A/N: In our school's anime club, one of the moderators challenged me to write a drabble a day for the days up to Christmas. I have written all of them for up to now, and I am only going to post a few because not all are allowed on this site. There are a variety of different fandoms, and this one just happened to be Teen Titans. Pardon the OOCness.

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Holiday Shopping
by Mint Pizza Queen

Beast Boy stared up expectantly--green eyes bulged to the maximum in an overly enthusiastic attempt of 'the puppy eyed look' and his lower lip was wibbling.

Starfire was unimpressed.

"Why should I take you to the mall of shopping? After all, what have you done for me?" She crossed her arms and huffed with annoyance.

"Well, for one I--" He paused. Then a lightbulb clicked. "I had your pudding of sadness! That's gotta count for something."

Starfire snorted. "Friend Cyborg had partaken in the eaten of the pudding of sadness."

"I've saved you plenty of times when bad guys tried to kidnap you!"

"So has Robin." The Tamaranian blushed in remembrance, heading off to la-la land with Robbie-poo.

Beast Boy's eye twitched. "Seriously, Star, I reeeeeeeeeally need you to go with me!"

"Why not go with friend Cyborg? After all, he is the one with the motorized vehicle of awesomeness."

"Yeah, well," Beast Boy blushed and rubbed the back of his head. "See, I'm trying to get the perfect gift for Rae, and I don't really know what she likes, and seeing as how you two hang out a lot, and you're a girl, I--"

"Oh!" Starfire's eyes became alive with excitement. "Why did you not mention that this was an occasion to please friend Raven?! Come! Let us set forth to the mall of shopping!" She grabbed his gloved hand and instantly bolted out the window, shattered glass flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Robin turned a page in the newspaper. "I really wish that she would use the door. All well."