Disclaimer: Avatar: the Last Airbender does not belong to me, and be thankful for it too, or it would be all Tokka fluff.

Author's Notes: This is my first Avatar fanfiction, so be wary. :P Basically, I challenged myself to write a Tokka drabble for each letter of the alphabet, and this is the product.

Apple is by far my favorite drabble of the ones that I've written. Not quite fluff (warning: I'm not too great at fluff), but enough to make me giggle.

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"What're you looking at?"

"An apple."


"I'm hungry, but not hungry enough to get it."

"So you're lazy."


"Glad to know I've got your personality down." Toph stomped her foot and the apple fell.

"Hey, thanks, Toph!"

"You're sharing that, Snoozles."

"Sharing it?" He sounded confused.

"Yes. You get some and I get some."

He pulled a face, then said, "I don't have a knife."

"What d'you need a knife for?"

"To cut it up so we can share."

Toph took the apple from Sokka's hands and bit into it before shoving it into his mouth.

"There. Sharing."