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Hey guys ok here's what's going on I don't speak Lakota so the words that are spoken in Lakota will be in Bold. The story is starting while Red Lance and White Crow aren't riding with Red Cloud any more this story takes place a year or so before Custer's Last Stand so that would make Red Lance around the age of 16 I think. Also I do not believe any of the things that Rebecca believes in the beginning of the story. So enjoy and leave me feedback.

Chapter 1

She Heard them before she saw them the Indians whooping and the horse Hooves beating against the ground. At the Age of 15 she had heard of the terrors of the Lakota Indians all across the Black Hills in South Dakota from her father and the men in his Company. Her father was General Dewitt and right now she new that he was out there fighting to save and defend the fort. But right now was not a time to worry about it right now was a time to be afraid.

"Rebecca Run" She heard her mother scream and run she did.

Behind her she could hear screaming and the sounds of gunshots. All of a sudden she was no longer running and was being pulled unceremoniously onto the back of a horse. She fought as hard as she could to get free but it was no use. Still fighting she turned her head and saw the most beautiful man she had ever layed her eyes on. But he was Indian and being raised her entire life to hate and fear Indians she passed out from fear.

When she woke up next she was alone in a tepee covered by a Buffalo Skin. She was about to open the flap and go outside to see where she was when she heard raised voices.

"Why did you bring her here"

"She's an important man's daughter she can get us weapons and more food for her return."

"My son's reasons for bringing her here are just I say we trust them"

"The reasons are not good enough. When the army comes to take her back more of our people will die. You do not know what you have done Red Lance."

"I know that without her there is no way we will last the winter months."

The conversation continued but Rebecca couldn't understand a word of what they were saying but she did know that they sounded angry. She jumped back as a man stormed in the tepee. She crawled all the way to the back of the tent. It was a different man from the one who pulled her on the horse. This one was older and looked angry. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the tepee. Rebecca tried to pull her arm out of his grip but it was no use. She looked around and saw men and women staring at them. She was then pushed into the man that had brought her there. He looked angry himself.

"You will take the girl back to her people Red Lance leave her at the fort and then come back."

Rebecca looked back and foreth between the two of the men.

"I understand DogStar." The man said while turning around

The younger man then climbed on the horse that had been brought to him then pulled Rebecca up behind him. He was then was handed his weapons and he kicked his horse into a gallop. Rebecca held onto him tightly as she looked behind her at the people of the village and wondered what was going to happen to her and if she would ever see her family again.

Short I know but i felt like this is where i wanted the first chapter to end so leave me reviews.