Author's Notes: Ahh, the last chapter! Okay, let's see... Weightless is set, obviously, during the arm cling scene in Crossroads of Destiny. Such a good scene... 'Xenolith', for those of you who don't know, is a bit of rock inside another rock, hence the drabble. Yearning really didn't have a title until I couldn't think of anything better that started with 'Y'. And 'zenith' has to do with the highest point of something (in this case, the war). These really aren't happy Tokka moments like past drabbles, but I like them nonetheless. :D

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For Toph, there were few things in the world worse than riding Appa bareback.

When they were riding bareback, there was nothing to hold on to but Appa's thick, silky fur, which would slide through her fingers like water. The wind would whip around her and all she would be able to sense was Appa's steady heartbeat and the fluid breathing of her companions, which she couldn't even be concerned to dissect.

But there were times, she realized—like now—that riding Appa bareback wasn't that bad of a thing.

Toph hugged Sokka's arm closer and smiled. She felt weightless.


Every once in a while Toph understood what it was life to be the odd one out, to feel like an invader to the little group that was Aang, Katara, and Sokka.

They would talk about the North or South Pole or Yue or Gran-Gran and Toph would just sit there, "playing in the dirt," as Sokka had so childishly called it before she Bended him fifteen feet in the air.

But then he would turn to her and say, "Toph, remember when…?" And she would banter back and just be glad to be part of the rock they were.


"Toph, look out!"

She turned her head toward him, confused, and he did the only thing he could think of: he threw himself at her and pulled her body under his. A ball of fire whizzed only feet above them.

Her breathing was harsh in his ear and her eyes wide; her chest pushed into his with every breath. He could feel her heart beating and there was sweat beading her forehead. Her passion coursed through his veins like fire.

"Thanks," she breathed, and he whispered a "no problem."

He would've never gotten up if they weren't fighting a war.


It seemed as if there was fire everywhere, and the sun shone brighter than it should've for a solar eclipse. They stood outside the Fire Lord's throne room uneasily.

Toph had to admit she was scared.

Suddenly she felt a pair of arms surrounding her, which pulled back only to be replaced with another pair—and just like that, Aang and Katara disappeared inside the room. Toph stood, rooted.

Then a third pair of arms enveloped her, desperate, shaking, just like the voice that whispered in her ear, "Be careful."

"We'll be okay," she whispered back. Because she had hope.