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Chapter 8: Tangled

When Inuyasha woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he was back at home... In Sesshomaru's room. The second thing was that the metal collar was gone. It was sitting on a table next to the bed. Inuyasha looked around the room. Sesshomaru didn't appear to be there. Inuyasha would have liked nothing more to just lie back down and go to sleep. He was exhausted after his journey. But he knew he couldn't, not now. So he slipped off the dark blue bed and moved towards the doorway.

As he was just about to open it, the door slid open by itself. Now Inuyasha stood face to face with his brother.

"So you're finally awake." Sesshomaru said softly, stepping foreword and closing the door behind him. Inuyasha gulped when he heard him lock it. They stood there awkwardly for a few moments.

"H-how did you get the collar off?" Inuyasha stuttered, breaking the tense silence.

"I found The Black Sun and… disposed of them." Sesshomaru answered simply. Inuyasha looked up into the elder youkai's eyes… And in them he saw the same thing he saw in the wolf's eyes and the human's eyes; lust.

He backed up when Sesshomaru started towards him.

"Please no…" Inuyasha whimpered. Sesshomaru sighed in frustration.

"Inuyasha, your fear is understandable. But you must realize by now that there is no way out of this." He said calmly. "Unless of course one of us suddenly dies." He added as an afterthought. Inuyasha looked at the floor. He knew Sesshomaru was right… But that didn't make him any less afraid.

Sesshomaru cupped Inuyasha's chin in his hand and lifted his head back up. He slowly pressed his lips onto Inuyasha's.

This kiss was not like the first one was. The other one was forceful, plundering his mouth without permission. This one was soft and with tenderness he didn't think Sesshomaru was capable of. So Inuyasha didn't struggle, he merely released muffled whimpers of fear.

Sesshomaru tried to calm down his mate, stoking his face and hair. He was surprised when Inuyasha parted his lips tentatively, allowing entry to his mouth. Sesshomaru didn't hesitate to plunge his tongue into the sweet cavern, exploring every corner of his mate's mouth.

But Inuyasha was still very tense. Sesshomaru continued to caress him softly, moving up to stroke his ears. Inuyasha growled. He hated it when anyone touched his ears.

Sesshomaru smirked as he pulled away. Inuyasha was more himself when he was angry. He pulled the hanyou over to the bed, laying him down and starting to remove both their clothing. Inuyasha just shut his eyes tight and clenched his fists. He didn't want this.

Sesshomaru on the other hand, did.

His eyes raked over the hanyou's young body… They were both naked now, and added to that Inuyasha's sweet scent was overwhelming him. He wanted to just take him now, but he knew he mustn't. Inuyasha was still shaking and his eyes were closed tight. Sesshomaru bent down and kissed Inuyasha again briefly before moving down to softly lick and suck the tender flesh of his neck. Luckily Inuyasha had finally begun to relax. Now he could move on. He placed his hands firmly on Inuyasha's shoulders, holding him in place. He slowly moved downward, making Inuyasha squirm in confusion.

"Aniki… Wha…?" Inuyasha stuttered. Sesshomaru paused, partly in surprise, because Inuyasha had never called him Aniki before.

"Just relax. I promise this part won't hurt." Sesshomaru said with a mischievous glint in his eye. Inuyasha frowned but tried to do as he was told.

Unexpectedly, Inuyasha felt Sesshomaru's lips slowly encircle his member, making him gasp loudly. Sesshomaru continued, sucking slightly the steadily growing member, smirking as a ripple of pleasure passed through his mate. Sesshomaru suddenly took the whole thing in his mouth, making Inuyasha cry out and buck his hips violently. Sesshomaru held onto Inuyasha, preventing him from moving.

Now Inuyasha was panting heavily, his eyes watering at the strange, yet wonderful feeling. He could feel something building, like molten fire in his stomach, slowly branching out to encompass his entire body. Suddenly a wave of pleasure washed through him, and his vision faded. He arched and groaned, shuddering.

Sesshomaru kept sucking as Inuyasha released, drinking all his mate's seed thankfully. He pulled away from the hanyou and waited for him to catch his breath, kissing him again lightly.

"Now it's my turn." Sesshomaru said, reaching over and picking up a bottle on the bedside table that was sitting next to the collar. "Roll over." (NO PUN INTENDED).

Inuyasha took a deep breath and flipped onto his back. Sesshomaru unscrewed the bottle and dipped his fingers inside, coating them with a layer of lubricant. He leaned over Inuyasha again, placing his other hand on the hanyou's shoulder to keep him still.

"Relax, this is going to hurt." Sesshomaru said softly in Inuyasha's ridiculously cat-like ear. It flicked backward slightly. As slowly and carefully as he could (with a sharp claw on the end) he pushed his finger foreword.

Inuyasha yelped as he felt Sesshomaru push his finger inside the tight ring of muscle. It hurt, more then he thought it would too. He squirmed and whimpered as Sesshomaru pushed it deeper and deeper, stretching his soft flesh. Inuyasha tried to relax but his body wouldn't listen to him. His muscles contracted on their own, trying to force out the invading digits. He struggled and whined as Sesshomaru added another finger, and then another.

"St-stop…" Inuyasha whimpered, closing his eyes and gripping the bed sheets.

"Just relax." Sesshomaru said again, parting his fingers slowly, making Inuyasha whine painfully again. Sesshomaru closed them back together and started working them in and out, making Inuyasha squirm more. As they slid out, his muscles clenched back together, only to be once again stretched as they slid back in. Inuyasha emitted pathetic cries of pain as Sesshomaru continued.

Sesshomaru frowned. He was feeling that emotion, guilt, yet again. But he wouldn't let that stop him. He would carry out his father's orders. Of course, Sesshomaru would be lying if he said he had never thought of Inuyasha in more then a brotherly fashion. The hanyou was beautiful, there was no denying that. With his creamy skin and soft white hair like fresh fallen snow. And those eyes, eyes that were now clenched together in pain. Golden, so like his own, but somehow not. No, Sesshomaru was not sorry that this incredible creature was his mate.

Inuyasha closed his eyes tightly, trying to steady his breathing. Why would anyone want to do this? Sesshomaru was just stretching him, and it already hurt. Almost like an answer to his question, suddenly the fingers hit something inside him, giving him the same strange feeling as before. Pleasure almost completely covered over the pain and discomfort. He gasped and moaned. Sesshomaru smirked, knowing he had found his little brother's sweet spot. As he thrust them in again he deliberately aimed for that spot, making Inuyasha moan more. His member started growing again, and he was sweating and panting. But so was Sesshomaru's. Seeing his mate's arousal made he himself more aroused.

Inuyasha expelled a sigh as the intruding fingers were removed. The pain was gone, but then again so was the pleasure, and he realized that he wanted more. But somehow he knew the pain would get worse.

Sesshomaru coated his member with the same lubricant he used before as he waited for Inuyasha to calm down.

Inuyasha whimpered when he felt Sesshomaru's hard member press against his sore entrance. He screamed as it was thrust in unexpectedly. Inuyasha struggled and tears started welling up in his eyes. Sesshomaru, with a sudden wave of impatientness, held on to Inuyasha's hips strongly and pushed deeper inside him, making Inuyasha whine and struggle more, but now that Sesshomaru was holding him he could hardly move.

"Se-Sesshomaru, it hurts…" Inuyasha gasped, some tears leaking out of his eyes. Sesshomaru merely kept delving deeper inside him and didn't stop until he was completely inside. Sesshomaru leaned down and cooed to his shaking mate, the kinds of things you would say to calm down a frightened horse.

It seemed to work, to some extent, because Inuyasha relaxed slightly, taking deep breaths. When Inuyasha was no longer shaking, Sesshomaru started slowly moving his member in and out, groaning despite himself.

Inuyasha desperately tried to keep relaxed, but it hurt so much. He knew Sesshomaru was trying to be gentle, but that didn't stop the waves of pain that came crashing over him as Sesshomaru continued to thrust in and out, going deeper and deeper into his body each time.

After a while though, the pain started to fade slightly. His tight muscles were beginning to open up. And he was breathing slower. Then he felt it touch that spot again making him moan and forget about the pain. This time when Sesshomaru thrusted he pushed back, wanting more of that wonderful feeling. To add to it, Sesshomaru reached foreword and stroked his now hard member. That was about all he could take. Inuyasha almost screamed in pleasure as he released.

Almost immediately afterward Sesshomaru groaned and shuddered, shooting his seed deep into Inuyasha. They both went limp, panting loudly. After a few moments Sesshomaru pulled out of him and brought them both to lie on their sides. He kissed Inuyasha on the cheek softly.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" Sesshomaru whispered.

"No," Inuyasha mumbled tiredly. "I suppose it wasn't."