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Remus heard hushed voices as he opened his eyes, his sight slighty blurry.

'Mr Lupin? Please close your eyes for a second so I can wash your face.' Said a strange voice to his right.

'Where's Greyback? What happened!?' he choked.

'You were bitten. By Greyback. You…Remus you've got lycanthropy.' Said his mother softly.

Remus looked about the room, no sign of his father.

'He's gone to work.' Clémence explained ( his mother)

'He hates me now, doesn't he?'

'You know how he thinks about werewolves, Remus.' Remus sighed deeply and the healer dried off his face.

'You can go home now, if you feel alright. We explained everything she needs to know to your mother.' Then, turning to Clémence 'If there are any complications, contact us immediately.'

' You'd better sit down for a moment, love…'Said Clémence, pouring Remus some tea.

'On the night of the full moon, you go down the cellar and we'll lock you up in a unbreakable cage. I'm sorry, but the other options were too horrible to think of.

During the transformation you will endure great pain.

Within the next few weeks you'll notice your senses have heightened.' 'M-mum..I was just thinking…What about Hogwarts?'

Remus had dreamed of going to Hogwarts since the moment he'd heard about it. He really loved to read and discover new things.

'I…I don't know. I don't think the current Headmaster accepts…werewolves. We'll just have to see.'

The next weeks he read and read and read everything he could find on werewolves. His father barely spoke to him, only when extremely necessary.

His hearing, sight, sense of smell and taste had gotten better.

He could tell when his mother was walking behind him by smelling it. He liked that. It gave him a weird feeling of safety.

' Remus, dinners ready!'

He ran down the stairs. Because of the full moon, his mother had made his favourite dinner, steak with champion sauce and beans.

'The healer said I should write down all the symptoms.'

'Oh..Well I feel like…not quite like I've got to puke..but it's like I don't know. A bit weird I guess.'

'Anything else? Let me check you over.'

'No…Well, a bit dizzy perhaps.' Clémence wrote it all down on a piece of parchment.

'M-mum, my skins itching' He said, rubbing his arm.

'Oh dear, it's starting! Come on, down the cellar.' Clémence stayed surprisingly calm.

Remus follow his mother and locked himself up in the cage.

' I'm going to sit here , and I'll write everything down. I need it anyway.' She said, waving vaguely with her hand.

'I'll wear an Invisibility and an Scent Concealing Charm.'

Remus nodded and sat down on the cold, stone floor.

Suddenly, after about half an hour, the itching became worse and it felt as though a thousand hands were trying to rip him apart.

He started to cry and he called for his mum, who didn't move nor said anything.

'M-mum! My back hurts so ba- Aargh!' The transformation had started.

Skin was replaced by silver hair, a small, sweet child head with a hairy muzzle. His kind, amber eyes were the only thing Clémence recognized from her son.

Not disgusted, not scared, she wrote everything down, every horrible detail.

From how she could practically hear every bone snapping as it changed form and position, to the small whimpering of the wolf.

Remus woke up due the noise of his parents having a huge row.

'He's only six years old, he can't do anything about it!'

'I just can't accept my son being a werewolf!!' His father shouted.

' Well you'll have to! I was with him, three days ago. Where were you as he went through the possibly most terrifying experience ever?! Where?!' His mother shrieked.

'It's not my fault he went into the woods alone!!'

'But it is your fault he got bitten! You and your stupid, ridiculous hate against werewolves! If you'd accepted Fenrirs request he wouldn't be a werewolf. That request, it was reasonable. It was logical! I don't care that he's a werewolf, I love him no matter what! But you, you disgust me , John Lupin!' She spat ,before walking into Remus' bedroom.

' Sorry, did I wake you up with my yelling?' She asked gently.

'Yeah…It's okay.' His voice was raspy.

' In a few days the bite mark will start to show.' She conjured a picture from her pocket.

'This was my brother…He was bitten too. He chose for it, for his love. This is what the bite mark will look like.'

A crescent moon was on the shoulder of a young ,handsome man.

'How come I didn't know you have a brother?'

'He died four months after you were born. Got into a fight with another werewolf.' Her voice was tight.

'Oh…I'm sorry.' He reached out to touch her hand and she took it. ' I spoke with Fenrir at St. Mungos. He had a bad full moon. He said he didn't really care who he bit. He just wanted the rights. He was sorry to bother you with the curse though.'

'He seemed so nice when I met him. A bit strange, yes, but nice. He really had a point…With the rights, I mean. But there are too many people like Dad at the Ministry. It's never going to work.'

' I know, hunny… I know.' She looked just as sad as he felt.

' You must be very hungry! I'll make you some breakfast.'


As years went by, Remus and his father drifted further apart.

His mother was his only friend.

He was sixteen now, and had grown shy and scared of big crowds.

He thought everybody would reject and hate him, just like his father.

John Lupin never spoke to him, let alone he'd pester him with remarks about werewolves. But that was just it, the silence.

And the looks. The looks , fear intertwined with hate.

He barely came home anymore.

And not even his loving mother could convince him that not everyone would be like that.

Remus had been home-schooled, very intelligent, and it brought great pain to know he'd never be able to study or get a job.

'Mum! Syprus has a letter! From Hogwarts!!!MUMMM!!' He yelled.

Clémence stormed into the kitchen and said excited;'Open up!!'

' Dear Mister Lupin.

We are pleased to inform you you've been accepted into Hogwarts High School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.'

'But …I thought I'd never be accepted! Every time we asked the Headmaster told us no!'

Clémence snatched the letter.'Listen; "Due the passing of our Headmaster Professor A.J Krumpsz Albus Dumbledore has been appointed. He hereby accepts Mr.Lupin and his condition.

He will be sorted together with the First Years and placed into the sixth year of his house. I am aware of the home-schooling and fully trust your word that he'll be able to cope with the school work.

Arrangements for the full moon have been made.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva Mc.Gonnagol." '

'That's great!! Oh merlin!! Finally!!! Now I can actually graduate!!'

His mother was jumping up and down.'This is such a great opportunity! Now you'll get to study in a real school, with real teachers! Oh my…You need new clothes!! Come on, grab a coat!'

She dragged him off to the fire place, he grabbed a coat on the way.

' Where are we going?'

'Diagon Alley of course!'

They bought new robes, three new black slacks, new shirts and pullovers and jumpers and blouses and a really nice, long furry white coat.

'And I think you need new shoes too!'

Remus looked down at his ratty old, tattered shoes;'Yeah..' He said sheepily.

'Come on, I know an excellent shop!'

'Can I help you with anything?' Asked the chewing gum chewing witch from behind the counter, looking up from her magazine.

'Yes. Those new dragonhide boots. We'd like to try them on. Size six.'

'Colour? We have crimson red, amber with gold, black with silver, emerald green with silver and dark blue with gold.'

The girl sounded extremely bored.

' I think… Black with silver.' She went away and Clémence whispered.'Horrible service, but the quality of the shoes is what matters.'

( Warning, here comes a bit of slash, not much though)

'Clémence Lupin?' A surprised voice said behind them.

Remus and Clémence wheeled around.' Walburga!' She exclaimed.

Her best friend from Durmstrang!

The women was very pretty, tall and fine shaped. Her black hair reached till her waist. Her sons looked just like a male copy of her.

'This is my eldest son,Sirius. He's in Gryffindor.' Walburga added with a sneer.

Clémence gasped, a Black in Gryffindor.

'Yes, I know. Strange isn't it? And this is Regulus.'

Remus was staring at Sirius, and he realised that, but he couldn't pull away.

His eyes, oh his eyes. They were a strange silvery colour, cold and uncaring. His straight nose, high cheekbones and full lips gave him a rich look, his hair being rebel long, a full way past his shoulders.

'Remus.' His mother nudged him with her foot.' Sorry, what?'

'This is Remus. He's starting Hogwarts soon. His first year there.' Clémence said proudly.

'First year? Aren't you a bit old for that?' Sirius spoke.

His voice was so deep and alluring, Remus almost forgot to answer.

' Err…Well, I'm not a first year. I'm sixth year. But it's my first year át Hogwarts so…Well…' He stammered.

He wasn't that good at conversing, as you might notice.

' Here are your shoes.' The girl said, interrupting Walburga's sentence rudely.

' Excuse me, I was talking here!'She sneered.

The girl scampered back behind the counter.

Remus put the boots on and walked around for a while.

'Nice choice, black and silver. Matches with me.' Said Sirius with a flirty wink.

' W-what?'Remus choked out.

'Sirius, stop pestering that poor boy! He's not used to attention from boys, let alone you hitting on him!' Walburga scolded. Sirius flashed Remus a last smile and then walked back to his mother. 'I want those too.'

'What was that in there?' Clémence asked as soon as they left the shop.


'The way you acted around Sirias.' She said.

'Sirius.' He corrected her before he could stop himself.

'You have something to tell me!' She giggled.

'I don't know what happened.He's just so …so…'

'Sexy?' 'MUM!' he exclaimed.

'Sorry, sorry.' She chuckled. He blushed furious red.

' He's just a really attractive person.'

'This could get interesting. From what I've heard…'


'Nothing, it's not my secret to tell.'


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