Time Falls Away

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In the Dark

Max tugged until a sharp pain stung her wrists from the razor edge of the chilled metal. She'd been at it for a while now, wrestling with the chains bound to her hands and feet. She found herself keenly holding none other than the infamous troublemaker Alec accountable to the predicament she'd found herself in. After all, she could be dead.

From what she had found out over the telephone calls shared with the insistent White, Alec had been meddling with him for some time now.

She couldn't help herself from believing that death might be better than what White had panned out for her, Ames and his craziness. How he thought, Max was sure she would never understand. He sickened her with his every breath. For him to murder innocent children in cold blood, all because they were 'cooked up' in some lab was wrong. Then again everything with him seemed wrong.

White had mentioned something over the phone the other day. That something was her reason for being down there, in the smelly, mouldy, dark 'lair' trying to save McDowell's ass, as usual.

She had been told that Alec's state was a result of his 'fucking' with White's plans. That it was his fault for trying to protect her.

That wasn't enough for Max, who still just couldn't piece it all together. White hadn't clued her in with much, aside from the useless information that Alec had been spoiling their plans. But 'protecting' her… from what?

Just what was it that she needed to be saved from?

Max felt ill to her stomach. This was all her fault, whether she wanted it to be or not. Alec wouldn't be back at the Roadhouse painfully suffering if it weren't for her.

She could hear the assorted sounds of striding footfall nearing the room. It must've been a good couple hours by then, sitting there in the same place. She cursed her backside for numbing at the contact with the cold concrete. How Sam could doze off at a time like this was aggravating. On the other hand she was sure he had lost his own share of blood. "Someone's coming" she mutters, unsure if Sam is conscious or not.

Keys eerily rattled and she caught a few voices muffled by the door. She shifted once again, nerved by the prospects of who the other side of that door might present. Of the types of torture her nearing future would bring.

She closed her eyes tight and took a deep calming breath. The moment the door opened she was masked, and outwardly fine.

The bratty little psychic girl entered the cell first, sing-songing about how they're ready for her.

A hooded figure followed her in and silently approached Max, placing a blindfold over her eyes.

"What's this supposed to help?" she glowered, shaking her head in agitation. "Come on, cat got your tongue?" she inexorably prodded. It was making her anxious, it was just too quiet.

"452, nice to see you made it, you can shut up now" Max's frown deepened at the mocking tone, somehow she found herself missing the hush. White.

"Even with the three extra guys, man this isn't looking good" Ash slapped a hand on Dean's shoulder grimly. "Truth is' no one wants to work with a Winchester."

"Yeah" Alec frowned keeping his gaze fixed on the flat surface in front of him.

Two hours he'd been awake. When Ash had finally figured out that the 'curse,' or whatever, wasn't so much a curse and more an ancient Vampire nod-off venom it had been simple to reverse the effect. It's was a good sleep, had to be his best in years, you know other than the agonizing fever and involuntary seizing.

"You sure that Ron is even gonna show?" Jo mused, irritating Alec to non-existent ends. Is this how Max felt about him?

"Yeah well I guess we'll have to wait and see huh?" he bit off with a sharp timbre lacing his deep voice. "Hey Jo how bout' a beer" his voice lightened up slightly. She clambers around behind the bar for a few moments returning with a brown glass bottle that she slams in front of him.

She's pissed, he can tell. Why? He sighs to himself… women, he'll never understand em'.

"I guess we'd better just stop tellin' them they're workin' with a Winchester then" he mused tilting his head up to glance at Ash before putting the bottle to his lips. A dumbass grin spread over Ash's face and he nodded his head disappearing in his 'office'.

"So what? You're just gonna lie to them…? They'll figure it out sooner or later Dean" Jo forlornly protested.

Alec shrugged and smirked with that ever so 'endearing' devil-may-care attitude.

Jo rolled her eyes dramatically and hopped on the counter. Restlessly swinging her legs back in forth, thumping the side of the bar each time her boots made contact. She had changed into her hunting gear; tight jeans, lots of cleavage, snug old brown leather jacket. If Alec didn't think of her like a kid sister he might find her irresistable.

He found himself twiddling his thumbs under her penetrating gaze.

"Who's that Max chick anyways?" She asked with a faux tone of casualness.

He barely managed to keep his smirk under check, at her inquiry. There was only one reason why she would ask about Max. Jo was jealous. That had to be it. Why else would she be acting so… well… bitchy?

"Just an old friend Jo" he said smugly, hiding his shit-eating-grin behind the bottle.

"Oh" she uncomfortably turned away, holding her tongue. Liar.

I stumble along as they pull me through a stringed course of left and rights. I lost track of the turns a while back. They must just be leading me around to confuse me some more. White disappeared only moments after popping up, thankfully. I just hope he wasn't going to hurt Sam, I'm already gonna get it for letting him tag along.

I hope that mullet guy figured out what's up with Alec; White's goons are bound to find him sooner or later.

My feet involuntarily follow my upper body as they hold me by the arms. I'd kick them if my feet weren't chained together.

They haven't said a word since we've left. There's three of them, one behind me, and one on each side. Every time I slow the one behind me begins to push, I figure they must have some schedule to keep, but really who knows?

"Tie her there" he shouts from ahead. White that is. He must've been getting together my Welcome Wagon. How sweet.

Again the 'muted potato sacks' say nothing while attaching each of my arms to yet another metal bond on the wall.

"Leave… I'll call you when the ceremony begins" he orders. I silently listen to the three distinct pairs of shoes scuffle out. I hear his pace slow as he stands in front me.

"You mind?" I shake my head, gesturing to the agonizingly irritating blindfold. He unfastens the cover over my eyes surprising me. I doubted he would really, anything to make my life a living hell.

His penetrating gaze makes me squirm. I'm kinda missing the sightlessness of the cloth. I roll my eyes, efficiently covering up, I hope anyways.

"You know 452, it's quite obvious why that 494 has a thing for you" I sigh, with this 'you're much prettier than your picture' crap, it's just a big annoying embodiment of history repeating.

"Oh yeah?" I mockingly retort.

"I should thank your little boyfriend when I find him" what does he mean? I must've twitched or raised an eyebrow because he's smiling now. "I mean if it weren't for him I wouldn't have realized it, and I would've killed you." He traces a finger down my cheek pulls it away after it trails down my neck and comes dangerously close disappearing down my leather jacket.

"Oh this is just great" I mutter turning my face away.

He ignores me though and treads around the room. "You see… you" he points at me "are actually meant to lead us, and the army. A Deity of sorts, a connector to the Great One, the other half" he enthusiastically carries on.

"A Deity? The army? What army? If I ever thought you crazy Ames, well this pretty much surpasses all of that."

"Come on…" he smirks, and pauses slipping into an incredulously gaping expression. "You don't know what I'm talking about 452?"

"No… No, I don't… care to enlighten me?" I bite my lip in dread of what he might say, shaking my head trying to figure this all out. A deity? How could I possibly be something like that without knowing it?

"He didn't tell you… Sam?" he prods with a condescending glare. I watch him… waiting for him to continue. How could he know that? "Now how do you think he had that vision? Magic?" he sardonically muttered. "No, we summoned you here. He's just another warrior in our battle, but you, you're the key to it all."

Now I really think he's lost it. First he claims me to be some sort of… vessel? Or something, then he's rambling on… he's not being very White like. But I know I should play along anyways.

"Battle for what? World domination? You know we wouldn't help you with that" I musingly taunt aloud, unable to contain myself.

"You already have" he smiles cruelly. "Just by being here in this place you're setting yourself up, to be the portal of commands, from the Great One. We thought the scripture was informing us of the defiance you would create, the rival you would be, but the Great One assured us we've interpreted wrong."

"The Great One? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Our Demon… the savoir of the world… the sanitization we've been waiting centuries for" he croons on readily.

"Now I know you're nuts, officially off the rocker" I grouse silently, more to myself than to him. This is all just too weird.

"I can't believe I'm driving yet another piece of shit on wheels… Look this thing doesn't even reach seventy five miles an hour…" Alec slams his fist into the wheel in agitation.

"Get over it Dean, it's the only truck left" Jo huffily butts. "Sam took the good pickup, and your girlfriend stole your car."

"First of all she's not my girlfriend" Alec turns to her irritated. "Second, she did not steal it."

"Oh yeah? So what? She just borrowed it without permission then? Huh?" She chewed the inside of her cheek and rolled her eyes. He really needed to get over himself and that hefty case of denial.

"Children" Bobby growls from the other side of the bench seat, in the two door rust bucket.

Alec had an intense urge to stick his tongue out. He held back. There would be time for that later, when Max would go back to her usual brush-off. She would be back, her and Sammy. He would get them back, he had to. They were all he had and losing them would not be acceptable.