The Last Wish

A few minutes was all she needed.

A few minutes was all I had.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked me.

I turned and everything faded when I looked into those pools of blue. In them, I caught a glimpse of why I was doing what I was doing.

Why he had fallen into them.

Those eyes stared back at me, unflinching, ready to take her fate into her own hands and make it obey.

"Because," I growled and turned away, unable to face their depth anymore. "He would."

Her breath hitched and I looked over my shoulder to see her, hand to her mouth and eyes wide. "But, th-"

A roar of anger echoed down the stairs, cutting her off. I jerked around, staring up the stairs before I grabbed her wrist again and I bolted down the rest of the way.

"No time. Here." I pushed her away as we came to the end of the stairs. "You must go on your own from here. I will stall him as best as I can."

She hesitated. "I-"

"I am not doing this for you!" I snarled at her, and she took a step back in fear. "But-" I yanked out my sword and turned my back to her.

A coward... That is what I was in her presence. I could not even face a women, barely going into adulthood, and tell her what drove me.

"I'm just an echo."

I took a deep breath.


Even with my back turned, I could feel her gaze burning into my heart. I was afraid that she would never leave, afraid of many things. But I heard her light footsteps run down the stone hallway, and the door to the outside courtyard open and slam shut.

I had no more time to ponder, for my master, the one who created me, had finally appeared in all his dark rage.

I lasted longer then I thought I would against him, and I was certain that by the time he defeated me, she was far beyond his reach.

The thought made me angry. How could I be so weak as to give in like that? How could I go against everything that I was made for?

But even as I raged against the injustice of it all, and as my master raged against me, I felt a strange sense of peace.

She was free.

After that, he decided I was too dangerous to keep about. Too much like the hero I was shaped from. I don't think he liked knowing that a mere imitation of the enemy had nearly bested him. So he banished me to the depths -- far beneath earth, water and stone.

Do you know what angered me the most? If I had known what was in store for me, I still would have done the exact same thing.

It was a dreary prison. Vast, but windowless, I was caged far from the sun. Until the spell that bound me to this one room was broken. Until the one I reflected fell beneath my blade.

And there I stayed.


For four long years.

Waiting for your footsteps to send ripples along the water.

...I hate you.

I hate you, Link. Hero of Time.

Because of you, I'll never rule beside my master. Because of you my blade has been kept from human blood. Everything is your fault.

All because your heart is a pure heart. A heart that could not be twisted, or tainted.

Only reflected.

With that hatred, I fought you. I thought it would be simple. As your Shadow, I knew what you knew. I had your skill, I knew when you would swing, when you would block. When your right side, your weak side, would be vulnerable.

How wrong I was.

It was only when your blade pierced my heart that I knew.

I could never have stopped you.

Gannon will not stop you.

Why? As your Shadow, I know. You are an open book to me.

You still love her.

You will be her Hero.

A longing surprises me, a regret for the life I have.

I was only Shadow.

To feel what you feel...

I wish... I could... have... been...


-The End

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