I feel woefully behind, not having seen Labyrinth until fairly recently. It's an artful piece of movie, with just the right amount of humor and drama.

So I'll try my hand at writing Labyrinth fanfiction; in prepping/distraction to write a skit forth the upcoming Katsucon 2007. So yeah.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. That should pretty much sum it up.
Summary: An author's mini-musing of Jareth's life between the movie and the manga sequel "Return to Labyrinth", in which Toby's 13 and stumbles upon the Underground. And he's kind of annoying in it, too.

Jareth rolled the lighter than air orb over his fingers in a steady rhythm. He was unamused, and rather distracted lately. Sarah still lingered at the back of his mind.
She was very ungrateful to him; he could not understand how, when he had his exhausted himself to live up to her expectations, she had rejected him. It was her, after all, who had cast him in the role of the rescuer. She had asked it.

She simply didn't know what she wanted. He did know; he could see.

Jareth flicked the orb away; it was irritating him now. When things became a nuscance, he was quick to dispose of them, or walk away. She had been the sole exception; which she should have been grateful for. He was not, by nature, a very kind or compassionate man. He never had been.

But her...her voice had melted through. He had used everything he knew how to do to show her the extent of his feelings. His normally harsh voice (which commanded the ragtag goblins effectively) had to soften, to become charming, to lure trust in. He almost had; treating her to a fantastic ball, a lavish gown; things she wished for in long-off dreams. She had run because she looked away from him

As much as he detested the AboveGround (The smell alone was truly horrendous), he always found himself there at her window. He never dare enter. She had noticed him, ruffling his pale feathers, and said nothing. She looked almost sad for him; which irritated him. He did not need her pity.

He watched her grow older; he wouldn't be part of her life again until the baby was much older. He restrained his anger when she began to see young men. He wouldn't ever stay at the window when such a thing happen; else he would have seen her reject those who tried to move to fast.

If he knew, he would have said that he promised to do whatever she wanted--even if that meant letting her go. He had. She wanted nothing to do with him.

And years before Toby would stumble upon him again, he failed to return. Sarah was eighteen when he saw her for the last time; she left the window open (unintentionally or not). He finally swooped in, soft footfalls onto the floor. She sighed softly in her sleep. The Goblin King reigned in the lust the sight of Sarah's sleeping form awakened, and instead left a long, pale feather on her nightstand.

It was time for her to leave the Underground behind.

But Toby, in all his doltishness, would pull them both back to a time they both wished to forget.