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Nymphadora Tonks woke up on a slightly dreary Friday morning thoroughly dreading another boring day at the Ministry of Magic. All she had been doing lately was filing papers for Deatheaters that they had recently arrested.

As soon as she got out of bed though, she began to wobble and felt incredibly dizzy.

"What is wrong with me?" She asked herself while putting her hand on her forehead.

She checked her temperature and noticed that it was unusually high.

'Great, just what I needed today,' she thought. 'To be sick on top of everything else I have to do.'

She got up and got dressed anyway, still feeling a bit woozy. She apparated into work and instantly regretted it. The odd sensation of being forced through a tight rubber tube did not help her condition any at all. She staggered a bit before righting herself and casually walking to the lifts to the Auror floor.

The shaky ride on the lift just made her feel even worse. She began to chill and shiver, but she was hot at the same time. She really felt terrible. She was getting closer to her office when she heard someone call to her,

"Hello there Nymphadora. Are you all right? You don't look well at all."

"Wotcher Remus. I'm fine, really." She said while trying to focus, her eyesight had begun to get blurry.

She began walking away and a bad bout of dizziness came over her, and she began to black out. She fell but did not feel the hard smack of the floor. That is the last conscious thought she had before completely passing out.

Tonks woke up sometime later and noticed that she was on something incredibly soft and quite comfortable. She reluctantly opened her eyes and saw that she was in her house.

"How did I get here," she asked to what she thought would just be herself.