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"Happy Birthday!" was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Ugh. Suprise Suprise, right? NOT!

"Hey Mom, Dad, Ivory." I said. They frowned at my lack of happiness.

"Is there something wrong?" my mother asked. I ignored her and went to the bathroom. Yeah, today's my 16th birthday. So what? I don't freaking care. I'm older, and dad's getting more protective. I'm almost not allowed to a boy from 5 meters. But, behind their backs, I date. Yeah, I've dated. But nothing further than that. I was currently dating Benjamin, a jock. HOTTIE more like it. I know he's cheaing on me with that SLUT Diana Cammer. I'm gonna break up with him today.

"NO!" is shouted and bolted out of the bathroom. I have a temper. Yeah, I'm disrespectful. IT'S THEIR FAULT! They never pay attention to me, Ivory is the one that is always paied attention too. Poor Ivory, flunking math and reading. But does anyone say: Good for Ivy, made 1st in school again out of the whole grade. I'm in all advanced. They wanted to bring me to college already, so I'm just taking courses.

I'm smart and not fcking delayed like Ivory. I hate my life so much. Taht's why i love music, no dancing. Ok, I dance because mom and dad do, but i do...dirty dancing. Hip-pop, cool stuff in the clubs. Not that 'safe' stuff like tango. Music is the best thing ever to me. Everyone thinks I'm crazy cuz i like music, not dancing like mom and dad. Ivory LOVES and ADORES dancing. I fcking hate it.

"How come every time you come around, my London, london bridge wanna go down like..." I sang as I ignored my parents waiting at the door.

"Ivylin..." my dad started when I slammed the door in his face.

"IVYLIN TOVAR!" someone yelled. I shurgged and went back to my comp.

PosionIvy: Heyyy Benny

Jock4Life: Hey baby girl

PosionIvy: We are over. BYE!

PosionIvy has signed off

I was now single. WHOO-HOO! He can go and fck Diana Cammer all he wants and I don't give a SHIT!

I put in my ipod and "Fall Out Boy's" 'Dance,Dance' was blasting out of the speakers. I combed my hair and put on jeans. I slipped on a white tank to match my blonde/red hair. It's naturally like that. I hate it. Yes, i am a rebel. IVY'S A REBEL SO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CARE!?

I let my hair down and sway to the music while I typed up my Physics report.

"joaquin, what have we done wrong?" Dorinda asked.

"I don;t know, she was fine until..."

"Until 13. When she became a legal teen." Dorinda finished. Her husband nodded.

"Here, why don't we talk to her?" Joaquin suggested.

"Heck, that won't work." said a voice. They turned around to see Ivy's best friend, Erick Anotonio, son of angel and galleria.

"Hi Erick, how's your mom?" Dorinda asked. Erick sat down in his second home.

"Ok, she's stressed. Kendra is starting college, Angelica is being a bitch and became a frickin' vergatarian. Dad lost his thing. He doesn't want music anymore, he wants the listen, not make. Mom's not ready though." he explained.

"Oh, poor Galleria. Ivy's upstairs." Dorinda said.

"k, i'll get her head straight." he said.