Chapter 1

"Are you ready?" Shawn Michaels asked.

Kelly, a 15 year-old young girl, flipped off her Discman: she was listening her favourite boys band: Backstreet Boys.

"Quit playin' games with my heart (with my heart)
Before you tear us apart (my heart)
Quit playin' games with my heart
I should've known from the start
You know you've gotta stop (from my heart)
You're tearin' us apart (my heart, my heart)
Quit playin' games with my heart"

"C'mon, Backstreet Girl, let's get to work" Shawn laughed as Kelly nodded.

Kelly was a student in Shawn Michaels' wrestling school; she was training to try to enter the WWF.

As the practise was over, Shawn called Kelly.

"Vince McMahon called me: he asked me if I had someone with at least 3 years of experience to start a new Women's Division" Shawn explained.

"And what did you say?" Kelly asked.

"I said you were perfect for it" Shawn smiled.

"Are you kidding me? Oh My God" Kelly hugged Shawn.

2 weeks later…

"I'm bored" Brian said.

"Me too" Kevin said.

"Hey, Nick, what are you watching?" A.J. asked the younger boy.

"Wrestling" Nick answered.

"What the hell?" Howie, who too was a fan of wrestling, sat down as an unknown blonde young girl came out with Shawn Michaels.

"She's gotta be at least 16" Brian said, before noticing Nick was literally drooling.

"Yo, Nick, you're drooling" A.J. laughed as Nick put his hand on his mouth.


Marlena was distracting Shawn.

Kelly ran towards her and gave a strong forearm shot.

"OH what a shot" Nick said.

"I gotta get tickets to see this live" Brian laughed.

The match ended with the Sweet Chin Music and Kelly got in the ring.

She got a mic and gave it to Shawn.

"I know what you're thinking: who is this young lady?" Shawn said as the crowd cheered.

"This is Kelly, the next Women's Champion. The youngest WWF Women's Champion. That's right, at the age of 15, Kelly, next week, will go one-on-one with the Women's Champion Marlena, in a non-title match. And she will have the Heartbreak Kid cheering for her, at ringside." Shawn smiled and hugged Kelly.

"15? She's 15?" Nick was shocked.

"She's too hot for a 15 year-old." Kevin said "Yo, Nick, she's good for you"

"That's it: I'm getting live tickets" Howie laughed.

The following week, Howie got five tickets and the Backstreet Boys went see Raw live.

Monday Night Raw…

"I'm standing here with Shawn Michaels and the newest addiction to the WWF, Kelly Collins" JR said, in the backstage.

"That's her" Nick exclaimed.

"Jesus, Nick, you're getting attached to her" Brian laughed.

"So, Kelly, tonight's your in ring debut, are you excited?" JR asked.

"Am I excited? JR, I'm on fire" She said as the crowd cheered "In my first match, on Raw, I'm gonna go one-on-one with the Women's Champion and I couldn't be more excited"

"Do you have any advice for Marlena?" JR asked as Shawn snatched the mic off JR's hands.

"Watch out. Mrs. Goldust, your days as the Women's Champion are about to end…"

"Just like that" Kelly completed Shawn's sentence, snapping her fingers.

They left, leaving JR smiling and nodding in approval.

A small giggle was heard followed by Lil'Kim's "Time to Rock and Roll" theme and Kelly came out, with HBK, in a cute pink top and shorts (like Ashley on the SD before Saturday Night's Main Event) in a big ovation.

"That's Lil'Kim. What a great song!" King said "But not as great as this young woman"

"Watch it, Lawler, she's a minor" McMahon warned before noticing the Backstreet Boys behind him "Hey, look, it's the Backstreet Boys"

Kelly heard him and looked at her favourite boys band.

Marlena came out with Goldust.

"OMG, Shawn, the Backstreet Boys are over there" Kelly pointed.

Shawn covered her eyes "Forget about them for 15 minutes and focus on your match"

Kelly laughed "Yes, sir"

Marlena got in the ring. Shawn got out and Goldust, suddenly, entered the ring and ran towards Kelly, for a clothesline.

Kelly ducked the clothesline and gave him DDT (Lita's DDT).

Marlena looked at Goldust and started running around the ring.

Kelly ran after her… Meanwhile, Goldust got up and as she ran to one corner of the ring he clotheslined her.

Kelly held her head and heard Marlena getting closer.

Marlena pulled her by the hair and put her in the ring.

Before Marlena could do anything, Kelly dropkicked her and Marlena fell off the ring.

Goldust put her in the ring and Kelly gave him a baseball slide.

The referee saw Goldust going after her and kicked him out of ringside.

Kelly laughed "Bye Bye"

Goldust gave her the finger.

"Shove it where the sun doesn't shine" Kelly yelled as the crowd cheered.

"This girl is crazy" Brian laughed "Right, Nick?"

Nick didn't say a word and continued to watch the match.