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Chapter One

"Hinata-chan, is something wrong?"

The small girl sniffed, dabbing at her tear stained eyes. "Ie, Oka-san."

The tall, elegant woman took a seat next to her daughter and gave her an unconvinced smile. "Really?"

The tears pooled into her wide, doe eyes. "Otou-san…"

The older woman frowned. "What about daddy?"

"I…I don't want to be the President of Hyuga Corp. I…I wish to be an actor.

Hinata sat on her bare bed, taking one last look at her old bedroom. The walls were bare; the furniture, gone. She sighed; it was as if she hadn't just spent the last thirteen years living this small little room. Her room.

…But maybe that was the point.

A new little girl or boy would move in, thinking it had never been used. It could become their own little room.

Their one single piece of home.

She looked at her duffel bag sitting in the barren corner. She didn't have much. She sat on the bed, swinging her legs, until someone opened the door. The head of the orphanage gave her a soft smile.

Hinata knew what time it was. A new life…

But she couldn't help but wonder…Why? Why me? Why would anyone adopt me?

An old but beautiful couple walked through the door. The woman was sporting a fitted pair of designer slacks that were folded against her Italian leather boots. A genuine Fendi purse was dangling from her elbow. The man had the appearance of a slowly aging football star.

"Hinata? Hinata honey, are you ready to go? If you need more time, the cars out back, it's a red Mercedes." Hinata stared at the beautiful woman with a passive expression.

Mr. Haruno nudged his wife, scolding her. "Honey, she's deaf!"

"Oh..oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, dear!"

The silent Hyuga merely bowed to them before leaving the room, leaving the baffled couple behind. "Let's go after her. She doesn't know which car is ours!" They rushed out of the room and looked for any sign of the dark-haired girl, but could not find her. "Oh, honey! What if...what if something bad happened! We should have never let her out of our sight, not even for a minute!"

The distraught woman sighed, continuing to scan the horizons. Her husband tried to think rationally. "Okay, okay calm down. Let's try calling the cops. Where's your phone?"

"In the car. Let's go get it."

Mr. and Mrs. Haruno walked to the car, and jumped when they saw a dark-haired girl waiting patiently in the passengar seat. "Hinata! Wow, I, um, let's just...go home? Well...to our home. But it's going to be your home too! You'll love it their, you'll get your own room, and Sakura's dying to meet you!"



Driving home was awkward and quiet. The upbeat couple had only known her for an hour, and yet they were already having doubts. They had no idea raising a deaf, introverted teenager would be so hard. Mrs. Haruno sighed. "She's a bit...odd."

"That's not nice."

"What? You keep saying she can't hear!" Nervously, she turned around to look at the girl in question. She was sitting straight, staring straight ahead. She seemed to be in a world of her own. "That girl should feel grateful we're taking her in. If it weren't for us, she'd still be rotting in that orphanage. Can't she at least pretend to be nice? After all, we're saving her from poverty out of the kindness of our hearts!"

He tried to concentrate on driving, but Mr. Haruno felt a bit uneasy in the girl's presence. Trying to reassure himself, he felt silly. The girl was deaf. It was probably because he was too accustomed to the bubble, talkative, sociable disposition of his daughter that the silence made him nervous. He shrugged. "Well, not everyone can be as friendly or fun as our daughter. Besides, she certainly doesn't look like a product of poverty."

Mrs Haruno shrugged. "I suppose she looks presentable enough to the country club. Not as beautiful as our precious, but tolerable enough."

Throughout the whole drive, Hinata didn't move a muscle. Other than the occasional breathing, she never moved. Mrs. Haruno shivered; she got a weird feeling from this girl.

When the car stopped, Hinata stared out the window at the posh, modern house they had pulled up in front of. The couple's happy faces appeared in front of her window. Scrutinizing the red lips that were spinning miles per minute, Hinata unbuckled her seatbelt. The woman looked shocked, but moved back as Hinata opened the door. She waited for them to open the door to their insanely big house.

They stared back at her stupidly. "Right! Right, the door. Um, right this way...oh yeah..." Hinata simply trailed behind them towards her new home. As soon as they opened the front door, a pink flash darted out, nearly tackling Hinata over. The girl broke her indifferent mask, looking bewildered and overwhelmed. The pink-haired beauty, taking a step back, looked at Hinata's flustered face and smiled apologetically. The girl pointed to herself, then began a flurry of finger movements. She first made a fist with her thumb on the top. After that, they came so fast that her parents lost track.

Hinata, however, read each sign and responded with her own. Sakura smiled and clapped with excitement. Her parents tapped her on the shoulder, interrupting the silent conversation. "Uh, Sakura, what's going on?"

"Duh, sign language! I just told her my name's Sakura, and she responded by saying, nice to meet you. What a nice girl."

"Heh...maybe we should have thought about that..."

Making another few complicated signs, Sakura turned around and raced up the stairs. "Mom, Dad, I have to practice my cheers now. See you at dinner." The turned back to Hinata with guilty expressions.

"Ah, your room. We'll show you to your room."

"Don't bother!" Sakura yelled from upstairs in her room. "I already told her."

Hinata bowed, excusing herself, and grabbed her bag. She slowly walked up the stairs, going down the left corridor where her room was located.

The Harunos weren't a nosy pair; however, there was something off about this girl. They knew she was deaf, but the orphanage never mentioned anything about being mute.

The dinner table was the same as any other day; Sakura would beam to her parents about her daily accomplishments while they would tell her how special gifted she was. Hinata was so quiet that they forgot many times that she was even present. It was as if she had never moved in.

Like a wallflower.

Sakura was every parents' dream of a trophy kid. Not only was she pretty, but she was friendly, charming, and academic (there were trophies all throughout the house). It was hard to hate her; after all, here was a girl who had the whole world handed to her. The possibilities were endless. If having kids was like the lottery, then the Haruno couple had definitely hit the jack pot.

Hyuga Hinata, on the other hand, was more like two lemons and a seven. Hinata was not only disabled, but she was not what society was open to. She was remarkably pale, dark-haired, and had unusual, rare silver eyes. Not everybody could appreciate her rare kind of beauty. But if one were to spare her just a moment's glance, they would be captivated by her enigmatic air of intrigue .

After taking a few tiny bites of food, Hinata quietly excused herself. They didn't look away from their plates as she walked away from the table.

Hinata tossed and turned from under her blankets. From outside her window, she could hear the deafening, torturing buzz of cars as they whizzed down the roads.

She tried to turn away from the window, but the sound of the cars was louder than ever. Clamping her hands over her ears, she tried to block out the sound.

With a fright, Hinata looked out the window and realized…

…the streets were deserted.

Not a car in sight.

The sounds were inscribed in her memory, in her conscious, which she could never escape from…

"Sakura, hi!"

"Hey, forehead girl!" The blond girl looked back to stare at the strange newcomer. "Who's that quiet girl behind you?"

"Oh, that's Hinata! She's my new sister. My parents adopted her."

"Oh. She looks nice."

"Yeah, she's a nice girl. She's also deaf." Ino stared at her friend, but the expression on her face after the last sentence was impossible to read.

Sakura noticed that everywhere she went, people would stare at Hinata with mixed expressions. The pink-haired cheerleader shrugged it off, clasping one of Hinata's hands and pulling her along to her home room.

After helping Hinata into a desk, Sakura settled into her usual throne in the middle of the class. Her fellow classmates swarmed to her prodding her with questions. Naruto's face popped up in front of her. "Sakura-chan, who's she?"

"My new sister, Hinata."

His face looked confused as he scratched the back of his neck. "Eh? When did that happen, she looks too old to be a newborn."

Kiba bonked the top of Naruto's head, sighing. "She told us last week her parents were adopting, baka!" He stole a sideways glance at her, smiling slightly. "She is pretty cute though..." He tried calling her name, but she seemed to be ignoring her. Hell, she was one good actor because it looked like she hadn't even heard him.

The other guys, noticing Kiba's rejection, tried to get the attention of the new girl. Everything from soft whispering to wolf whistles ensued. Sakura rolled her mint green eyes, sighing. "She's deaf, you morons. Now either take up sign language, or get back to your seats!"

Grumbling, they all retreated, slightly slumped over from their shot confidence. Naruto, however, gave her a warm, friendly grin. Hinata's lips curled up into a smile, one that reached her eyes. Naruto's smile widened. He got back to his seat, shaking the brooding boy next to him. "Ne, teme, you think she's cute?"

Sakura turned around ever so slightly, equally, if not more anxious to hear his reply.

Sasuke poked open one eye, looking at her still grinning face. She was abnormally pale, among the sea of sun-kissed bodies. Her long, dark hair obscurred most of her face, but she looked very plain. Nothing really special about her. Sasuke shrugged; there wasn't much to say. Naruto looked at him, still waiting for an answer. Sasuke shrugged, tearing his eyes away from her. "Well, they said she's deaf. Maybe you do have a shot with her."

"Thanks man, I really-HEY, it's not nice to make fun of the disabled!"

Sasuke stared at him dumbly. "But you make it so easy."

Naruto was about to shout something obscene, when the teacher bursted through the doors.

After class, Ino was genuinely impressed. "Wow Sakura, I've never seen anyone attract so much attention in one day. I am impressed."

Sakura nodded. "My dear Ino-pig, men are all the same. Dangle a toy too high above their heads for them to reach, and they'll only jump higher. It's all just a little game to them. They're simple creatures, really."

The pretty blond giggled. "I guess you're right. But still...she is kind of pretty. In that whole, Amy Lee goth chick kind of way."

She nodded. "I never said she wasn't pretty.

Sakura turned to Hinata with a warm smile. Her fingers quickly bended themselves into the intricate shapes, and after the first two Ino gave up. Hinata, however, was as bright as a tomato. She cleared her throat, a surprisingly high, girly sound, and tried to bury her deepening blush.

"Look, look she's blushing! What did you say to her?"

"I told her how popular she is with the guys."

"Aww, she's so cute. And so is her voice. She should really speak up more."

Sakura nodded in agreement. Waving her hand, Sakura ushered for her new sister to follow her to their next class.