Time Falls Away

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This is my Life


Five years, that is how long I have been waiting. Waiting to find word on him, waiting to try it again and as much as I like waiting, my patience can only take so much. Right so I have none, but hey, let a girl make belief. It only took me a solid two years to come to the frank realization that nearly everyone else knew. I needed him. Too bad it had taken me so long to figure it out, too bad that he was long gone.

Those five years ago seem like just yesterday. He has been gone so long that I haven't even had the chance to tell him about the enormous breakthrough I encountered.

I would give anything for the chance to make it right.

To fix those wrongs and to realize that my 'love of my life' is the pain in my ass Alec; that guy waiting for me to comprehend the meaning of our lame ass banter, the guy that I ignorantly chased away.

I split the duties between Alec and I, it was about then that I realized how devoted the man had become to the city and dubbed him my noble partner, second in command. At first I was sketchy about taking up any responsibilities of the exhausting charge we called Terminal City, ready to pick up and head out. He was the one who stopped me. I still remember it clearly…

Max grabbed the black bag and slung it over her shoulder protected by her loyal black leather jacket.

This was way too much, especially for a detached Max. Two days of listening to the inconsistent yammering of her failure and she was ready to give. It wasn't just the fact that she had to care for all these people, the ones might we note she released into the world; she also had the hardship of bearing their deaths. Already Cece died in her place, how many more? She didn't want to stay to find out.

Max jumped on her good old shiny Ninja and frowned. Did she actually want to do this? Leave the poor people of Freak Nation with Alec? Could she actually let Alec be the bearer of their souls? He could handle it, deep down she knew he was competent. As much as she would love to pretend that he was a complete moron, she knew better. He would do it, for her, for every transgenic looking up to the two of them. Ugh, here comes the wave of guilt.

She knew that she treated him wrong. She knew he still felt guilty about his screw ups. Mostly she knew he cared for his people. She had noticed how faithful he had been over the past coupling days; he was more devoted than she'd ever seen him. He actually 'seemed' to care. She had even found out about his commanding officer duties, before the whole Rachel fiasco. It made her admit that she really didn't know about him. And secretly, she kinda wanted to know a little more.

As if to mock her gearing mind his presence lingered over her being. She heard the rustle of gravel; forcing her to acknowledge how long she had been sitting there on her bike thinking. He had been standing there for some time. Max glanced over her shoulder with an irritated glance, just what she needed… really, no sarcasm intended.

Max fixed her gaze forward, on a street lamp to be a little more specific. She heard his feet scuffle the gravel as he approached her bike. He stared at her intently making her squirm in her seat; she didn't dare look away from the diehard savoir of light. "You leavin' Max?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Why do you care Alec?" She bit out tersely, aggravated by his company.

"Whoa, don't freak out Maxie just… well, ya know after you giving me that elaborate speech about sticking to your unit… I sorta thought you should get a taste of your own stuff. Do you write it?"

"Really? Cuz I'm thinking you're just pissing me off" she looked at him now. Big mistake.

"So what? You're just gonna leave us all, and go… where Max?" he obstinately pressed through clenched teeth.

Max, at a loss for words, turned away licking her lips in disdain. How things would just be so much simpler if she just ignored the big-mouthed jerk and sped off. She couldn't though. She didn't want to admit anything, but he was right.

"I don't know…" her words came out as a sigh. The two sat in silence a little longer before Max slid off the bike and put down the kickstand. Alec watched, surprised at how easily she had caved. Max was a lot of things and 'stubborn' was at the top of that list. She leaned against the bike, now staring at the ground.

"Can I ask you something Alec?"

"Depends" he slyly responded sliding his hands in pockets; it was beginning to get kinda chilly.

"Do you ever think about what it would be like if you were still back at Manticore?"

He paused a bit taken aback by her flippant question. "No, I don't…" He paused, wondering what she was fishing for. "Well aside from the fact that I don't miss it and that I am still waiting for that big-fat check in the mail…" her lips managed to curl into something resembling that of a smile. It wasn't long till it was replaced by that blank perplexity clouding her perturbed train of thought.

"What am I gonna do?" she asked her breath fogged out in front of her indicating just how frosty the night had become.

"We're gonna lead Terminal City" Max glanced up into his eyes a bit startled by the words.

"We're?" she tested.

"Well yeah. Do you really think I would let you do it on your own? Come on, we're a team, remember? I am your trusty sidekick, without me you're…"

"A runaway" she cut him off.

Despite the embarrassment that came with the next words she tilted her head holding his gaze and sincerely expressed her gratitude for the ever so necessary reality check "Thanks Alec."

"Ahh don't worry about it, I mean that's what I am here for right? The good ole steed slash punching bag…" he stopped at her condescending look.

"Really, I mean it" she smiled genuinely.

That he had been. Always ready to take my punches, and never complaining. I really miss it, him being there for me. He was always on the same page as I was and whenever I got out of hand, he was there to stop me. We continued pretending to be together for about eight months before I finally told Logan.

I hadn't taken into account the fight Alec put up when I did it. It was almost like he wanted me to keep with the bogus liaison. That really pissed me off, well that and made me even more confused. He could have been off doing his sleazy thing but he was stubbornly challenging me, he seemed so out of character. All he got from me was the odd peck of the lips and bruises. Maybe that was why he stuck around; god knows he is stupid like that. Whatever the case I'm the one feeling stupid now, if only I had the common knowledge I have now. If only.

I should have figured it out. He gave me all the signs, aside from the words. He would hold hands when Logan wasn't around. He'd hold me when I was overwhelmed with the weight of the world. There was even the odd time that he would push the peck of the lips into this intimate knee wobbling kiss. Just remembering the feel of his endowed lips on my own thaws me. Of course I was too busy preserving the idea that Logan was for me to notice anything that absurd.

Over that thirty something weeks we shared an apartment to keep the pretense of our relationship. Hell we slept in the same bed. Sometimes I would wake up in his arms and he would have that shit ass grin on his face. At first I made a huge deal of it, after a while it just became an inconsequential detail that I hardly considered. He would stay up with me almost all night, just talking. The whole entire next day he would be dead to the world. I never got the chance to tell him how much I appreciated his company. Then again I didn't tell him much about any of my feelings. At first I guess I didn't know what to make of them. The hitting and yelling was a good cover for my shocks of energetic desire. I just thought that my sexless nights were beginning to take a toll. Now I realize how wrong I truly was.

TC was given its rights, and it is still under reconstruction after finishing the final stages of relocation. The US government came to the clear understanding that the transgenics aren't going anywhere. So they caved, relinquished their ever so dutiful responsibility to take out the 'freaks'. A full year of blood from both ends and the transgenics were being deported to Area 51.

Area 51 the silly barricaded area that the moronic ancestors of ordinaries conspired to be UFO related and that of which otherwise labeled as a military testing area for the design and development of new military aircraft. The transgenics were given all the supplies and communications they could possibly need for the mere invisibility of the more traumatizing 'freaks'.

Ames White and his gang of bitches are still after me. I have found out that I am ruining their hard earned plans of world domination or something lame like that. The base offers all the protection my people need but some regular looking transgenics choose to not reside there. I have only had a couple run ins with the demoted federal fugitive. He is officially as dim lit as ever.

It was after Terminal City that Logan proposed to me. I didn't know what to think of it and immediately obliged. At that time I didn't exactly get it and what I was getting myself into. Now though, now is a completely different story, now I would give anything to take back the stupidity of that decision. Accepting that cure in a ring box was the lamest decision I could conceive. Really I don't know why I did it then; I guess it just seemed right at the time. How coincidental is it that Alec left when he found out about my engagement?

A year of pitiful trying, a few forged papers legalizing the divorce and that was the end of it. Our hearts had both moved on; mine to Alec and his to Asha. Yeah that's right, Asha, she and the Mr. Eye's Only married only three months after the divorce of the demise. They are happily married, with their own S1W/Only club, a daughter and son. Oddly enough I am happy for them; it's not like I don't want Logan to move on. I still think Asha is a bitch, but hey who doesn't?

So that leaves me, here, now, in the present. Here wind blowing through my hair, narrating the pain strikingly awkward life of Miss Guevara.

Right now at this very moment I am riding my faithful black steed. Damn rights it's my Ninja, what else would it be? Of course she has gone through six new sets of tires, a couple of batteries, more oil changes than I can count, a few brake sets, a couple fuel filters, a transmission unit, a new gas tank, not to mention that repair to the frame job. The life of a rogue. Deck lets me get away with that sort of thing; he doesn't mind me straying from the grounds of- yawn-Nevada. Vegas just don't cut it for a chick like me.

Anyway I'm headed toward dullsville right now. Gonna check on Josh and Mole. Turns out the good old lizard dude isn't as bad as I'd like to think; after all he's saved my ass on more than one occasion.

Really busts how we have to wait for about an hour going through the ordinary's version of customs ingeniously fashioned for the genetically designed. Funny thing is that we could break any one of their necks in under a second. That is the thing with these ordinaries, they are so gullible. As long as we keep pretending that they are the ones in charge, it's cool.

I am twenty five now, or nearing it. I haven't exactly chosen a day for my birthday; I just use January as a counter. My hunt for Alec has been useless. There is no Alec to be found in the country.

Though it's not that difficult to hide in our overpopulated country. I mean all he needs to do is change his name and avoid the hotspots. To make things even more difficult he can speak nine different languages, which would come into use if he were to say, leave the country. In that case my pursuit is totally futile.

Cindy tells me to keep searching, she also tells me about how she knew it all along. She isn't the only one either; apparently Dix, Mole and Josh seem to believe we had chemistry. I am so not whipped by the way, it's not like looking for Alec is the only thing I do. I am also looking for my siblings. I found Jondy and Krit once again, and Zack is still safe on the farm. I've even bumped into Syl once.

Deck is always sending me on these missions to take out loopy transgenics. The government won't have any more situations and somebody has gotta do it. If I can convince them to go chill out in the desert I don't have to kill them. Don't get me wrong I'm not fond of it but sometimes a girl has gotta do, what a girl has gotta do. You know what I mean. I agreed to a contract in any case. I deal with my problems and my problems have free range of Area 51. It is unquestionably worth it.

I can finally see the base now. Josh painted a mural on the side of an empty airplane hanger. I can't make it out yet, but I am sure Josh will be all over it when I get there. There is a small crowd making its way from the main building. No chance of sneaking up on a group of enhanced soldiers today. Which is another reason I don't like coming here. Too weird, it is like a township. Everybody comes to greet anyone.

I am slowing down now; the dust is enough to make me hold my breath.

"Little fella! Little fella!" I smile. Always count on Josh to be the light of my day. He always has and always will be. Now we just need to work on the complete lack of oxygen.

"Hey big fella!" I wheeze. He pulls away with a wholly guilty naive grin that bellows the persona of good ole' Josh.

"Sorry" he whimpers. How could I not forgive the guy?

"No problem big fella" I grin again. I can see the painting better now. It is our flag, and there are various sized handprints all around the boarder. Always count on Big Fella for his benevolent heart.

"Big fella's terminal city hundred and fifty four" he beamed.

"It's beautiful Josh" I sigh, it really is. It's great he is even getting the kids involved.

"Yeah and all the tiny fellas helped Joshua" I smile some more. My cheeks are kind of hurting. Hell it's worth it for the look on Joshua's face.

"That's great Josh. Dix called?"

"Little fella meet in lab" I follow him without much choice. Josh really eats his spinach. I am practically being dragged there. We definitely don't need to see a wagging tail to know that he is one ecstatic dog.

"Max!" Dix's expression gives way to his obvious enthusiasm. His regular dreary impression is gone, there is definitely something up.

"What's up?"

"Come here and take a look at this" he is waving his hands frantically for me to go up to his office. I squash the fleeting thought of Alec from my mind, I know by now that getting my hopes up leads to only one thing. I know better, it's most likely a breakthrough on my ridiculous runes.

"Look" he points anxiously at the screen. It's a tracking on a cell phone… to a Dean Winchester? Who the hell is that?

A/N: Sorry I am leaving you hanging, I didn't mean to… well I kind of did. I tried something new for me. The first person point of view from Max, I don't think I am going to be doing the whole story this way. I hope you liked!