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Line and Sinker

A week has past since the war has been declared. When Sakura's ankle had healed somewhere mid-week, Sasuke and she, decided to confront Ino, and hoped she would give up her evil desire to have Sakura leave the school. It didn't go as well as planed though, and in the end, both Sasuke and Sakura ended up getting a bucket full of 'unidentified' liquid on their heads.

Sakura, was currently, in a very agitated mood, so she decided to take the situation to her advantage, and began to 'nag' the Uchiha, non-stop.

Warning: The following is a series of random questions and statements. Viewer discretion is advised.

"It seems Ino's really serious about this…"

"…considering she intended for both of us to be soaked."

"you're sweet-talking 'skills' didn't change her mind at all…"

"…You're losing your touch, Uchiha."

"Is it me, or was it a big, horrid, mistake to team up with, you…?"

"…How long do you intend to ignore me?"

"Shouldn't we, I don't know… Start on a plan? This is a W-A-R! A P-R-A-N-K W-A-R…!"

"…As much as I hate your snide remarks, please say something!"

"Let's go find some allies…!"

"…Um… are you possessed… or dead… because I am so NOT being held responsible!"

Sasuke ignored her, her remarks, and the slimy, green, sticky, watery, (pungent smelling) liquid, which was very similar to gel, that was dripping down from his hair to the side of his face. When she started laughing he glared at her, and said in a low tone, "Shut-up. I'm not the one wearing the wrong shirt colour." He then walked away but not before saying, "Nice colour choice."

He then stomped off leaving Sakura to scream when she realized her shirt was now see-through thanks to the 'unidentified' liquid. Her bra was visible to the public while her hair, dark jeans, and her face were partially drenched with the green liquid.

She crossed her arms over her chest and hid behind a corner. She peeked around and noticed there was no one in sight. She sighed in relief but she then froze when realization hit her like a brick. "Wait a minute… how did Sasuke know my shirt was… see-through? And what did he mean by 'nice colour choice'?" Sakura thought about it all and bit her lip as she attempted to suppress a frustrating scream.

He was referring to her bra.

Other than that incident, the news of Sasuke and Sakura being together has flooded the school faster then the 'couple' intended. Everyone was shocked at the fact that Sasuke, was settling down with a goodie-two-shoes, but the pupil shocked most of all, next to Ino, was Naruto.

After, the failed confrontation, Sasuke decided to recruit some 'allies' as Sakura had suggested earlier. Apparently, Ino wasn't the only person mad at him.

"Bastard! How could you! You're taking this way too far! Why did you even say she was your girlfriend in the first place, huh? Remember the last war? Don't you recall when she locked that girl you cheated on her with in the janitor's closet? Ino was so crazy she went as far as to sprinkle my gym shorts with itching powder! Itching powder! And then guess what happened? No, wait, I'll tell you what happened. That psycho ex-girl friend of yours thought it would be funny to sprinkle some onto to boxers too! Gods! How she got her hands onto them, I have absolutely no idea but damn, that was some powerful stuff…"

Naruto paused and apologized for going off topic. He then countinued, "Ahem, the point is, we barely survived that minor war. How the hell are we supposed to fend off against her? She has Tenten, and most likely some other low-lives, by her side."

Sasuke jeered at the scholar before him. "This annoying, whining novice... People actually call him my 'best friend'?" Sasuke thought, irritably.

It was true, though. As much as Sasuke hated to admit it, it was true. Naruto was his best friend, even though they were complete opposites, they enjoyed each other's company secretly. Sometimes, Sasuke would have doubts and would wonder how this incompetent imbecile could be his friend, let alone his best friend. Perhaps, he was getting soft? No, way. Sasuke, soft? Tch, Impossible.

"I only said she was my 'girl friend' because I wanted some entertainment." Sasuke replied.

Naruto blinked. "Ohh, I see. You wanted to see a cat fight between Ino and Sakura! Wow, would I pay to see that… Wait, but why are you siding with Sakura then? Why don't you just let them fight out the war themselves?" the blonde asked.

"Because," Sasuke paused. "I saw how far Ino would really go to get her revenge." He said, hesitantly, after a slight pause.

Naruto's expression became grave, as he caught Sasuke's drift about how 'serious' Ino really was. "So, how serious?" he demanded.

"She gave her a bloody lip, and her ankle was sprained, not really serious, but she couldn't walk without my assistance." Sasuke replied.

Naruto nodded. "I see… she's probably harder on Sakura than other girl because they were childhood friends." Naruto said, softly.

Sasuke said nothing. He then said after a short period of silence, "I gotta go. You'll join the war right?"

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, and leaned on a nearby wall. With a mischievous grin plastered on his lips, he said, "Well… I am the 'master of the prank arts' but why the hell, should I risk my ass for you? Why help, when I can watch Ino prank the hell out of you, instead?"

Sasuke resisted the urge to punch, the boy in front of him. "Because if you don't Haruno might be in danger."

Naruto's facial features distorted, at his female classmate's name. He looked… uncomfortable. He began weighing the pros and cons of the offer, all while ignoring Sasuke's frown. Naruto sighed, and ran a hand through his blond hair, in defeat. "Fine, I'll help you bastard. But don't expect me to like it or help YOU if you fall into one of Ino's schemes. I'm only doing this for Sakura." Naruto said, grumpily.

"Fine, be on your guard, dunce." Sasuke said, before he took off.

Naruto grinned, at Sasuke's strange, yet concerning warning. "Guess you have a heart after-all bastard... Maybe you're getting soft thanks to Sakura." Naruto thought, happily, as he watched Sasuke's retreating form. "Watch your back, too." he shouted after his friend.

Ino carelessly kicked a rock in her way and impatiently, countinued her search for Shikamaru. "I have Tenten on my side, already. Haruno has Sasuke… so it's currently even. But… once I have Shikamaru she'll get what's coming to her. Of course, Sasuke will have to suffer a little but after that traitor is out of the way he'll need me, and we'll be a happy couple again." She thought, some-what evilly.

She stopped when she saw a figure, in the distance, leaning on a tree. The man had his arms crossed over his chest, and his deep brown eyes were focused up at the blue sky. "Shikamaru!" Ino called out. The lazy teen did not move from his spot, but his eyes scanned the area thoroughly, for the voice's source.

Ino ran towards him, and when she arrived at the designated location, she shivered, inwardly at the shade's cool warmth. "Hi, Ino. What's up?" He said, as a weary grin formed on his lips.

Ino grinned and responded, "I was wondering… if you could do me a big favour." Shikamaru scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Um… please don't tell me it's another one of your prank wars." Shikamaru pleaded, uneasily.

An awkward silence enveloped them, until Ino finally said, "Maybe…"

Shikamaru frowned at the answer before asking, "Who did you declare it on?"

Ino bit her lower lip and retorted, "Haruno… and Sasuke…"

Shikamaru nodded and said thoughtfully, "Alright… But…"

Ino froze. She despised the word 'but'.

"Since when did you start calling Sakura, Haruno?" he asked, curiously, as his gaze once more directed to the sky.

Ino took a deep breath of relief. "Let's just say, since this war began." she said. After another wave of weird silence Ino whispered, in an appreciating tone, "I'm glad… you're going to help."

He watched as Ino leaned on the tree he was on. He grinned at her. "You know you can always depend on me… of course, this is damn troublesome…" he said, as he watched a cloud which was skidded across the blue sky, pass by.

Ino laughed. "Yeah… I'll keep that in mind."

And together, they silently watched the clouds.


Kurenai pushed at the staff room door, frantically, and frowned when it didn't open. She then began to bang on the door. She was too busy screaming 'Kakashi, Hatake', knocking on the staff room door, and looking around for the janitor, who had the keys to the room, to notice the door was slowly being opened by an unfortunate mentor.

"Kakashi!" she screamed again. "Owwwwww!" was her response. Kurenai's attention directed towards what was in front of her and noticed the once wooden door, in front of her was now replaced with Kakashi, whose face was red from the sloppy punch, Kurenai meant to give to the inanimate object.

"Hatake, how did your face turn all red?" she demanded.

Kakashi held his stinging cheek, and replied sourly, "The door was opened, you know."

After a lot of arguing, interrogating, and a strange occurrence, that involved Gai busting into the staff room, raiding the fridge of all of its contents to lure big foot, the basilisk in Harry Potter, and the loch ness monster into the school for some unknown reason, Kurenai elaborated the shocking, and knocking news.

Kakashi stifled a girly scream, because that would make him OOC, and instead, calmly nodded. "That is very disturbing, indeed." He said, like some wise person.

"I'll say! Uchiha and Haruno, together? Outrageous! The imaginable horror! I, soooooooooo ship, Sakura with that Neji boy! Um, did I just say that out-loud?" Kurenai asked, discountinuing her rant.

Kakashi nodded, and countinued cowering from her fan girl-ness, on the inside.

"I thought so. Anyways, I thought I knew all the gossip and couples in this messed-up building, they call a school… damn… I am so behind." Kurenai muttered, darkly.

"It's okay. I once thought I knew all the names of the students in this school. Boy was I wrong! I still can't believe I thought that guy with the mushroom haircut, that boy that looks like Gai's biological son's name was George!" Kakashi said, in shame.

"Um… I see…" said Kurenai, who was now scared of Kakashi. "Well, I have to go, um, walk my dog… yeah…"

Kakashi lifted a brow, in question. "But you're allergic to dogs…" he said.

"Uhh… yeah… April fools! I'm not really allergic to them… why don't you go check your calendar, Kakashi." she then ran off, leaving Kakashi utterly confused.

"But… it's not April…" he thought. "Or is it?"

"Listen up, soldiers! Are any of you prepared to give your life up, for this war?" demanded Tenten. A bunch of clattering, discussions and whispering began to stir.

Tenten could've sworn she heard some random guy scream, "I'm too young to die!" She had the urge to tackle that punk so badly… but she resisted. "Hey! We're going to die? Let me outta here! I'm way too young to die too!" screamed the random kid's friend, stupidly.

Tenten sighed. "I said, are you ready men?" she repeated, stomping her foot on the cafeteria table, irritably.

A girl, who was sitting with her friends in the back corner, stood up at pointed at Tenten, accusingly. "How dare you call me a man!" the girl shrieked.

"Ohh put a sock in it!" Tenten said before turning her attention back to the other students. "So, who wants to join this twisted war… the first, most likely, majour prank war… in the entire history of Konoha High school?" Tenten asked.

No one raised there hand. A cough was heard in the back of the dim room.

"What are you, cowards? Too scared to join the war of the century?" she demanded. A bunch of 'yes, we are cowards' could be heard in the room.

"NO! NO! NO! You're supposed to say 'No, we are not cowards! We want to join and suffer!'" Tenten persisted, before letting out an exhausted sigh. "There has to be someone…" she thought, defiantly. She then spotted him. The aloof, quiet boy, what was his name again? Nejee? No, that was her friend's, friend's, friend's, teacher's name! Was it Nine? No, that's a number! Was it…

"YOU!" she shouted, pointing at Neji. He sent her a quizzical look. "You're Neji!" she exclaimed.

He nodded.

"I knew it!" she said, victoriously.

"Good to know…" he responded.

"Are you a girl?" she asked, out of the blue.

"No." he answered.

"Do you like Sasuke?" she questioned.

"No." he answered.

"Do you like Haruno?" demanded Tenten.


"Good! Will you come and side with me and Ino for the ultimate war?" asked Tenten.

"No." Neji said.

"You said you weren't a girl, though!"

"Yes, I did." Neji replied.

"And you said you hate Sasuke!"


"And you said you hate Sakura!"


"And you said you like donkeys…"

"Ye- wait, what? I never said that…"

"Oh… well, anyways! Don't you want to give that 'I-think-I-am-so-damn-sexy' Uchiha and 'I-like-to- secretly-date-my-best-friend's-boyfriend' Haruno a lesson?" asked Tenten.

"I guess…"

"That's a good enough answer for me! We will meet at that humongous tree, in front of the school, tomorrow, during our next lunch break!" exclaimed Tenten. "See, kids. That guy over there is a real man! If any of you have a change of heart, and you wanna join the war, meet us there, or forever be known as a wimp." Tenten then jumped off the table, and exited the cafeteria.

She met Ino out in the hallway and gave her accomplice a thumb up. "It's in the bag." She muttered. Ino nodded. "Wait, what bag?"

"Hinata!" The blue-haired girl paused, and turned around in alarm. She smiled when she realized it was Sakura.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" she asked, noting Hinata's right hand, which was clutching her sweater, in the area near her heart, tightly.

"O-oh, uh, no, not at all." She whispered, before placing her hand to her side again.

"Um, I was wondering Hinata… would you be willing to join the war? Surely, you heard about it right?" Sakura asked. Hinata's face now held a stunned expression.

"Yes, I heard about it… You want me to help you, and Sasuke?" she asked.

Sakura nodded and said, "We need all the help we can get."

Hinata frowned and said in a distressed tone, "I-I'll just weight you guys down…"

Sakura frowned.

"Don't say that, Hinata. You're not going to weight us down! I'm sure Sasuke would say the same thing, too! Plus, Naruto's on our side." Sakura said, giving Hinata a wink, and emphasizing the name 'Naruto'. Hinata blushed at her classmate's name. Sakura was the only person Hinata had ever told, that she like Naruto. Hinata thought about it and a smile tugged on the corner of her lips.

"A-are you sure I won't be any trouble?" Hinata asked, slightly insecure.

Sakura nodded and said in a light tone, "I'm positive… welcome to the crew!" She offered her hand to Hinata and the other gradually accepted.

"Thanks" Hinata whispered. Sakura smiled and nodded, symbolizing no problem. Sakura then scanned the area and grabbed Hinata's arm. She then ran, ignoring Hinata's questions. Sakura stopped running when they were in front of the principal's office.

Hinata rubbed her arm, which was burning with pain due to Sakura's powerful grip. "U-Um… why are we here, Sakura?" Hinata asked, nervously. Sakura's lips curved into a smirk. It was a smirk Sasuke, himself, would be proud of… it was… E-V-I-L!

Hinata took a few steps back.

"W-why, are you smiling like some creepy person, I don't want to know, Sakura?" Hinata asked. "We're going to sneak into…" Hinata took a deep breath, hoping Sakura wasn't going to say, what she thought she was going to say. "…the principal's office."

Hinata fainted.

6 minutes later…

"Hinata! Are you alright?" Sakura asked.

Hinata groaned and placed her hand onto her forehead. "Yes, what happened?" she asked. Sakura smiled and said, "You, well, you sort of fainted."

Hinata frowned and lay back down on the bed. "I told you I'd weight you down." She whispered. Sakura's smile widened slightly.

"That's where you're wrong."

Hinata sent Sakura a strange look. Sakura pointed to the clock on the nurse's wall. She then began to count the number of seconds before the hand would meet twelve.

"1, 2…" Hinata was still confused but she waited patiently. "3." When Sakura said the number '3' the announcements began, as if on cue. "Please listen carefully, to the news of the day. The boy's basketball team will meet today after school. Yes… I think that's it… no, wait!"

There was a bunch of argument in the background. A girl was whispering: "Just say it! It's on the paper!" Another girl in the background said: "No, way!" A few seconds past, and the girl who was announcing the news decided to countinue. "Um… the war has started… and anyone interested in joining the 'good guys' meet at the tree behind the school during the next lunch break for the meeting."

Hinata gasped. "H-how… how were you able to get the announcement sheet? It's in Principal Tsunade's office!" she said.

"Well… when you fainted, Principal Tsunade must have heard you fall, because she exited the office. I offered to take you to the nurse's but Tsunade said she'd do it since she's leaving the school for lunch and the nurse's is close to the exit. She then asked me to lock her door…"

Hinata gasped, loudly. "She gave you the keys!.?.!.?" Hinata asked.

"Well, she does drink quite a lot… so yes, before locking the door I sort of wrote the message on the announcement sheet…" Sakura elaborated.

Hinata nodded.

"See, I told you, you'd help!" Sakura said, cheerfully. "Yes… but that was definitely, not how I intended to help…"

They both laughed.

"Damn that Haruno!" screeched Ino.

Everyone in the classroom's attention directed towards Ino. The girl blushed and muttered an apology. When she was sure no one was listening. She muttered in an inaudible voice, "Now, that I have reinforcements… there's nothing stopping me from getting me revenge, Haruno."

Dun Dun Dun Dun!

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