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Darkest Knight

Chapter 7: ...And Justice for All

Mimi was confused, she found herself floating down a strange corridors that looked as if were a part of some military bunker. The sound of someone moaning caught her attention and after floating for a few more minutes she phased through a wall like a ghost arriving in some kind of sleeping quarters, looking around she saw two figurers lying on a bed both of them completely naked their actions making Mimi blush.

However what made her face seem to glow even brighter was that she was familiar with the couple.

One of the people before her was…her, her hair was shorter reaching down to her shoulders and a scar was visible on her chest stretching from her bellybutton between her breasts and stopping at her collarbone. And the other was Tai.

She lay with her back on his chest whilst he kissed her neck his right hand playing with her breasts whilst his claw snaked its way down her body.

Mimi's eyes burst open and bolted upwards breathing heavily and sweat pouring from her brow as well as moist feeling between her legs

'What…was that?' of course she'd had dreams like that before but never with Tai, quickly running to the bathroom she glad that her mother was out of town for the next few days.

She felt so help less, all she could do was sit there listening to the beeps of the equipment and watch his chest rise and fall as oxygen was pumped into his lungs. Kari sighed for what seemed the umpteenth time since she arrived her hand fingering the piece of jewellery attached to a metal chain that hung round her neck also for the umpteenth time.

It had been five days since the attack on Odaiba Municipal High School and her brother still hadn't woken up. Tai lay there in a crater paramedics swarming around him

"My god." One of them had said "You're not going to believe this, but this kid's alive."

"What, he just fell the equivalent of a 13 story building onto solid concrete, by all means he should have be a bloody mess." Said another

"Hey wait a sec look. The hole in his chest, its sealing up." said a third

"Nothing human could do that, what is he?" said fourth.

Kari and the several other DD's tried to hurry over to their fallen leader's side but were unsuccessful as police officers had pulled them back to where their parents were, a laugh was heard and hovering above them was Duskmon a red orb in one of his hands.

"I see he's still alive, then again I'd expect nothing less but without this I'd say your all in for a very interesting time." His turned his head and glared at Myotismon "It time for us to leave, I have to show one of my colleagues the price of disloyalty."

A gateway of swirling purple smoke appeared behind him then he and the others disappeared.

I can't remember anything
Can't tell if this is true or dream

She shuddered at the memory, it had been five day since then and still her brother showed no signs of waking, so many questions had arisen that day and it seemed the only one who could answer them was in no condition to do so.

Outside her mother, cradling her grandchild in her arms had gone to the cafeteria to get some coffee as well as get something for the baby, all the time hoping for any sign that her son and Kasumi's father would return to them.

The door opened and she saw Sora standing in the doorway Kari said nothing and simply turned her attention back to her brother's unconscious form. The two of them remained in silence for a few minutes

"So…has there been any change?" the redhead asked

"No." Kari replied "Where's Biyomon and Renamon?"

"Next door looking in on Agumon and Guilmon."

The two feel into silence again nether one feeling that comfortable round the other at the moment.

"So um…how you and your family holding up?" Sora asked

"If you're acquiring about your daughter, why do you care." Kari snapped.

Sora shifted guiltily, in the five days this child had been in her life she hadn't made any real effort to be any kind of parent. She had her mother telling her that she now had a responsibility to be part of the child's life and Matt telling her the opposite, that it wasn't her responsibility despite what the DNA said, she didn't know what to do.

Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me

Nothing more was said after that they just stared at the figure lying on the bed who was wired up to various machines and tubes sticking out of his body whilst having oxygen forced into his lungs via a mask and ventilator. It was heart wrenching to see him like this. Both of them had been so energetic and full of life never backing down from anything that life threw at them willing to take on just about any challenge, not always succeeding but would give it their all and would seemingly become stronger because of it. And now he was like this, lying in a hospital bed and no indication that he might ever wake up again. After all the sacrifices he'd made on behalf of protecting both the real and digital worlds as well as the ones he'd made to ensure the safety of the people he cared about, after everything he'd done was this his reward?

Now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up, I cannot see
That there's not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now

She could feel tears burning her eyes but did her best to stifle them, she had to be strong for his sake 'Tai please hear my thoughts, you need to wake up.'

Tai opened his eyes and found himself floating naked in void, orbs floated past him showing events from the past 'Wha…what is this? This…is this death?'

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god, wake me

He felt himself descending and then after what seemed like an eternity his feet touched solid ground. Looking around he saw the figure of a young child with brown storm cloud hair dressed in a blue t-shirt and kaki shorts who could be now more then 5 or 6, drawing closer he realised that this child was him, his younger self turned to face him

Back in the womb it's much too real
In pumps life that I must feel
But can't look forward to reveal
Look to the time when I'll live

"Did you come here to hide too?"

"Excuse me?" the elder Tai asked

"He'll find you. It doesn't matter where you hide he'll always find you."

As if on cue a feral roar was head from what seemed all around, the younger Tai got up and tried hiding behind the elder ones legs

"What's going on?" Tai asked

"He's here." His younger self replied, a figure stepped out of the darkness, Tai wasn't surprised that it was another him however this one looked, for lack of a better word, demonic.

An evil looking smirk decorated its face, the armored scales that covered its left arm could be seen on different parts of its body and which was also decorated with scars that glowed violently.

Tai snarled "Berial."

Demon Tai chuckled evilly and then flames rose up from the surrounding them.

"What's so funny?" Tai demanded, a large orb appeared above Demon Tai showing Tai the current state his body was in, in his hospital bed connected to various machines whose purpose was to keep him alive. 'No way, is that really what's happened to me.'

He hated hospitals and doctor offices. He'd hated being in them ever since the time Kari nearly died in the hospital due to his stupidity. The time Sora got her tonsils out he wanted her to get the operation done at home and then he wouldn't visit her the longest time. It was only when Kari and his mother finally talked him into it did he go and spent the whole visit feeling like he was about to throw up.

Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Just like a wartime novelty
Tied to machines that make me be
Cut this LIFE off from me

The image disappeared and demon Tai lunged at him grabbing his head in his claw and slammed it into the ground. Tai then kicked the demon in the gut forcing it off him and then lunged at it grabbed it by the throat, the both fell to the ground where they began wrestling with one another.

Back in the real world Mimi and Palmon stood outside the hospital, she felt a little uneasy after all the dreams she'd been having involving her and Tai.

Yes she did have a small crush on him for a while after he'd rescued her from the convention centre during Myotismon's occupation, but seeing the way he and Sora interacted with one another she knew that her crush was pretty much one sided, she'd accepted it and moved on.

However her dreams were beginning to nag at her, they seemed more like memories then dreams.

"Hey Meems." Hearing her voice called she looked round and saw Yolie Davis Hawkmon and Veemon heading towards her.

"Hi, you here to visit Tai?" the cinnamon haired girl asked

"Yeah." Davis replied "Plus Kari's not been to school since he was brought her and she'll probably need some support."

"Oh, so this is your latest tactic." Yolie said

"Hey, I got it alright. Besides even if I was still trying to ask her out this isn't the best time." Davis countered

"Wow, Davis that pretty mature of you." Palmon said a light blush decorated the boy's cheeks "Can we just go in."

The six of them entered the building and after inquiring where Tai's room was they headed for the elevator "So where are the others?" Mimi asked

"Well Izzy and Ken are busy with something. Cody said he had some errand he had to run for his mom. TS has basketball practise. And Matt is being…Matt." Davis replied.

Soon they'd arrived at the floor Tai's room was located and there they found Joe dressed in a white lab coat carrying a clip board

"Hi you three." He said

"Hi Joe. So your helping out here today." Yolie said

"Yeah, you here to see Tai?"

"Yeah, how's he doing?" Davis asked

"I'm afraid he's still unconscious. And it doesn't appear he will be waking up anytime soon." The spectacle wearing blunette replied

"You wanna come with?" Mimi asked

"Afraid I can't, I gonna help do the rounds." Joe replied "I'm gonna try drop in on him later."

Joe then directed them to where Tai's room was as well as telling the digimon where they could find Agumon and Guilmon. Upon entering they saw Kari and Sora a very serious tension hanging in the air.

"Hey you two." Davis said which caught the two girl's attention "How's he holding up?"

"No change." Kari replied

"So how you and your mom holding up?" Yolie asked

"Mom's seems to be holding herself together, I think it's because she's using the baby as a means of distracting herself." Kari replied.

Sora didn't say anything, she did however catch Mimi staring at Tai.

However just then Tai began screaming and thrashing about and alarms went off. "What's going on?" Sora asked

Kari pushed past her and grabbed her brother's arm "Tai, what's wrong?"

They saw strange tendrils start snaking out of his demon forearm which snaked their way up the rest of his arm whilst scars began appearing on his face and chest.

The door of the room opened and various doctors rushed ushering the DD's out of the room, Kari however refused to let go of her brothers hand and had to be forcefully removed whist she screamed her brothers name.

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god, wake me

After the doctors had thrown them out of Tai's room Sora Kai Mimi Davis and Yolie went to the lounge where they were met by Joe and the digimon.

"We have to get that orb back." Renamon said after Sora was finished telling them what just happened "The Emperor created it so Tai could access the demons power but to also suppress the demon's influence over him."

"Why would he do such thing?" Davis asked

"What's the point of having your own personal killing machine if you have no control over it." the vixen replied.

The sound of Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park was heard and Davis answered his phone

-Davis, its Ken. Listen me and Izzy have been working on trying to locate the Nightmare Soldiers and we think we've done it.-

"What, you've found them?" Davis asked the next voice he heard was Izzy's

-Not exactly, instead of trying to locate them we tried locating the orb instead since we figured it would be giving off some sort of signal which we've managed to hone in on.-

"Great, so what do you want us to do?"

-Round up the others and tell them to meet us in Tai's room.-

"Davis, what's going on?" asked Kari

"That was Ken, he and Izzy think they might have a way to find that orb." Davis replied as he began dialling

"Who you calling?" Joe asked

"TK to tell him to get his blond ass over here, I was told we had to call everyone and meet us here." Davis replied as he listened to his phone ring, the others then got out their own cell phones.

An hour later the other members of the digidestined and their digimon were gathered outside Tai room

"Ok, what exactly it is you're planning?" TK asked

"We've managed to locate the orb that was removed from Tai's chest." Ken replied "We are going to retrieve it and reinsert into his body."

"Question, why?" Matt asked "You saw what he did back at the school. He killed a whole bunch of people then this wing sprouts from his back. He's I don't know what kind of creature he is but he's certainly not human."

Everyone starred at him "What are you saying, just because he's different we shouldn't help him?" Mimi demanded

"Yeah Matt, were not human either. Does that mean we're not worth helping either?" Gatomon added.

Renamon then grabbed Matt phased him into Tai's room, inside she forced him to look at Tai as he lay there

"You see that Ishida. That is the demons soul inside him, which he spends ever second of everyday suppressing with no more then his own will, taking over his body. If we don't get that orb back then every second we spend here arguing that it becomes more real that the demon will consume him and there will be nothing stopping it from going on a rampage and killing everyone in this building. Am I making myself clear?" She said in a harsh tone.

Matt stared at what was in front of him, it made him feel physically ill. The others entered the room

"Alright lets move out." Davis said.

Izzy set up his laptop and had created the digiport when Yuko re-entered carrying the baby

"What's going on?" she asked

"Where going to do something that we hope will help Tai." Izzy told her

"Like what?" the elder woman asked

"Look mom, we'd really like to tell you but we really don't have time to explain." Kari replied her mother then seized her arm

"Your not going anywhere young lady. Your brother is lying there in a hospital bed and the doctors are telling me he might never wake up, I will not lose you too." Yuko said her eyes filling with tears

"Mom please, you need to trust me." Kari said trying to sound reassuring

"I just don't want to lose you as well."

"You won't. I promise this will work, Tai will wake up and we'll be a family again, you me Tai dad and the baby." Kari told her, a tear rolling down her face Yuko let go of her daughters arm

"Hey, where's Sora?" Mimi asked

"Right here." Said red headed girl said as she entered the room "I just…had to go get something."

Everyone stared at her but didn't question her. Just then the sound of dragging was heard and TK and Davis entered dragging Tai's sword behind them, the two of them walked over to the bed where they leaned it against the frame then TK rested Tai's hand on handle

"According to Norse history a Viking warrior would be buried with his sword ready to do battle once he reached Valhalla." TK said as if to answer the question before it was asked "Don't worry, he won't die. I know that he is also fighting in his own way."

"We just figured he'd want his sword close by for his battle." Davis added wiping some sweat from his brow.

They then gathered round the computer screen, then noticed Joe wasn't amongst them

"I'm not going." He told them "Someone has to stay behind and I believe I can do more to help Tai from this end." Several of the group nodded

"Ok people, lets do this." Davis said "Digiport, open."

In the blink of an eye the ten humans plus partners had left the real world behind and found themselves in grassland surrounded by mountains

"Alright, so where is this place?" Cody asked

Izzy took out his palm top which displayed a map "Well according to this were three miles south of where the Nightmare Soldiers are located."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Kari demanded "Every second we waste is one less second my brother has."

"Right, alright Iz you've got the map so lead the way." Davis said

"All the same maybe we should have Patamon Tentomon Hawkmon and Biyomon scout on ahead." Ken suggested

"Good idea, we don't want something telling Duskmon and the others were coming." Yolie added

"Ok, guess it couldn't hurt." Davis agreed, he then looked at the three flying digimon "You four up for it?"

"Hm, who do you think you're talking to?" Hawkmon replied in an offended tone

"Just give us the word." Tentomon said giving the brunette a salute

"Yeah, we'll make sure you don't run into anything nasty." Patamon added

"Ok guys take a quick look around and report back." The four fliers nodded and took off the digidestined and remaining digimon watched them fly off "Ok guys, lets roll out."

The gang began walking off when Sora noticed Renamon was standing there gazing at the scenery

"Something wrong Renamon?" she asked

"It's been so long since I've been home." Renamon replied "And it looked nothing like this. The world I left behind was a barren wasteland, scarred by war. A place of death whilst this world is overflowing with life."

Sora stared at her "Renamon."

"We should get going and catch up with the others." The vulpine creature said, the pair then went to catch up with the others.

It wasn't long before they found themselves looking at a facility that was located at the base of the large hill they were standing upon.

"Is that it Iz?" Sora asked

"Yup, that's it." Izzy replied.

"You know this is most likely a trap." Cody pointed out

"Yeah, but its not like we have any other options here." TK replied.

They then began making their way down the hill, hoping that they would be able to sneak up on the place undetected. They'd reached the foot of the hill when the doors of the installation opened and a large group of Shadowmon Lupusmon as well as two Deveamon emerged from it.

Now the world is gone I'm just one
Oh god, help me

"Ah, how nice they've got a welcome party for us" Davis said sarcastically

"Guess this means that approaching undetected is out the window." Cody added

"Well I say if their going to welcome us then lets return the favour." Yolie stated











The eight champion's one ultimate and an armor appeared before the destined.

"Fox Tail Inferno…"

"Meteor Wing…"

"Heavens Charm…"

"Howling Blaster…"

"Hand of Fate…" "Electro Shocker…"

"Blast Rings…"


"Spiking Strike…"

"Rock Crackin…" All of them launched their attacks taking out a few of the oncoming creatures but it didn't seem to deter them.

"Raining Doom…" then it started, the Devasmon began firing the spikes on their back,

"Damn it, where getting nowhere fast." Mimi cursed

"If we could just get inside we could get that orb and get the hell out of here." Ken said

"Then that's what we'll do." Izzy said causing the others to look at him in a confused manner,

Izz reached into his pocket and took out his palm top which he handed to Davis "Davis, you Kari TK and Ken get inside. The rest of us will stay out here and deal with this and cover you."

The red haired child of Knowledge told them he then pointed to the device Davis was holding "I've programmed it to hone in on the orbs energy signature."

Davis stared at him for a few moments before nodding "Ok, let's go."

"You heard that everyone." Garurumon said "They go in and we cover em."

"What about the Devasmon?" Stingmon asked

"Leave those to me." Kyuubimon said as she charged forward.

The digimon then began cutting a path through the enemy Davis Kari TK and Ken following behind, Kyuubimon was charging towards one of the Devasmon

"Dragon Wheel…" she then launched herself somersaulting, her body becoming a living mass of blue energy which took the form of a dragon that shot forwards destroying the Devasmon.

Angewomon then appeared "Heavens Charm…" She unleashed a wave of purple energy destroying the second Devasmon.

At the same time Davis's 'team' made it to the installation, Stingmon Angemon Angewomon and EX-Veemon swooped down to join them as they ran inside.

They ran though what seemed to be a maze of passages till they came to a large room, however this wasn't the one they were looking for and they certainly weren't alone. Before them were LadyDevimon and NeoDevimon, and the exit was behind them.

"Well, well. It seems we have guests." NeoDevimon sneered

"Oh how delightful, if I'd know I would have baked a cake." LadyDevimon replied.

"We don't have time for this." Ken hissed.

Just then Angemon and Angewomon stepped in front of them "TK we'll take care of this, you find that orb and get it to Tai."

The two angels then charged towards the two demon

"You're going down LadyDevimon." Angewomon stated as she lunged towards her dark counterpart

"I'd like to see you try Goldilocks." LadyDevimon replied as she backhanded the angel across the face,

"You bitch." Angewomon spat before retaliating slapping LadyDevimon across the face.

"You'll pay for that."

The three boys stared memorized "Whoa, look at um go." Davis said

"I know I shouldn't watch this, but I can't take my eyes off it." TK added Ken and the two digimon dumbly nodding in agreement

"Get her Angewomon, that's right. Knock that bitches block off." Kari cried out like a fan at a soccer game.

Whilst Angewomon and LadyDevimon were bitch slapping each other Angemon was face to face with NeoDevimon "Hand of Fate…"

The synthetic demon deflected the attack with its hand "Pathetic, did you really think you could defeat me?"

"I did before." Angemon replied

"Is that what you tell yourself, you know you couldn't have defeated the first time if you hadn't stolen the power from the others. You were always too weak." The demon smirked behind his mask "I wonder when you look at me do you see a reflection of yourself."

Angemon gasped at this "I am nothing like you."

NeoDevimon smirked "Your right your nothing like me. For unlike me you are worthless. Guilty Claw…"

An attack that looked similar to of Devimon's Death Claw slammed into Angemon's chest sending him crashing into the ground.

"Angemon." TK tried to run over to his partner when EX-Veemon grabbed him

"Oh no you don't."

"Angemon needs help." TK yelled

"He knows what he's doing." Stingmon replied "This is his fight, we don't have the right to interfere."

"He's right, our job is to get that orb, so that's go." Ken added.

Gritting his teeth TK nodded reluctantly and the five of them ran towards the door, TK gave a glance behind him seeing Angemon being pinned to the ground by NeoDevimon, the door then closed behind them hiding the scene from view.

They navigated their way through another maze of corridors coming across another room and like the last time there was someone waiting for them only this time it was much worse then NeoDevimon and LadyDevimon, standing before them was…Duskmon saying nothing as his swords extended.

EX-Veemon and Stingmon stepping front of the chosen, both Davis and Ken's D-3's lighting up


The merged creature appeared before them, the twin guns attached to his legs rose up "Desperado Blaster…"

He unleashed a steam of energy bullets at the knight, Duskmon was unfazed as he then with lightning speed deflected each shot with his swords.

"Kids get going, we'll hold this guy off." The merged creature said in its duel voice

"You sure?" Davis asked

"Yeah, now get going there's no time to argue." Paildramon replied.

The four of them nodded and ran for the door "Good luck Paildramon." Kari cried out as it slid shut behind her.

The four of them ran this time there wasn't a maze to follow, just a long corridor. Kari Davis Ken and TK emerged from it into the room, before them on a pedestal in a glass container was the red orb

"Quick we have to get it before Duskmon arrives." Kari stated, the four of them then dashed towards the pedestal

"Poor little child of light. Duskmon isn't the only one you need to worry about." Looking up they saw Myotismon floating towards them. "I congratulate you children, to have gotten this far but I'm afraid it was all for naught."

The sound of footsteps was heard before Paildramon flew through the door and crashing to the ground, standing in the doorway was Duskmon along with NeoDevimon and LadyDevimon who were holding Patamon and Salamon by the scruff of the neck which they threw on top of Paildramon

"No, Salamon."

"Patamon." Both TK and Kari ran over to their partners, cradling them in their arms

"Paildramon, you OK?" Davis asked as he and Ken hurried to the Dragon warriors side

"Congratulation vampire, you've done something right for a change." Duskmon said in a low growl

"Thank you, I exist only to serve you Lord Duskmon." Myotismon said bowing, the look on is face however gave the impression that he had a bad taste in his mouth.

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god, help me

Outsidethings were not looking so great either. Sora saw the carnage playing out before her, reaching into her pocket she took out the one thing she hoped could turn the tide of battle…Tai's digivise 'This has please so much power, please let me use your power to help everyone and get you back to Tai.'

Franticly she began pressing the buttons, a smile appeared on Sora's lips as the screen lit up 'Yes.'

That instantly changed when suddenly she felt like she'd been punched in the gut, pain wracked her body as she fell to her knees 'Wh…what's happening.'

At the same time a black aura appeared around Birdramon's body who let out a throaty cry "Sora…what have you done?"


Sora stared at the monster before her, it looked like Birdramon except its feathers were black. She remembered the day Tai forced Greymon to become SkullGreymon and how she and the others had yelled and criticized him for doing so and now she had done the same thing, she tried to use Tai's digivise and because of her actions she'd created a monster.

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

Letting out a cry Saberdramon spread its wings and took flight

"Black Sabre…" it then unleashed an attack similar to Birdramon's Meteor Wing which took out Aquilamon Digmon and Togemon, reverting them back to rookies and as well as the Shadowmon and Lupusmon.

"Birdramon, what's happened to you?" Kabuterimon asked as he approached, Saberdramon turned her gaze upon the insectoide

"Nitro Arrow…" her chest glowed green then from it emerged an energy arrow that nailed Kabuterimon reverting him back to Tentomon.

"Howling Blaster…" a beam of blue energy slammed into Saberdramon's back, looking round she saw Garurumon standing there, mouth open preparing for another attack "Howling Blaster…"

This time Saberdramon dodged it "Black Talon…" she then swooped down and pinned the wolf like creature to the ground with her talons before ascending once again

"Black Sabre…" the black meteors nailed Garurumon turning him back into Gabumon.

A tear rolled down Sora's face, she felt the strength in her legs begin to fail and she fell to her knee. The world around her seemed to move out of focus and everything went quiet till all she could see was Saberdramon. Then that began to fade from view and everything began turning dark.

Landmines has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell

Back inside the installation Paildramon managed to roll onto his side. He then fired off a single shot that flew past Duskmon's head

"Hmm, you missed." The knight stated, behind his mask Paildramon smirked

"Wasn't aiming for you." He said before reverting to Veemon and Wormon.

A smash was heard and the room was bathed in a red light. Taking advantage of this Kari ran towards the orb

"Quick grab her." Duskmon ordered, Kari grabbed the orb the moment she made contact with it the screen of her D-3 lit her body emitting a white aura. The orb then pulsed and rocketed upwards through the ceiling, it soared into the sky passing through the barrier that separated the digital world from the human world.

The screen of Izzy's laptop glowed bathing the room in a red glow

"What's going on?" Yuko asked

"I…I don't know." The bluenette replied. Something burst out of the screen and slammed into Tai.

In the void Tai was wresting the dark version of himself, and he was losing badly. The demon had him pinned to the ground by his throat he was beaten and bruised and he could feel himself grow weaker by the second.

The demon stood over him smirking when it let out a grunt and a painful look appeared on its face, it was then Tai felt a warm feeling welling up inside him and spreading through out his whole body before glowing with a fiery aura. D. Tai howled in agony releasing him, Tai taking the opportunity to kick him off away.

He then got to his feet all grabbed D. Tai by the throat

"Back to your cage." He snarled before throwing his demonic self of into the darkness the sound of a heavy door closing was heard somewhere off in the distance.

In the physical world Tai's body was glowing with a red aura, his eyes and the eyes of Agumon and Guilmon opened, he instantly grabbed hold of the sword that was at his bedside. The light grew brighter to it consumed everything around it, then just as had appeared it vanished leaving trace of the person that had lain there.

At that same moment a red light had appeared in the facility where Duskmon had housed the orb and when it vanished it revealed standing there wearing only his jeans and boots sword in hand was Tai, Agumon and Guilmon at his side, who both charged forward and jumped onto NeoDevimon and LadyDevimon. His right wrist glowed for a second and his digivice appeared on it.

"Tai nii-san." Kari cried happily

"Nee-chan, you didn't think I'd let you have all the fun didya." Tai said smiling, he then turned his focus to the Nightmare Soldiers

"Hi guys, miss me." He said a in a bitterly sarcastic tone.

"Grisly Wing…" Myotismon summons his swarm of bats and launched at Tai who smirked.

Grabbed the handle of the sword he began twisting it like one would the handle of a motorcycle the sound of revving was heard and red mist began forms around the weapon, when the bats were inches from him, Tai swung his sword destroying the bats before them could come close to him. His left arm began emitting a light blue aura.

He then grabbed the pedestal behind him and with a mighty heave managed to pull it right out of the metal floor before throwing it at the Duskmon who blocked it with one of his swords.

Myotismon was about to launch another attack when Duskmon stepped in front of him

"No. were leaving." A black portal appeared, both fallen angels managed to throw the reptilian creatures off them and the four of them retreated into the portal, Duskmon taking a moment to glare at Tai before he entered.

Kari then threw herself at her brother tears rolling down her face tears rolling down her face "I thought I'd lost you again." she choked out

"Hey, you should know better then that." he replied stroking her hair. Smiling she took the pendent over her head and put it around his.

The three boys approached "Tai my man, good to see you up." Davis cheered

"You bastard, you had us worried." TK added

"Hey, you can't get rid of me that easily." Tai smirked

"I hate to be the one break up this happy scene but we should make tracks." Ken said "We left the others outside to deal to cover us as we snuck in, they probably need our help."

"Right. Ok guys lets roll." Tai said and the group hurried towards the exit.

After navigating their way back through the maze of corridors the group found themselves bathed in sunlight, what greeted them was the sight of a large black bird who looked similar to Birdramon. Tai looked up at the black creature before him and checked his digivise

Level: Champion
Attribute: Virus
Type: Bird Digimon
Black Saber Nitro Arrow Mach Shadow Black Talon

He turned to Kari and the others "You guys go take cover whilst I take care of this, Salamon and the others are wiped from fighting Duskmon and the others."

"You sure you'll be ok?" Davis asked

"No worries, besides I got a shit load of energy to burn off." Tai replied, he then turned to his two digimon "Guilmon Agumon. Let's clip its wings."


The giant red dinosaur let out a fierce growl and extended his blades

"No stop." Kyuubimon cried as she dashed towards him "You can't, that's Biyomon."

"What?" all three cried

"Sora tried to use your digivice but she couldn't handle the power and it resulted in this."

"Giga Destroyer II…" something slammed into Kyuubimons back and exploded, a cruel was heard

"That's right Lord Yagami, but don't worry too much as you've got a bigger problem." Looking round the four of them saw Myotismon standing atop a grey skinned dinosaur like digimon with wires and black armor on part of its body "Here's something we wrangled in just for you."

Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Virus
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Giga Destroyer II Nuclear Laser

"Have fun Lord Yagami." Myotismon laughed before a black portal appeared behind him and he disappeared. MetalTyrannomon roared

"Nuclear Laser…" a beam of energy was fired from its left hand which Tai and Agumon only just managed to dodge out of the way of.

"Pyro Blaster…" Growlmon let off a fireball that slammed into MetalTyrannomon's head

"Giga Destroyer II…" the cyborg dinosaur fired a large missile from its right hand that connected with Growlmon and exploded.

"Nuclear Laser…" it fired off another laser beam with Tai and Agumon dodged, it was then he noticed a person lying on the ground about a yard from where he was and it was right in the laser's line.

Using Air Trick, Tai managed to grab whoever it was and dodge out of the way. It was then he saw the person lying in his arms was none other then Sora. "Oh god. Sora, Sora SORA…"

Sora fell to her knees looked about and saw herself in a large circular room, and in the centre where two figures who were engaged in fierce battle, knowing these people were Tai and the version of her from this Tai's native world. There she was wearing the black and white skin suit with the dark crimson cape and the black bird like mask, a chakram in each hand. Their weapons connected with one another causing sparks to fly.

She then charged towards him, then to her surprise he grabbed her and crushed his lips against hers. Her eyes went wide in shock for a second then closed them, Tai's sword was sticking through her chest and despite that they continued to kiss, tears rolling down his cheeks as they deepened.

A red aura appeared around Sora's body and her crest of love appeared over her heart, that red aura passed to Tai and was absorbed by his digivise. Slowly Tai withdrew his weapon from her chest before resting her on the ground teas pouring from his eyes.

Sora's hand rose shakily and touched his face then wiped away some of his tears

"Did you see her?" Tai asked "She looks just like you. The most beautiful child ever."

Tai then took her hand "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything. That I couldn't save you. That you got turned in the first place. And I'm sorry that I never told you, I love Sora I always did even when you were turned I never stopped. When I was brainwashed part of me was happy because even though you used me for your own pleasure at least in someway twisted way we were together and when I was freed I was depressed for sometime because I knew then you would be my enemy. Maybe if I hadn't been so much of a coward and told you before it happened then maybe I could have saved you but…"

He was cut off when she placed a finger over his lips then with her last bit of strength she raised her head off the floor and pressed her lips against his.

He felt her body grow limp and placing her back on the ground.

The scene before her faded away and she felt herself slipping into darkness when a voice cried out calling her name and felt a warm presence envelop her "Sora, Sora, SORA…"

Tai stared down at the girl that was in his arms, slowly her eyes parted slightly and something passed her lips that he didn't catch before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Just then his digivice began emitting a red aura, the same appearing around Agumon the symbol for Love appeared above him that morphed into Garudamon who dissolving into a shower of red orbs which banded together and engulfed Agumon. Growlmon began glowing with energy as well



Growlmon now had red chest armor with a large pair of thrusters on the back and a red mask on his head along with metal arms with large blades attached. And where Agumon had stood a man with scaly orange skin and long red hair wearing a helmet similar to WarGreymomn's, a red loin cloth with orange trim wrapped around his waist and armored boots and wrist guards, a long curved sword in each hand and a pair of red feathered wings on his back (AN: he looks like Archlord Zerato from the Yugioh card game). Tai checked his digivice

Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Virus
Type: Cyborg Digimon
Atomic Blaster Radiation Blade

Level: Champion
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Dragonic Angel Digimon
Wind Scar Inferno Strike Firestorm Tornado

ArcGreymon spread his wings and soared towards Saberdramon

"Nitro Arrow…"

"Wind Scar…" his left sword began glowing with red energy and fired it with a horizontal slash that tore through the green arrows with the force of a hurricane.

"Black Sabre…" the black meteors raced towards him, he then deflected some of them with his swords dodging the rest

"Inferno Strike…" he charged his right sword with orange energy and launched it with a vertical slash that impacted on Saberdramon's chest, the bird cried out in pain and plummeted to the ground but was able to get a hold of herself before managed to stop herself. Looking up she saw ArcGreymon hovering above her

"Biyomon, I know under all darkness your still in there." The angel/dragon cried out, the red glow in Saberdramon's eyes vanished but it only lasted a moment before it reappeared and she let out a cry and charged towards him

"Very well, if this is the only way to get through to you." He crossed his swords in an X pattern both glowing with power "Firestorm Tornado…"

He raised his swords and slashed the air creating a spiralling vortex of wind and flame which engulfed the black bird who cried out in pain as the vortex had enough force to rip her apart. Just then she felt something slam into her chest pushing her out of the vortex, the red glow disappeared when she saw ArcGreymon against her chest. She then reverted back to Biyomon her body clutched in ArcGreymon's arms as she passed into slumber.

On the ground WarGrowlmon and MetalTyrannomon were slugging it out

"Giga Destroyer II…" MetalTyrannomon a missile at WarGrowlmon

"Radiation Blade…" WarGrowlmon energized the blades on his forearms and uses them to cut through the missile

"Fox Tail Inferno…" small orbs of blue flame slammed into MetalTyrannomon's side and Kyuubimon appeared at WarGrowlmon's side, the to glanced at one an other and gave one another a small smile

"Atomic Blaster..."

"Dragon Wheel…"

The energy cannons on WarGrowlmon's chest began glowing with energy before firing twin red beams of energy whilst Kyuubimon's body was engulfed in blue flame which transformed into the energy dragon, the two energies wrapped themselves around one another reverting MetalTyrannomon to data shards.

The other DD's were regaining were beginning to regain conscious, Sabredrmon's attacks had been so violent that been knocked out from the shockwaves. They saw Tai with Sora in his arms along Kyuubimon, with a man with orange skin and red wings and what looked like Growlmon with metallic parts.

Tai saw them run over to him and smiled "Tai, your up." Cody said

Mimi was about to say something when the memories of the dream she'd had last night flashed before her eyes, it was then she saw Sora cradled in his arms and a feeling of jealously began boiling in the pit of her stomach. She shook her head and banished these thought and smiled "You had us worried."

"Hey don't worry, I'm here now. Thanks to all of you."

Tai's eyes then locked onto Matt and the two glared at one another for a few seconds before he turned and placed Sora on Kyuubimon's back "Come on lets go home."

The laptops screen lit up again which caused Yuko and Joe to cover their eyes stared wide eyed at the sight before her. Sora lay unconscious in Tai's arms

"What happened?" she demanded

"It's ok, she's just wiped. She'll be fine after some rest." Tai assured her as he placed Sora on the bed he'd laid in not so long ago, Joe then examined her and nodded in agreement.

Yuko stared at her son and wrap an arm around his neck "Never do that again." she whispered, she then handed over the sleeping form of Kasumi to him

"Thank you." Tai smiled at her leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

Kari watched, she could feel that from now on things would only get better. She hoped.

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