AN "Blah"- Normal speech
'Blah' - Thoughts
"Blah"- Memories, Dreams

Darkest Knight


Fade in from the darkness to see the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon at Highton View Terrace

Tai Sora Izzy Mimi Joe TK and Matt receiving their Digivices

Wizardmon presenting Kari's Digivice to her

We are Born…

Tai rescuing Sora from Datamon

Greymon Digivolving into MetalGreymon and Destroying Etamon

Garudamon destroying Mammothmon

Angewoman firing her Celestial Arrow and destroying Myotismon

WarGreymon charging and destroying Machinedramon

The destruction of Apocalamon

The Innocent Suffer…

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon DNA Digivolving into Omnimon then using his sword to split Dioboromon's head into two

Legends are Made…

Davis Yolie and Cody receiving their D-3 which then cuts to them picking up the Digieggs of Courage Love and Knowledge and meeting Veemon Hawkmon and Armadillomon

Davis receives the Digiegg of Miracles and Veemon Golden Armour Digivolves into Magnamon

Magnamon destroys Kimeramon

Ken removing the garments of the Digimon Emperor

EX-Veemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolve into Paildramon who the Mega Digivolves into Imperialdramon then Mode Changes into Warrior mode then finally Mode Changes into Paladin Mode then uses the Omni Sword to defeated Armageddemon

Evil is Punished…

View changes to that of a city in ruins then camera pans to a figure standing on the roof of a ruined building dressed in the same outfit that Cloud Strife wears in Advent Children, he has hazel coloured hair that is the same style and length as Vincent Valentine in Dirge of Cerberus.

The camera zooms into focus on the sword that is at his side which he grabs the handle of and swings it at the camera which pulls back to show the view has changed from a ruined city to that of Tokyo.

He then pulls out a black plated pistol and points it at the camera momentarily some hair blows out of his face revealing a blood red eye.

He then pulls the trigger and screen shatters revealing a blood red screen with three words written in black


Darkest Knight

Prologue: Final Armageddon
This had once been a lushest world full of life and vitality. Now it was a shell, a burnt out husk, a mockery of its former self like an open wound left to rot. Amongst the debris and remains a figure walked, a young man no older then 17 his long hazel coloured hair blowing gently in the breeze dressed head to foot in black with a large sword sheathed on to his back and at the base of his spine holstered twin hand guns one chrome the other jet black as well as a traditional Japanese katana in its sheath strapped on to his belt, strapped to his right wrist was a strange looking chrome device which looked like a cross between a wrist watch and a digital pet toy with a screen in the middle and three buttons just below it.

However he wasn't alone with him was where two strange creatures. One was a pink bird with large blue eyes who was riding on the man back and holding onto his neck whilst the other was a red dinosaur like creature with black stripes and a white belly with a black hazard symbol and yellow eyes. However his attention was focused on the bundle he was cradling in his arms, wrapped in his black leather trench coat was a small child no older then eight months old who had chosen that moment to awake from her peaceful slumber, the young man gazed down upon the infant as he used a finger on his gloved hand to stroke the mop of auburn hair atop her head as he took her in as she gazed back at him with her large ruby eyes 'She looks so much like her mother and nothing of me but that's a good thing. She won't be a monster like me.' "Hey..." he whispered as she cooed "Hey, its ok Kasumi, daddy's here."

The party of four continued walking until they had left the remains of the city that had once been Tokyo and before them was the ocean, the young man smiled as he focused on a hazy memory from his chaotic mind remembering a time when the ruins around him used to be docks where ships would come in to deliver goods which would be transported to the city, a time when he was a young child playing with his friends. Shaking his read he peered over the edge and saw his reflection staring back at him. The war had changed a lot of people both mentally and physicals everyone had their scars however some of the changes for him where more noticeable the main one could be seen by looking into his eyes, once upon a time they had been chocolate brown now they where fiery red but there was something else as well as if all traces of the person he was had been removed from them.

"Are you sure this is where you want to watch from?" looking away from his reflection the young man looked over at his red companion who spoke in a child like voice "According to Ken the Digital World and this world are set to collide Guilmon and there's no way to stop it. The convergence is going to rip both worlds apart so it makes little difference where we are when Armageddon hits. But I figured I should do one last thing for my daughter before it does and she's never been to the ocean and this is our last chance." "So that's why you brought us here?" the pink bird (who'd since hopped off his back and had now attached herself to his leg) squeaked "Yeah B.B." he replied "You, me, Kasumi and Guilmon. This is our first and last family outing."

There was a long silence as the four of them as they stared out over the sea before something from behind caught their attention, turning around and looking skywards they saw a white coloured beam shooting skywards ripping the dark sky apart and the now ashen war torn landscape of the Digital World appeared however it appeared to be closer then he originally remembered and seemed to be getting closer "And so the end begins." Guilmon said and the young man nodded in reply "I was the first. A member of the original seven destined, and out of our group I was always the first to reach the next stage." he said a sad smile forming on his lips as loud explosions from both plains rang out around him as the two worlds drew ever closer "I was the first I suppose its quite fitting I'm also the last here at the end of all things." he then looked at his two companions then at the infant in his arms it was then a large orb of pure white energy began developing between the two worlds.

No one was sure how long it took seconds minutes hours but finally the orb exploded and let loose a giant wave of white energy in all directions which destroyed everything it touched, he pressed the infant closer to him and felt B.B.'s grip on his leg tighten and couldn't help but smile as he felt Guilmon had grabbed hold on part of his shirt, he then closed his eyes 'Kari Sora, see you soon.' the wave of white death then passed over them as it did everything else eradicating everything that got in its way.

The overlapping of both worlds was complete an event that should never occur and like when gasoline is exposed to flame, matter meets antimatter, destruction obliteration death, one moment the planet Earth was there next there was a giant flash of light heralding its destruction which also consumed the Moon Venus and Mars with it before it died away leaving only an empty void where they had once been, in the Universes grand scheme however these heavenly bodies mean nothing and the Universe carried on like it always did.

A.N. Ok I normally don't write Digimon but I thought I'd give it a shot. I dunno if I'm even gonna run with this figured I'd get some audience feed back before making a decision. I'm sorry if my mini trailer suck, Samurai Storm made them look cool so I though I'd try my hand at it and its based on the original teaser for Devil May Cry 4 which is gonna be awesome.