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summary: naruto just cant let go of sasuke until someone better comes his way but can sasuke let go of naruto

Can't Let Go

Sakura awoke early that morning to go to the bathroom. When she returned, she expected to see Sasuke just sitting up from noticing her not being there, but instead she saw a fully asleep Naruto trying to kick a fully awake Sasuke out of bed.

"Will you control your idiot", Sasuke said while still trying to avoid the swift kicks.

"He's not an idiot, Sasuke. He's just having a bad dream. Give up already", replied Sakura.

"What kind of nightmare is it where he kicks people?"

"I don't think he wants you to know. Of course you might've already known if you hadn't had your tongue down his throat everytime he opened his mouth."

"If he hadn't tempted me to do so I wouldn't have."

"Whatever...why are you here, Sasuke?"

"Did you want me to leave you alone last night?"

"Why didn't you go home after Naruto got here?"

"Why would I? Naruto left a space for me in bed so I took it."

"Why did you get in the middle?"

"That was where the space was. Besides, you both know I like the middle."

Naruto had stopped kicking a while ago and lay on his stomach. Sasuke forced Naruto to sit up while Naruto groaned.

"Where are myclothes I left here?" the raven asked.

"You never left any over here", Naruto whined trying to lay back down.

"Yes, I did. I left some of my favorite shirts here."

"Well I don't know where they are. Check the closet...the hamper...the floor..."

Naruto began to snore lightly. Sasuke got out of bed and walked into the closet. There were about fifty or so pairs of pants and double that amount of shirts. 'Where the hell are my shirts?' Sasuke thought after scanning the shirts in the closet for his own.

"Hey! Sasuke? What do your shirts look like?" Sakura asked from the bathroom.

"Some are blue with my family's company logo on the back and some are black with the logo and high collars", Sasuke answered.

Sakura walked into the room carrying five blue and black shirts. "These them?"

Sasuke ripped the shirts from her hands. "Where did you find these?" he snapped.


"Naruto! Did you wear my shirts?"

"Those are yours?" Naruto asked finally waking up from hearing all of the yelling.

"Of course! They have my family's company logo on them!"

"Well, sorry! Just borrow one of mine."

"I don't want yours...Where are jeans I left?"


"Don't you want me to leave?"

"Maybe I wore them"

Sakura came back in the room carrying two pairs of jeans from the hamper. Sasuke snatched those from her also.

"So I did wear 'um. Well, there you go, Sasuke. You can leave now", Naruto said stretching while still in bed.

"I don't have any clean clothes so I stay."

"You have clothes at my house, Sasuke. Just put on a jacket and go on over", Sakura said.

"Why don't you go over Sakura?"

Naruto stood up and put a jacket on as he walked to the front door.

"Where are you going", both Sasuke and Sakura asked simultaneously.

"To Sakura's apartment to get your clothes so you can leave. While I'm gone, you two can work on that yelling problem."

Naruto slammed the door behind him to emphasize his point.

"What's your problem", Sakura asked quietly. "Why are you always trying to get between me and my best friend?"

"Who says I am", Sasuke responded coolly.

"I know you are. You always were. When you two were dating, you always made sure he never sat anywhere near me. Then whenever he tried to say something to me, you would start making-out with him! And now you're even trying to get rid of me when we're together! What's wrong with you? why are you doing this?" Sakura's eyes were tearing up.

"Oh, don't give me your shit", Sasuke whispered fiercely. "You knew exactly what you were getting into whenI first asked you to assist me."

"...But why get between Naruto and me?"

"Why do you continue to ask questions you already have answers to?"

Naruto walked into the apartment carrying a pair of pants and a shirt. He handed them to Sasuke then walked into the kitchen. Sakura followed him after she dried off her face. Sasuke put on his clothing and left. Naruto had began to cook his ramen when he heard the front door close.

"Hey Naruto. Can we talk?" The blond faced his friend with a suspicious look.

"What about", he asked.


"But...my ramen is almost ready! Can't we talk later", the blond whined.

"No. Later there won't be any time. We have to talk alone." Naruto began to eat his ramen.

"Mo mmhm", he said with his mouthfull.

"Do you...still...HUH! Out with it, Sakura! Do you still love Sasuke?"

Naruto shrugged.

"C'mon! I need to know!"

"I don't know, Sakura! I don't even know if I ever loved him!"

"What would you do if Sasuke and I broke up?"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"I mean if he wanted you back? Would you stay with Gaara or go back to Sasuke?"

"I'm not with Gaara."

"You know what I mean."

"I guess Gaara since you two would get back together after a while."

"What if we never did and you and Gaara broke up too?"

"Ino would ind me someone else. You know how much she likes to do that."

"But what if she wants you to be with Sasuke...or Gaara for that matter?"

"She'd pick Gaara. Ino never really liked Sasuke."

"Naruto! Stop avoiding the questions! What would you think if I were...pregnant?"

"You're pregnant?!"

"No! That was a hypothetical question", the pink-haired woman yelled as she whacked the blond on the back of the head.

"Oh...I guess I'd be an uncle then and do what uncles do."

"And let's say I dumped Sasuke."

"Why? If you're pregnant and it's Sasuke's baby- if it is his baby ut if it's not Ino would call you a whore- then Sasuke would pamper the kid."

"...Naruto, did you just call me a whore?"

"No. I'm just saying that you sure would be doing a lot of sleeping around...that came out wrong. Sakura, are you trying to tell me you're pregnant and breaking up with Sasuke?"

"Wha...NO! Now I'm confused!"

"Wanna start over?"


"What do you want to know?"

"If you still love Sasuke and if you want him back?"

"Hmm...Nah. You can keep him. I'll get over him soon enough."

"Why, because you're falling in love with Gaara?"

"I'm not falling in love with anybody. I'm trying to fall out."

"Oh come on Naruto. You've been in love with two guys in a few years."

"It's been more than a few years. And I'm trying to stay out of the love loop for...hmm, I don't know, ever."

"Oh c'mon Naruto. We've all been in love before. You just fall more quickly and frequently than everybody else."

"Which is exactly why I should give up on love and just look for sex."

"Sex is great. But you need love. I don't want you getting hurt so just slow down with Gaara."

"I'm not slowing down with him, Sakura. I'm going to keep playing the cute little boy routine until...until...well, until I think we should just be friends."

"Naruto, you can't do that! That's playing with his heart."

"And I'm supposed to care about other guy's feelings? They don't care about mine. Except Shika and Kiba."

"And Gaara. Which is exactly why you should show mercy."

"Speaking of Kiba, he and Hinata are taking me to the club tonight."

"Ooh! Is it that gay one you like? I'm so go-Wait! You're getting off the subject again! I give up! It's hopeless talking to you."

Sakura walked out of the front door but stepped back in to say "I might join you at club Panther if I feel up to it. Bye" then left once again. Naruto laughed. He loved how he could confuse his best friend to get out of any- and everything. The blond threw away his empty ramen container and the phone rang.


"Naruto? It's Ino. I've found and planned the perfect second date for you and Gaara for tonight."

"That's great! Now replan it for tomorrow night. I have somewhere to be tonight."

"You're postponing a date with sex-god Gaara?"

"Yes. I have another date to attend."

"You're cheating on Gaara already?! You and Sakura are such whores! With who?"

"My friend Kiba and his girlfriend Hinata. We're going to the Panther."

"A threesome, huh? An orgy at the Panther? Why not invite Gaara? Why not invite me?"

"Inviting Gaara isn't a bad idea. Ino, you might not want to come since Sakura invited herself. Now tell me about this date."

"You will know when the time comes. Bye Naru."

"Bye Ino."

The day continued on to the night when Kiba and Hinata picked Naruto up and they all headed to the club.


lady: this was kinda like a filler and during that whole conversation between naruto and sakura naruto was trying to throw sakura off of the subjects of sasuke and love which he successfully did