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Summary: InuYasha dies protecting Kagome against Naraku, killing Naraku. Kagome blames herself (survivor's guilt), and gets all depressed. So, to cheer her up, her mom buys her a dog. It's silver and has golden eyes. The dog pretty much ignores Kagome, but is always there when she needs him the most. In memory of InuYasha, she gives the dog his namesake. Of course, she doesn't realize who the dog really is… Oooooooooh:X

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Chapter One

A Death in a Hallowed Hall

His breathing was slow; Kagome had to bite her tongue as to not cry. For him.

She moved his long silver hair out of his amber eyes that were showing more emotion than she had ever seen them show. They were now closed against the pain. Against the world. Against her.

She swallowed, remembering the many times they had laughed together, held each other to make the other one feel better. The times she had sat him and called him a jerk. The times he had called her a bitch and left to find Kikyo. And the times when he had made her laugh and held her and protected her. The times when she had cursed him and realized just how much she loved him, and the times when she had smiled at him and giggled as he blushed.

Kagome couldn't help it. Tears slowly trickled down her cheeks and she felt her arms collapsed under her, sending her to hug his chest.

InuYasha stirred beneath her, a hoarse laugh escaping his now crimson lips. Crimson, because blood slowly seeped out of the side of him mouth.

"Keh… I told ya not to cry baka… There's no reason to cry! And you know how much I hate it to see you, or any other woman for that matter cry. But I REALLY don't like to see you show tears…"

She pulled away, looking him in the eye. Shaking her head, she swallowed the lump in her throat. It wouldn't let her talk. Wouldn't let her tell him how sorry she was for causing so much pain and grief and for sitting him all those times. Wouldn't… wouldn't… wouldn't let her tell him how much he meant to her and how much she loved him.

"InuYasha, I-" she began, but he placed a clawed finger on her lips, silencing her. Smiling grimly, he said in a soft, strained voice, "You don't really need to say anything. You always knew your emotions showed right there in your eyes."

Her breathing stopped as he kissed her softly, his lips warm and his blood sticky. She started against his lips but leaned forward, showing how much she loved him right then and there.

He leaned back down, his breathing ragged and harsh to Kagome's ears. "InuYasha, please… don't go…"

She blinked away tears and InuYasha wiped one single tear from her cheek, his hand staying there for a moment. "I… won't ever go… no matter how many times…. you sit me… I promised I'd…" He swallowed, his voice becoming shallower and smaller. "I'd protect you… and I plan on… doing just that… one way or another."

Kagome smiled softly against his hand. But, soon, the light in his eyes slowly dimmed and his last breath slowly rattled from his broken lungs. His head fell back and his hand went limp against Kagome's cheek, falling back to its owner's side.

"No… InuYasha," she whispered, bending over him. His eyes were now closed as if in a final, and never ending, peace. "INUYASHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" she screamed, tears spilling over and cascading down her cheeks, now that InuYasha wasn't there to scold her for crying.

How ironic that, at one point in Kagome's life, she wouldn't have really felt all that bad over the hanyou's death. At one point in her life, she would've sulked in her room for a couple of days, unnerved at seeing a person's life taken from them right before her eyes. At one point in her life, after a while, she wouldn't have care.

But that was at one point in her life. And this… this agony Kagome was feeling where she was positive her heart should've been… this was now…

Miroku held a crying Sango, his hand in a half praying form as Sango clutched at him. Kirara was mewing pitifully, tears slipping from her eyes. Shippo was wailing from a corner, crying, "BAKA!!!! BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA!!!!! INUYASHA NO BAKA!!!! HE KNEW HOW BAD WE'D FEEL AND YET HE STILL LEFT US!!!!!"

That day would haunt all of them forever…

Kagome yawned from her room, staring sadly out the window down at the lawn. It had been eight months since InuYasha passed away. She looked sadly at the string of beads lying beside her bed. Tears pricked her eyes and she quickly wiped them away. Then she looked at her desk. There was a picture, framed beautifully on the smooth wooden top. It showed the group, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, Kagome and… InuYasha, all standing there, all happy… All alive.

She stood and swallowed. It was the weekend. Kagome's birthday was tomorrow, but she didn't really want to celebrate. Whenever she'd pass the well, she'd remember it as the day she'd first met InuYasha…

All roads seemed to lead to InuYasha…

'Ok, there you go!' her mind cried at her. 'It's been eight months!!!! He wouldn't want you acting like this! He'd tell you that you were acting like a baby and not to feel so sad over him!'

She nodded, finding new hope in this. But still, she felt like a shadow of the woman she once had been.

"Kagome, can you come down stairs for a moment!?" her mother asked, calling up the stairs to her.

"Ok, just a second!" she screamed back, coming to her mother, jii-chan, and little brother. She swept her eyes over to her mom and her brain registered everything in the room. T.V., Sota, Jii-chan, a dog, her mom, the couch, the- Wait what?

Kagome started and stared at the dog. Long silver fur swayed as the dog stood up, his tail whapping against the carpet. Large amber eyes stared back at her and Kagome arched an eyebrow at her mother. "Mama…?"

Mrs. Higurashi smiled sweetly and bent down, petting the dog's head. "Kagome, he's a stray without a name. He's had his shots and everything, though he has somehow escaped the doctor on neutering…" Her voice trailed off but she started up again, cheerful as ever. "And you seemed like you needed a companion! AND you get to name him!"

Kagome stared from her mom, to the dog, and back again. "But… what about Buyo?" she asked, fearing that this dog might hurt the poor fat feline.

Her mother waved her hand. "Oh, he's just fine with Buyo. As soon as we brought him in, he began to play with Buyo, tossing him onto his back and tugging on his ears and tail… but no serious damage," she added at her daughter's frightened look.

Kagome nodded. "Well then…" she said softly, crossing the room and bending down the pet the dog. He seemed to smirk at her and lunged forward, tackling Kagome and throwing her to the ground. Kagome cried out in pain as her head connected with the floor with a rather nasty snap, and the dog recoiled, a look of hurt and slight fear flashing in his eyes.

She sat up, rubbing the back of her head gingerly and taking slow deep breaths. A small headache was growing in the back of her skull, but she couldn't really blame the dog; he had, after all, looked like he hadn't meant to and even looked concerned for her. That was, of course, before he seemed to hide it by sticking his muzzle up into the air and looking away from her, yet keeping a glimmering amber orb still on the young woman.

Smiling, Kagome shook her free hand, waving it to keep her family members from descending upon her like a flock of birds. "I'm fine, really, I am," she said, her smile widening to trick her family members into believing her. And, anyways, she had faced MUCH worse than a migraine!

Her mother still looked doubtful, and watched the dog with a new, less fond eye, but Kagome had begun to pet his head, smiling at the happy expression now consuming his face. Then, her hands moved to the ears and she rubbed them, loving how much it felt like rubbing InuYasha's ears.

The dog started and looked at her sadly, but a small spark of happiness was kindled in his amber eyes.

Standing, Kagome dusting off her pajama pants and turned to her mom, still smiling. "Mama, can I wait to name the dog so I can find something that really suits him?" she asked, her smile widening at the idea of some really awesome names, and some really funny!

Her mother nodded, her light brown eyes sparkling happily, and said, "Why, of course dear! You just name him what you feel is right!"

Kagome looked down at the dog and scratched him behind the ears for a second before bolting upstairs, the dog right at her heels. "Arigato, Mama!" she called back before disappearing.

She reached her room and opened the door, letting the dog in, before closing it behind her. The jingle of beads made her turn her head sharply and gasp, her eyes widening.

The dog had InuYasha's old beads in his mouth!!!!

"No!" she cried, launching herself at the dog and bending down right in front of him. "Don't… Please…" Her words were wasted on the dog, which began back away.

Then, it did the weirdest thing… It threw the beads over its head, and it looked incredibly like he was trying to get it on. Sighing, Kagome extended a hand and took the beads from him. "Let me," she said softly, placing them over his muzzle and down so that they rested against his shimmering silver fur coat. "There we go… You look great now!!!" she said, smiling, even if a small bit of guilt tugged at her heart strings. She had just given InuYasha's Beads of Subjugation to a DOG!!! What was she? Replacing him?

Shaking her head, she dismissed the idea and stood up, a smile crossing her face. "So, you mangy mutt," she said playfully, though she could've sworn the dog sent her a VERY annoyed look at the name. "What should I name you?"

The dog looked around the room wildly, looking from one thing to another, as if searching for something. Finally, he found it.

Jumping across the room, he placed his paws against the chair which stayed form (hallelujah carpets!!!!), and pointed his nose at the group picture Kagome had on her desk. Crossing the room, she bent and looked at it.

Blinking, she decided to see if this dog was just playing with her, or really wanted to be named a certain somebody from the picture.

"You want to be named Shippo?" She could've sworn the dog even 'keh'ed, and it sounded VERY much like InuYasha's. Either way, it was obvious from the look he was giving her that it was a no. "Ah… then… Miroku?" Vigorous shaking of the head at this one and a steely glare that said, 'Me? That pervert? Hell no! And you call yourself intelligent! Come ON!!!!! This shouldn't be THAT hard here wench!!!' Why it felt so much like InuYasha's glare was beyond Kagome, but she decided to give it a try…

"How 'bout InuYasha?"

Kagome was positive now she had heard a soft sigh of relief and the dog nodded its head, slowly, as if she would misinterpret his nodding as the need of an itch and move onto a new name.

Standing, she placed her hands on her hips and grinned. "Well then, it's settled. InuYasha it is… and it'll sorta be like it's in memory of him…"

Her shoulders slacked and she looked sad all of a sudden. InuYasha flinched and turned towards the door, scratching at it. Kagome nodded and let him out before closing the door and returned to her bed. Small tears dripped down her cheeks and stained the pillow. "Yeah," she whispered softly as sleep began to retake her. "InuYasha… I guess it's for you…"

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