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Line and Sinker

He was staring at her. Again.

Haruno Sakura sighed in frustration, as Uchiha Sasuke countinued observing her.

It was annoying, really.

She used to have a thing for him but after he began dating Ino, her best friend, her feelings for him went down the drain. She recalled how he would always have his arm around Ino and how he would occasionally kiss her. Jealousy was over whelming Sakura but she soon got over it, and thought of Sasuke as nothing but a friend. She was happy for Ino, like a good best friend should be.

Two weeks has passed since Ino and Sasuke became a couple. Sakura has been going home for lunch for a while so she wasn't exactly up-to-date with couples and miscellaneous things. The shocking news struck her one day when Ino bumped into Sakura, her eyes brimming with tears.

Sakura stared, bewildered at her friend and asked, "I-Ino? What's wrong?" The blonde teenager said nothing. She pointed a shaking finger at the classroom behind her. At that exact moment Sasuke and a girl emerged from the room.

The girl's red lip stick was smeared. Her lips curved into a disapproving frown when she spotted Ino, the intruder. "Hey! You! You should have knocked first before entering that classroom. You just ruined our make-out session!" accused the girl.

Ino resisted the urge to punch the annoying girl. She whipped around, swiftly and shouted at Sasuke, "How could you, do this to me? We're together, and you go kissing a girl behind my back? Why!"

Sasuke shrugged and pulled the other girl with him as he brushed past Sakura and Ino. The girl who was being dragged away by Sasuke looked behind her shoulder and flashed Ino a wicked smirk. Ino's knees gave out and she collapsed on the hallway. Sakura stared from her best friend to the fleeing boy and shouted after him, "I'll get you for this you bastard!"

The boy froze. He turned around at glared at Sakura. He then retaliated, "Heh, what are you going to do about it?"

Sakura said nothing. "Don't fall into his trap. He's only trying to make you angry." she thought, bitterly. When she didn't answer his question, he turned his back on them, and countinued his way.

So, this brings Sakura back to her current situation. Sasuke was staring at her, again. This has been going on ever since the incident where Ino, caught Sasuke with that girl.

Sakura glanced back at Sasuke. He was still staring. Actually, it wasn't exactly a stare... or a glare. It was a distant look, as if he was pondering something .

The pink-haired girl took out her lead pencil and scribbled on a lined sheet of paper: STOP STARING AT ME, ASS-HOLE!

She then crumbled it and threw it across the room. Sasuke caught the note effortlessly and he opened it. His dark eyes tardily scanned the contents and the corner of his lips quirked into a smirk. He wrote something before throwing it back at her. She caught it and opened it. It read: NO.

Sakura stood up in anger and pointed at the boy. "Stop staring at me!" she screamed, out-loud. Everyone's attention averted towards the speaker and Ino's eyes widened. She confessed to herself and Sakura that she still wasn't entirely over Sasuke. She believed it was all a misunderstanding. "Is Sakura, going out with Sasuke, behind my back?" she thought, confusedly.

Kurenai, the teacher, looked up from her paperwork. "Is there a problem, Ms.Haruno?" she asked, mildly interested. Sakura bit her bottom lip, nervously, and glanced around, as if the answer was nearby.

"Yes, there is a problem." She responded.

Sasuke sent her a look of disdain and mouthed silently, "Don't you dare tell her, or you'll regret it."

That provoked Sakura. There was no way she was taking orders from the school's play boy, especially one that hurt a close friend. "Sasuke won't stop staring at me." She answered, truthfully.

Everyone gasped.

"Well, Mr.Uchiha. What-ever are you staring at Ms.Haruno for? I'll have you know this is P.D.A, young man." said Kurenai, strictly.

Sasuke grinned inwardly. This was too perfect. "But Kurenai-sensei… she's my girlfriend. That gives me the right to look at her right?" He asked, innocently.

Everyone gasped in shock, and a series of events occurred at that moment: Rock Lee fainted, Naruto shook his head at Sasuke, his best friend, in shame, Tenten remained calm, knowing it was a lie, Neji held an impassive expression, Hinata gasped, Kurenai's eyes widened, Shino's non-transparent glasses flashed, Shikamaru yawned, and Gaara… um, he said nothing.

Sakura stared about her classmates and panicked. "N-no! He's lying!" she persisted. Her attention traveled to an empty seat.

Yamanaka Ino has left the classroom.

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