Author's Notes: On to T-V. Heh, TV. Anyway. Thinking is probably one of my favorites (after Apple, of course), with Unique running a close race. I love the thoughts of Sokka, so Thinking was fun to write (though difficult to name). Unique takes place during The Crossroads of Destiny when Sokka and Aang pick up Toph to go save Katara (aka, the famous arm cling scene). Vibrations... I have nothing good to say for it since I don't really like it. Oh well.

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Ridiculous. Impossible. Insane. Crazy.

But then again, maybe so was he.

No. No, it couldn't happen. He loved Suki; he was involved with Suki. He didn't need anyone else.

"Hey, Snoozles."

Blink; breathe. "Hey, Toph."

He was happy with Suki, wasn't he?

But Suki isn't here…

No! Think Suki, remember Suki… her pale skin, warm hands, bright smile, those dark bangs—no! He had Suki, he didn't need anyone else.

Shake it off, don't think about her

Oh spirits, what was she doing sitting so close? Just keep breathing or she'll notice—

"You okay, Snoozles? You don't sound too good…"


"You smell like Earth."

"You say that as if it's a surprising thing."

"Well, I guess I just never expected you to smell like Earth too."

"Snoozles, I live in a rock tent. What else would I smell like?"

"More like a girl…"

"Well, I'm sorry I don't smell girly enough for you, but as you can see, I'm not exactly the girly type."

"Really? You could've fooled me!"

She nearly cut off the circulation in his arm after that, but all he noticed was that she smelled like Earth and sweat and pine trees and confidence, all at once.


She could feel vibrations with her feet—it was as simple as that. But there were times he wondered if it was more.

She said she could tell if someone was lying by their heart rate and breathing, or how someone was feeling by the way they walked or stood, or if they were smiling by the sound of their voice.

He was personally inclined to believe it was something else: she had a sixth sense, he was sure of it, some amazing ability to sense how others were feeling.

He wondered what else that sixth sense was good for.