Erik's POV

Christine... Christine...

All of the opera is mine, not just the trapdoors.

She has betrayed Erik... She does not love him... She has fooled him, deceived him... deceived her Erik... He frightens her... she despises him... she is disgusted by him... she has told all his secrets to her lover, that foolish, inexperienced, little Chagny! Oh, let the deadly flames of Hell envelop Erik again, let him burn in his fatal rage!

She--Christine, my wife!--kissed that ignorant little boy... she gave him her lips, those lips Erik has forever dreamed of touching with his own unworthy pair, since before the world was made... those lips were Erik's own...

And she gave them to another.

Oh, frailty, thy name is woman!

You plan to escape your Erik, to abandon him, to appease him by one simple, deceptive visit before leaving forever? Perfidous, capricious woman! Erik knows you now, and you will learn not to deceive again...Oh, what piercing, mortal agony you have filled miserable Erik with! You care not one trifle for my shadow a life... your devotion was a lie... you are well aware that your Erik is already long dead with love, and if he should be separated from you, he should die... He cannot live without you! You must love him! If you won't... Erik will make you!

Oh, he knew you would never wish to return willingly once you had torn off so disgracefully, so plainly and scornfully that mask...that mask Erik wore only for you... Oh, curse Erik! Pity little Erik even once, cold-hearted, faithless woman! I thought it had been Chagny we had been playing with the matter of the "secret engagement", but now I see the truth... it was Erik who was the fool, the joke, the laugh, the show! She laughs disdainfully on my genius, she shrinks in horror at Erik's hideous face... Oh, agony! Death creeps into my cold blood! I knew I should have kept you! I should never have let you return to the opera, to him, to continue this cruel joke on Erik's heart! Erik should never have believed such pretty words you spoke, that made Erik feel that he had died and gone to Heaven and lived with the Queen of Angels! Oh, death, death, consume Erik's body! Why let poor Erik live a day longer, knowing his life is lived in vain?

Erik will never make that mistake again. Erik will never let Christine return. Christine is Erik's; Christine is Erik. He will have Christine, and nothing will not stop him! Not even Death will stop Erik now. Oh, cruel Christine, you now give burning, anguished Erik no alternatives! What a fickle woman! What a lying serpent!

You think you can fool your Erik in so simple, so carefree a fashion? How foolish, how blind, how ignorant and fatuitous do I seem to you, Christine? How dare you play me the fool! I will not be fooled! Erik will not be deceived!

What's this, gleaming so simply on the ground? The ring... the gold ring, so purely and elegantly fashioned, which Erik had put on Christine's delicate, living, godly finger... how she despised with such fire my touching her lovely, perfect hand! Oh, curse Erik! Curse him for his unworthiness! Curse him for his hideousness!

But her ring is discarded...the ring I gave her, which she said she would always wear, with such a piteously lovely glow all about must have been so easily thrown away when she kissed him. All her vows are miserably, miserably broken. Oh, my heart! Oh, my blackened, burning soul! Oh, Christine...Christine...

So be it. Christine thinks she is clever in breaking all her lovely promises, which Erik valued more than all the precious jewels in the world...but Erik will not be fooled again.

If she considers her vows broken, then so are mine!

We are one, Christine, and you shall learn not to spurn Erik's heart again. I will not be played the fool... Erik cannot stand to burn another day in your cursed ambiguity. No more shall I be your greatest friend, Christine, who showed you such love, tenderness, and kindness, but your greatest enemy! Erik told you—he shall have his revenge! Such treachery, such treachery... oh, curse Erik! Curse Erik! Curse his wretched death's head! Curse his heart which loved so much, it burned him! It ravaged, pillaged, and destroyed him!

It could have saved him...

Tomorrow, Christine, you will not come to me willingly, but I will take you! Tomorrow, you will be given the choice to either be my wife in life or death! Tomorrow, you decide, and tomorrow, your charade will end! Enjoy your last night playing the tease! I will be teased no more!

And if you refuse me—we shall be married in death!