Disclaimer: I don't own anything about into the west I only own Rebecca and others

Disclaimer: I don't own anything about into the west I only own Rebecca and others

Hey guys ok here's what's going on I don't speak Lakota so the words that are spoken in Lakota will be in Bold. The story is starting while Red Lance and White Crow aren't riding with Red Cloud any more this story takes place a year or so before Custer's Last Stand so that would make Red Lance around the age of 16 I think. Also I do not believe any of the things that Rebecca believes in the beginning of the story. So enjoy and leave me feedback.


By the time morning came Red Lance as ready to throw himself off a cliff. Rebecca hadn't said a word to him all night. When she went to sleep she just turned her back to him and he was too much of a coward to go to her and explain. That's all he wanted was to explain to her the reasons why she had to go back and how much it was killing him that she had to leave. But he new he couldn't she would never understand. Red Lance turned his head and looked at Rebecca she was busy cleaning up the camp. She had seemed to lose some of the light around her. But now was not a time to think of it now was a time to take Rebecca home.

Red Lance and Rebecca rode for how long he did not know but what Red Lance did know is that the fort was growing closer and closer. They were nearly there when he stopped his horse and pulled Rebecca off. The minute she was off the horse she shrugged his hands off of her. He shot her a look that she just ignored. Rebecca turned and started walking down the path when he grabbed her by the arm and turned her around to face him. What he was going to say he didn't know but Rebecca did all that was needed. She kissed him it wasn't an angry kiss but one that he knew would be the last they ever shared. When she pulled away she gave him a small smile her eyes nearly over flowing with tears as she pulled one of his braids over his shoulder. She turned and walked a few feet before she turned around and looked at him one lat time.

Their eyes met as she murmured "I love you" and that was it she tuned and walked down the path towards the fort that she hadn't seen in many months. Nobody quite knows what happened to Red Lance it was rumored that he died at Wounded Knee but Rebecca never knew and so the love story of Rebecca and Red Lance ends.

"That's it? Didn't he ever some back to her? What happened to the baby?" A small eight-year-old girl asked.

"No" The old women said smiling at her great grand daughter "Red Lance never came back and the baby is grown now with children of her own and those children have children of their own. But now it is time for bed." The old women got out of the chair she was sitting in she leaned over and kissed the young girl on her forehead she turned out the light and was nearly out the door when she was stopped.


"Yes my dear?"

"What ever happened to Rebecca?"

"She became an old women, but now is time for bed Clara good night."

The old women closed the door and walked out of the room and in the narrow hallway she was almost to her own room when a voice stopped her.

"You know one day they're going to realize that Rebecca is you. Just like I did."

With a sigh Rebecca turned around and look at her daughter now grown into a women she could see Red Lance in her as clearly as ever.

"Then so be it. I'm tired and…"

"Why do you insist on telling that story all it does is make you upset?"

"No Maggie, It makes me happy to remember those times."

"To Remember what? Him? He cared more about his war than you."

"Light Rain he is your father…"

"No he's not mom, if he was he would have come back to you to us and don't call me that he gave me that name and I don't want to be called it."

"You are Lakota."

"No I am not. I am not on of his people. I would never abandon my family."

"Your father didn't abandon us Light Rain. I think now is a good time to tell you the rest of the story."

Her old voice started speaking a story that she had never told before and never will again.

Red Lance rode away from the fort that he left Rebecca at. Never in his life had he felt as broken as he did now. A warrior did not cry but right now he didn't care. Two streams of tears poured from his eyes as he rode away. Never had he loved like he did Rebecca and he knew he never would again. His entire life he had hoped to find a wife like Rebecca one he could take care of and would love him no matter what and now that he had he just threw her away over a fight that she wasn't even involved in. Red Cloud had told him many things that could come true. She might choose to leave with the soldiers instead of staying with him or if she chose to stay what could the soldiers do to her?

He turned his horse quickly with a curse as he rode back from the direction he just came. He would not leave her at that place with no explanation of why she was there. By the time he got back to the fort it was near midnight. He left his horse by the fence and snuck into the fort. He had checked at least ten houses before he came to Rebecca's window. Red Lance opened it quietly and slipped inside. He walked over to her bed to shake her awake when her voice stopped him.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call my uncle right now?"

"Because Rebecca I wish to explain to you." His eyes met hers and she realized she would never be able to deny him.

Nodding her head she sat up and made room for him to sit next to her. For the next hour he explained to her the conversation he had with Red Cloud, his father and grandfather and how if he wasn't the one to take her back they would.

"I would never hurt you Rebecca you know that. I love you and our baby and when this fight is over I will come back and get you."

"The war will never be over Red Lance. You know that as well as I do. I love you also but I can't live in a world where I am hated where our child is hated. That means that I can't live in this world either."

"What would you have me do? Leave this war make a home with you away from here? From my family and yours? I would gladly you know this."

"I know." Rebecca said touching his face gently "But you would never be happy. You must go back."

"Just like you must stay here? They will not understand Light Rain."

"You believe it a girl then?"

"Yes, I will take you away build you a house to live in."

"How long will that take? Do expect me to stay there while you are fighting? Only able to come and see us when you are away from your father? I love you but that is no way to live. For our child to live." Rebecca said touching her stomach gently. " I will leave and find a place to raise her."

"What will you tell her of her father?"

"That he is the bravest man I've ever met and that he loved her very much enough to want to give it all up for her. He was a fierce warrior and a good man."

"A man? I am not man enough to stand up to my father for the woman I love."

"I would not want you to. I will always love you know matter what comes."

Red Lance leaned in and kissed Rebecca fiercely he lay her down gently and for a moment it was only them in the world. It was near dawn when Red Lance finally moved away from Rebecca and kissed her slowly. It would be the last time that he ever saw her and he wanted to remember her just like she was now. He slipped out the window and into the darkness away from the one thing that was most important to him.

Rebecca awoke that morning to find him gone with only his eagle feather on her bed stand. The months past and Rebecca gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named her Light Rain as Red Lance wanted. She heard that the Lakota had defeated custard and silently she celebrated. The years past slowly and Light Rain grew into a girl. Rebecca dreams at night were filled with Red Lance. There would be a time every once and a while that Rebecca would be outside her home or looking out her window when she would think she would see whim sitting on his horse or just standing but she would look again and he would be gone. Nearly fourteen years later Rebecca was awoken by a knock on the door. She grabbed her cloak from the hook by the door and opened it a crack to find a blood soaked man standing in her doorway.

"Come in quickly." Rebecca said pulling him inside and sitting him down at the table.

"Who is it mama?" They teenage girl asked looking around the corner

"No one Light Rain go to bed. What happened could I help?"

"Rebecca. I brought you a letter." The many said putting his hand inside his jacket and handing it to her.

"How did you know…? Voices that carry? Is that really you? I haven't seen you in since you were a boy."

"Now is not the time I must be going. Just read the letter I promised him I would bring you." He pushed himself out of the chair and was out the door before Rebecca could object. Now she was staring at the letter on her table. Her trembling hand opened it and pulled it out her eyes filling with tears as she started to read the slightly sloppy handwriting.

My dearest Rebecca,

It has been many years since you have seen my face and we have spoken. But not so many since I've seen yours it warms my heart on in many ways when I see you and our daughter she truly has your beauty. It may be selfish of me to say but it also warms knowing you did not choose another for I did not either. Every time I see your face it brings me back to when we were younger when we were in your room in the fort and you told me I was no coward for I believe I am. I have known where you lived for many years and I did not come to see you. I looked at from afar for to long. When you looked in my direction I hid for I was not ready to speak quite yet. But that is changed. If I am not the one to deliver the letter if it is my brother voices that carry know that I love you. It means I died during our trek to Chief Big Foot's camp. But know that every time you look out the window to the sky I am with you. I will always love you.

Red Lance

By the time she finished the letter tears were pouring down her face. She felt something fall out of the envelope and realized it was an eagle feather. Knowing that all hope the Red Lance was alive was now gone Rebecca wiped her face and hide away the feather with the other that she found on her desk the morning she woke up in her room all those months ago.

"So you see Maggie your father did not abandon us. He loved you and me. He would be here right now if I told him I wanted him to stay but I couldn't he would not have been happy and all I wanted was of for him to be happy."

Rebecca pulled a box down from a cabinet in the hall and pulled out a well-worn feather and letter and handed it to her daughter.

"I believe my dear that he would want you to have this. Now I am going to bed."

Rebecca turned and walked into her room with her crying daughter standing in the hall. She did what she had done for the last sixty years she looked out her window and into the stars and said.

"I love you Red Lance. My warrior."

That night Rebecca Passed in her sleep those that attended her funeral were shocked by the many Indians that showed up. One elderly woman approached Maggie after the service.

"Your mother was Rebecca?" The women asked her.

"Yes, She was and you are?"

"I'm Wind River. Your mother and I were very good friends."

Maggie smiled at this and asked, "So the stories are true? All of them?"

"Yes they are all true I would like you to meet my family." Wind River said motioning a large group of people over.

"I would like you to meet mine as well after all we are all Lakota." Wind River smiled at this knowing somewhere Rebecca and Red Lance were together smiling as well.