Chapter 10

"Am I going to the right plane? Now, I know why I never travel alone" Nick thought to himself as he walked up the plane stairs.

He gave the flight attendant his ticket and she walked him towards his seat.

"I must be on the right flight" He thought again and looked at his watch "Oh god, I'm scared"

He gripped on the seat's arms like there was no tomorrow.

He closed his eyes and kept them close until he fell asleep.

An hour later he awoke and felt the plane on firm ground.

"Thank God" He said relieved and got up from his seat, walking towards the exit of the plane.

Meanwhile in Arizona…

"I'm gonna kill that dumbass" Lou Pearlman fumed "How the hell did he get away from us?"

The four other boys kept quiet and looked at each other.

"I'm starting to think I have to get a babysitter. That girl is doing things to his head" Lou continued.

"This is not Kelly's fault" Brian defended.

Pearlman glared at him.

"Since he met her, he's been distracted and doesn't focus anymore on what's really important" Lou said

Brian narrowed his brows, knowing that was a big lie.

"When you boys get known all over the world, he'll have tons of girls all over him and he won't need her anymore" Pearlman continued.

Brian's jaw tightened in anger as Pearlman turned around and left the room.

"Who the hell does he think he is? Talking about Frack like that….And he doesn't know Kelly, he can't say this is her fault. Fucking asshole" Brian started.

The other three Backstreet Boys looked at him shocked. Brian was brought up in a catholic environment and never cursed.

"Yo, B-Rok, calm down" A.J. tried to calm his older bandmate.

"Calm my ass, I'm starting to hate this man" He said.

Howie stayed quiet as Kevin intervened "Look, cous, there's nothing we can do, he's the person who got us to where we are right now"

"Well, I'm gonna check out the babes around here. See ya" A.J. said.

"I'm gonna take a walk" Brian said.

Brian walked out of the room and didn't notice Howie walking behind him.

"Ok, tell me. Where is he?" Howie asked.

Brian looked confused.

"I know you know something about Nick" Howie explained.

"I don't" Brian tried to hide.

"Rok, I know you for a couple of years and I can tell when you know something. Spill it"

Brian looked around before revealing "I saw Frack going into a gate to a plane to Boston"

Howie's jaw dropped "How come you didn't say anything?"

"He's in love, man; he really wanted to see her"

Howie looked at the ground and stayed quiet.

"I know Lou is gonna have both our heads once he finds out I saw him"

"That's true" Howie agreed.

"He really likes her. I even think he may love her" Brian said "And she needs him right now"

Howie nodded.

"Don't tell Lou or anybody about this" Brian asked "Or they'll kill us"

"I won't tell, don't worry. Let's just hope Lou calms down before he gets to Nick"

"Yeah, if that happens hell will freeze" Brian said.