Chapter 1 : Stranded
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Kish's POV
How could they? How could they leave me out on this little island all alone?? Just because I like the cat-girl. Why did they shove me off the plane? It wasn't as if tart didn't like the monkey-girl. Oh well, at least I have food, shelter and a bed. But it's so lonely here.

So Kish decided to head off into the top of the island

Ichigo's POV
It's all my fault. just because Masaya said we're over didn't mean that I could jump into the ocean and let it float me to this island. And my powers don't even work. And if they don't work Ryou and Keiichiro will never find me. No one can find me. And there's no one on this stupid island except me! And I have no food or shelter and I can;t even swim back to shore!
-------------------------------------------------------The Birds Fly Away---------------------------------------
What was that?? Why did all the birds fly away?? I hear footsteps. I better hide behind this tree.

Even though Kish's powers were gone he could still sense someone's presence behind that tree. So Kish started to head towards that tree.