A NarutoHarem featuring the filler girls. I've had this idea in mind for awhile now (Anyone who's visited my profile page can vouch for that), so I thought I'd at least write the prologue.

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An Unexpected Return


By Big-Babidi

Tsunade was not having the greatest of days. What she assumed would be another mundane twenty-four hours of paperwork, mission reports, and training Sakura with some paperwork on the side became an entirely different ordeal.

Starting off, the Godaime was interrupted from her trademark face-in-the-paperwork beauty sleep when a jounin arrived at the hospital in critical condition. While the time it took the Hokage to arrive was minimal, the man's injuries were so extensive, the intensive surgery required made Lee's injuries during his first Chuunin Exam resemble the results of a miniscule slap-fight from academy kunoichi hopefuls. Luckily, Tsunade once again displayed her impeccable medical talents, saving the man from either early retirement from his shinobi career, or an even worse scenario: death.

Three hours and a throbbing headache later, she returned to her office and noticed her paperwork stack bearing a much larger quantity than ever before.

As a fanatical worshipper of heavy procrastination, Tsunade spent the majority of her week with drinking, gambling, more gambling and more drinking. Although the impulse to escape and restart her exotic indulgences was tempting to an almost maniacal degree, the Godaime managed to suppress her urges of debauchery and took a seat behind her desk.

Tsunade always found this viewpoint the best when gauging her daily paperwork's total amount. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, but the old blond woman couldn't help her astonishment when discovering how unforgiving ignored stacks of growing papers can become. 'Five hundred papers? What I'd do for a drink right now.'

Despite her initial reluctance, Tsunade finished her work in record time. Afterwards, the Godaime finished her cup of tea, kicked off her shoes and leaned back in her chair, allowing herself a well-deserved break. Moments before she closed her eyes, there was a loud knock at the door.

Tsunade groaned. 'Why me?'

Giving herself a moment to straighten up, the Hokage addressed the person on the opposing side of the door.


The door opened slowly, revealing Shizune. "Tsunade-sama, the feudal lord of Bird Country, Toki-sama, is here to see you." The Hokage's assistant then walked to her stationary position at Tsunade's side. Entering the office was Toki and her glasses-wearing best friend, Chishima.

Tsunade smiled at the both of them, "Welcome to Konoha, Toki-sama. Is there anything I can do for you today?"

Bird Country's feudal lord took a seat, with Chishima occupying the other. "Hokage-sama, I have come to Konoha because of the upcoming Chuunin exam. According to rumors, this test shows much more promise then any other since the exam three years ago."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. 'What is it with people asking about the Chuunin exams already?' She couldn't help but find it strange, seeing as how the promotion-obtaining-test was three months away. One week prior, another feudal lord came about the exact same thing.

And what a strange conversation that was.


"It's a pleasure to see you again, Haruna-hime. What brings you to the Hidden Village of Konoha today?" Tsunade asked with a smile.

The princess from Greenery Country smiled back towards the Hokage, with her bodyguard Yurinojou standing behind her. "Well, Hokage-sama, I've heard about the upcoming Chuunin exams and I wanted to get an early look at your shinobis." She paused for a moment, "After all, if it wasn't for hi-, I mean, the genin squad you sent to aid us three years ago, my country would most likely be at war or destroyed."

Clearly noticing the slip up, Tsunade decided not to comment. 'Strange, it sounds like she came all the way here for one genin. But that doesn't make sense. She's a princess for crying God's sake. Guess I'll have to find out.'

The Godaime put her hands together, her fingers interlocked. "Is there any genin you'd like to see in particular?"

Almost instantly Haruna replied, "Uzumaki Naruto."

Surprised by the speed of her own quick answer, the princess attempted a cover-up, even though Tsunade would have to be deaf not to have heard the slight desperation in her voice. "As I'm sure you remember, Uzumaki Naruto and his teammates were the ones who saved my life when those three were after me. During the mission, his skills, as well as his kindness and bravery have led me to believe that he is the best kind of shinobi whenever Greenery Country will require your assistance."

The Godaime raised an eyebrow, "If that's the case, then why come here about three months in advance?"

"As valuable a shinobi as Naruto is, I would also like to learn about your other genins as well. During the mission three years ago, I noticed that your genins were more than capable of handling enemy shinobi that were much stronger, as well as having a major advantage in experience." Haruna spoke sternly. A tone of voice she reserved for political meetings. "After seeing how potent your genins are, I decided to visit Konoha personally to inspect your shinobi…for the sake of Greenery Country, of course." She added quickly.

Other than seeing Naruto, the rest was a complete lie. Ever since she requested Naruto to remain in her country, Haruna hasn't let a day go by without the blond boy on her mind. Although she never voiced her opinion out loud, she's well aware that her feelings for the Kyuubi carrier far exceeded those of friendship, or even a crush.

Haruna felt one emotion towards Naruto: love.

Satifsfying, joyful, beautiful, 'til-death-due-us-part love.

At the tender age of nineteen, the princess was starting to look for a suitable husband. No matter where she looked or who she talked to, only one person seemed desirable for marriage: Uzumaki Naruto.

She had heard rumors that Naruto had left the Leaf with his perverted sensei, Jiraiya. Haruna was hoping that the blond would give her a visit during his time away from home. But alas, luck wasn't on the princess' side. She waited patiently for any information regarding the boy who restored her hope. Three years later, her faithful lingering paid off when she heard another rumor that Naruto would be returning home shortly. Taking this chance, Haruna immediately set out for Konoha, fully intent on giving Naruto the same request as before.

Only this time, she'd attempt a different approach.

The princess plans on spending more than plenty of time with the blond, getting acquainted with every nook and cranny that Naruto's personality is made of. Likes, dislikes, dreams, favorite foods, Haruna wanted to learn it all. Afterwards, on the day of her departure, the princess planned on asking Naruto once again to stay with her. She could only pray for the blond's agreement.

The Godaime weighed out her options. Greenery Country had always been very supportive towards the Leaf. With Haruna's father before, and for the past three years Haruna herself. Not to mention the possible profit coming along the princess' approval. An entire country hiring shinobi exclusively from Konoha was a business opportunity Tsunade would rather not pass up.

Satisfied with the answer, the Hokage addressed the princess, "Very well. I'll allow you the examination of our genins, and whenever Naruto comes back, I'll let you know." She looked at Haruna and noticed the girl showing signs of drowsiness. Even with her fatigue, the princess grew a wide smile at Tsunade's arrangement for meeting Naruto. "Well I'm sure you're tired from the long trip here, so I'll provide an escort to where you'll be staying. Izumo!" The shinobi appeared in front of Tsunade. "Please escort Haruna-hime and her bodyguard to The Greatest Leaf."

Izumo nodded and started escorting Haruna and Yurinojou to the Hidden Leaf's finest hotel. Moments later, the three were out of the office.

For the first time since the meeting started Shizune spoke up. "Um…Tsunade-sama, I was also involved in the mission to protect Haruna-hime. There's something you should know about its' conclusion."

Tilting her head in confusion, Tsunade stared towards her assistant, "What is it?"

Shizune put a hand under her chin, sporting a thinking expression, "Before we left, Haruna-hime had actually requested for Naruto-kun to remain in Greenery Country with her and assist in their repairs." Shizune paused, solely for dramatic effect. "Although truthfully I've always thought she wanted him around for other reasons that only Jiraiya-sama would appreciate." She finished with a slight blush on her cheeks.

Immediately understanding the implications, Tsunade shrieked, clearly disliking the idea of such notions towards her "surrogate little boy".




Tsunade blinked, noticing Toki's concerned expression. Unwilling to give her village the impression of being led by an idiot, she cleared her throat, getting back to business.

"So, you're here for the Chuunin exams. I'm assuming you want to scope out the participating genins ahead of time. Is there a certain team you're looking for?" Tsunade briefly wondered the possibility of this meeting's resemblance with last weeks continuing 'til the end. The Godaime ended up dismissing the chance as being too unrealistic. Especially since the team that saved Toki and her country consisted of Kakashi, Neji, Tenten and…Naruto. 'Holy shit! No way!'

"I am actually very curious about a shinobi who goes by the name of Uzumaki Naruto. He helped save Chishima, Bird Country and me from the Watari ninja three years ago and he also stopped me from going down a dark path of revenge." She paused to collect her thoughts, unaware of Tsunade's shocked expression, "He's a wonderful person, and if you're other genins are half as great as he is, then I promise that our country will only hire shinobi from Konoha and only Konoha. I request that you allow me to inspect your genins, as well as Naruto."

Tsunade re-raised her eyebrow. 'So, she's using the I'm-also-interested-in-other-genins-card. As much as I'd like to question her further, the risk of losing a country's trust over such a miniscule detail is too great. I'll just have to see what happens.' As inwardly opposed as she seemed, the Godaime also had to inwardly smirk. The 'son she never had' had two female rulers who came to the Chuunin exams three months in advance to see him. No Konoha shinobi could claim that kind of attention as a genin.

"Alright. I'll allow you to examine our genins. Currently, Naruto is away on a training trip with Jiraiya," She paused to examine the feudal lord's face. Toki's mood sank considerably upon hearing the news. "However, he is rumored to return home any day now. Whenever he arrives, I'll be sure to let you know." Tsunade finished, basically giving her the same agreement as Haruna.

With that, Toki brightened up. "Thank you, Hokage-sama."

Calling Izumo, the Godaime had him escort Toki and Chishima to the same hotel that Haruna and Yurinojou were residing. Happily reclaiming her break, Tsunade leaned back in her chair, a smile plastered on her face as she took a nap.

'At least the village won't be boring for a while.'

Having just entered the village of the Leaf, two figures continued walking inside. One of them was an older man with long white hair, eyes possessing a shade of black and a perverted smile on his features. Those traits alone left one choice, Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin. The other was 5' 7. Sixteen years old, a shinobi with blond hair, blue eyes and three whisker marks on both sides of his cheeks. The characteristics making the palpable match-up of Uzumaki Naruto, Jiraiya's apprentice and demon vessel of Kyuubi.

As the two continued through the village, Naruto suddenly stopped. Jiraiya glanced over at his student. "Something wrong?"

"Call me crazy, but I get the feeling thing's are gonna be way different than usual."


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