This was written for "National Covered Chocolate Anything" day which was on December 16th. It was a challenge that was originally answered at the Bludhaven Yahoo Group.

This is a silly story and should not be taken seriously.

Thank you, Djinn, for the beta.

The night dragged on, his wrists beginning to ache from the strain of hanging in midair over a vat of melted chocolate for far longer than he'd intended.

And he'd actually thought this had been a good idea. He vowed never to listen to Dick again.

"Give her something different, Bruce. A night to remember," Dick had said.

Diamonds were a girl's best friend even if that girl happened to be the Black Canary. Next time he'd give her the damn tennis bracelet for her birthday like he'd planned.

If there was a next time and he wasn't still hanging by his arms over this vat.

He looked down, then around the room, rolling his eyes. The lengths men go to for love.

What was taking her so long?

He'd planned the night perfectly, leaving a clue in the form of a riddle for her to decipher--a clue she would believe was from the Riddler, leading her to this chocolate factory. She'd rescue Bruce and would forever be able to boast that she, the Black Canary, saved the Batman's ass.

Bruce had to admit it was the perfect present for someone like Dinah. But he'd never considered the possibility that she wouldn't be able to solve the riddle.

Hadn't she thought to contact Oracle for help?

Bruce flexed his aching wrists but only managed to tighten the grip the decel line had on him. Sure, he could escape the bonds if he was so inclined. But he'd gone to such extremes with this birthday surprise the least he could do was follow through with it and wait for her. Besides, she would be here soon.

Wouldn't she?

Another hour and still no Canary and his arms had lost nearly all feeling. It was time to put this charade to rest before he could no longer feel his limbs. Before he would be in need of a real rescue.

He maneuvered one hand with the extra space he'd intentionally left in the cable, finally managing to release it, holding the line tightly with the other. He shook his now freed hand to generate some sense of feeling within it, his body swaying with the sudden motion. Normally he would have compensated for the shift in momentum, but he'd been hanging for hours now and his limbs were partially asleep. He felt the rope slip from his grasp, and before he could obtain a firmer hold, he fell, splashing feet first into the vat of melted chocolate.

He stood to his full height and cursed Dick for ever putting this fool's idea into his head to begin with, then stiffened at the sound of stifled giggles. He sighed. "How long have you been watching me?"

Dinah stepped out of the shadows and sauntered toward him. "Since you got here."

"Impossible. I would have known."

"Let's just say I learned a few stealth tricks of my own."

Bruce climbed out of the vat, chocolate dripping off of him, pooling around his feet. He removed his cowl, the thick substance making it impossible to see through the lenses. "Your teacher wouldn't happen to be Nightwing, would it?"

Canary ran a finger down the side of his face, then placed it in her mouth, sucking the chocolate off of it, slowly. Very slowly.

Bruce swallowed. Hard.

"He just asked me what I wanted for my birthday."


"I told him I wanted a chocolate covered Bat." She produced a camera from behind her back and took aim. "Smile."