on the side. The kick sent Snowdrop Kristall a few feet off the ground where Souseiseki followed in midair. Kirakishou lay helpless as Souseiseki, finally given her chance, rolled in midair and delivered a heel drop that connected on Kirakishou's neck. Snowdrop Kristall ached for air as she was sent to the ground. Souseiseki, still unsatisfied, held the whip and pull her again and delivered a finishing punch at her face, the two dolls being hurled downwards.

As Kirakishou was about to hit the ground, she burst out a sudden flash of white. The vine whip was torn to shreds as she freed her hand and supported her fall. Souseiseki, who was shunned by the outburst of energy was caught between Kirakishou's legs and was tossed with full force on the side. Lapis Lazuli tumbled, headfirst, and rolled as a bright Kirakishou rose from the site of impact.

Souseiseki managed to put herself up, still determined to fight, only to find herself horrified by her enemy.

Kirakishou neared her, her eye fully wide with insanity, glimmering a pure gold glow, her body covered in an intense white aura.

"Very good, Souseiseki" Kirakishou congratulated. "I have never met such worthy opponent other than you."

"Now I can finally be serious…" Kirakishou smiled an evil smile at her as she stopped from where she stood.

Souseiseki's eyes widened.

'Serious?! So she wasn't serious at that sta-'

Before Souseiseki could even finish her realization, Kirakishou vanished from where she was standing and reappeared behind Lapis Lazuli.

"Hello, Souseiseki" she whispered on her shoulder before grabbing her hair and smashing her face on the black floor. Kirakishou lifted the doll by the hair and released her following with a spin kick from behind.

"UGHHAAAAAH!!" Souseiseki cried as she flew.

Kirakishou appeared before her in midair, slightly higher than her face, and delivered a volley of step kicks at Lapis Lazuli that she ended with a slight heel drop followed by a rising feet, bringing Souseiseki on the same level as Kirakishou who spun around and gave the doll a backhand then followed by pressing her palm a few inches away from her face, creating an invisible shockwave that sent the doll flying.

Kirakishou grinned at Souseiseki as she flew away. When Kirakishou's feet finally touched the ground, the evil doll accumulated enough force on her legs and propelled herself off, spinning as she somersaulted after Souseiseki, catching her with a devastating twirling leg drop at the stomach. The pain was intense for Souseiseki, her eyes unfocused as her mouth hung open, screaming silently for air.

Kirakishou smiled as she squatted on Souseiseki's stomach looking at the doll as she struggled for air, her heterochromatic eyes blank with pain.

"That was fun wasn't it Souseiseki?" Snowdrop Kristall giggled. "I never knew that fighting a Rozen Maiden could bring out the best in me"

"You see, being a doll born without a body is hard." Kirakishou went on "you get stuck in this boring hell with no playmates for over a millennia. No challenge to test your skill."

"That's why, I'm really grateful Souseiseki for you to challenge me. Really, if you hadn't I wouldn't know what I was capable of."

Kirakishou slapped her cheeks lightly.

"Poor baby, you seem tired from all that running and from our sparring session. Guess it's time for a looooong nap" She smirked at her.

Standing up, Kirakishou conjured a bright glow. From before her, a white monolithic slate appeared. It was like a mirror that is supported with thick, well-crafted pillars.

Kirakishou knelt down and grabbed Souseiseki by the hair. She lifted her and dragged the poor Souseiseki towards the Snow Mirror. Standing before it, she tossed the doll at the glass and watched how the Snow Mirror consumed Souseiseki until she was finally encased in the prison.


As Suiseiseki ran after Hinaichigo, a faint of despair flickered on Souseiseki's eyes. No one seemed to notice that within those eyes, the true soul of Lapis Lazuli was frozen and her body was now controlled by the devil that sees everything under a golden gaze…


End of Act 13


For those keeping up with my fic, my deepest gratitude to all of you.