Thunderbirds Story

The Next Generation: One of 'the Boys'

A.N All right, to make this story work, I adjusted a few things. I mostly based it on the movie, but there are references to the TV show. This story is based approximately 25 years after the movie. Alan and Tin-Tin are married, as are Scott and Lady Penelope. Scot and Lady P have two sons, Peter, aged 23 and Matthew, 21. Alan and Tin-Tin have three children. Nick, aged 20, William, aged 18, and Catherine, 16. International Rescue is still operating

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Chapter One - School Days

Catherine Evelyn Lucy Tracy sat at her desk at the British boarding school she attended. It was the end of the school year, and she was going back to her home, Tracy Island, for the summer break. Of course, back at home it would be winter, but the tropical climate of the island still made the temperature warm enough to go for a swim in the family's pool, or to go for a leisurely stroll along the beach, or even go snorkelling in the clear blue water around the island.

Catherine, or as she was most commonly known, Kate, lived on the island with her large extended family, that is, her four uncles and one auntie, her two older cousins, her two older brothers, her aunts butler, her great-grandmother, her two grandfathers and her parents. Thankfully, the island, and the house, was fairly large, so it rarely seemed crowded. Kate had her own bedroom, which was huge compared to some of her 'mainland' friends, and she also had laid claim to a cave that fronted onto the beach, not far form the house. The cave served as Kate's retreat, where she could listen to her music as loudly as she wanted, and she could practice her favourite past time, playing the guitar. Kate enjoyed life on the island, even if she did wish her parents showed a little more interest in her education.

Kate was, to use her teacher's words, 'intellectually advanced'. All this meant, to Kate, was that she was smart, and that her classmates probably envied her when it came to giving their reports to their parents. For the last five years, ever since Kate had attended school, she had excelled. All of the teacher's merely assumed that it was because Kate had been home schooled from the age of five, but in reality, Kate just seemed to understand what they were babbling on about as they stood in front of her class. It might have aided Kate that she had trained herself to keep alert and focused at all times. This had nothing toward her goals for her education, but her career as a Thunderbird.

Kate hated how all of her cousins and brothers, whom she treated all like older brothers, were allowed out on missions, and yet she was stuck at school. Kate had almost started crying over her last letter from 'the boys' as she called them. In the letter, all four of them had boasted about the various rescue missions they had attended. Nick had been the worst. He was 20 years old, and had told Kate that he would not be present at the island upon her return due to the fact that he would be helping Uncle John monitor the radio waves from earth in Thunderbird 5. Kate had only been to Thunderbird 5 once, when she had been very small. She barely remembered it, but she did remember the burning jealousy she had felt when she had read the letter. Every time there was a mission taking place, providing that it was daytime in England, her school would telecast the rescue effort. Every time a rescue was shown, Kate would watch with her heart in her mouth, knowing the danger, wishing she was there, longing for the acceptance her joining International Rescue would give her within her family. No more speaking in hushed voices about missions whenever she was around. No more teasing letters from 'the boys'. Just acceptance. Kate was over it. Over being the baby of the family, over being the only one not involved with International Rescue. Sometimes, Kate hated being in such a large family, or even being in such a close family. At least there was no travel required to the family Christmas Party's, she smiled bitterly.

Kate shook her head and brought herself back into the present. So much for staying focused. Kate become aware that her year level manager was striding between the rows of sixth years, handing out the cardboard folders that housed each individual persons report, and a notice telling the student if they had won any awards that needed presenting at the school awards day. Kate bitterly hoped that she wouldn't have a letter in her report. Every year she had received one, but her parents had been unable to come. In her first year, her father had been monitoring the space station, and Kate hadn't wanted to tell her mother, because then her mother would feel obligated to come over to England, although she was needed at base. In her second year, her uncle Gordon, had been on leave visiting some friends in Canada, and she had known that both of her parents would have been unavailable. In her third year, her Uncle Scott had just injured his shoulder, meaning her father would have to fly Thunderbird One in case of an emergency, the year after that her older brother Will had been in hospital with appendicitis and both of her parents had been with him in the hospital and last year Her uncle Scott had been on leave again, but he had been able to attend the ceremony. Kate smiled at the memory. Every year, her Aunt, Lady Penelope, and 'Nosey' Parker the butler would attend the ceremony, and watch Kate collect her awards, before taking Kate back home to the island. Kate shook her head and accepted her report from the aging woman. Every year, Mrs. Macleod looked older, but her wrinkled smile had remained the same. Kate breathed out heavily and opened the folder and groaned. There was that damn piece of paper. She glanced down the list of awards. Academic excellence award, an language award, a English award, an music award, a sport award and a science award. Kate groaned. This was really bad. Usually she only got three or four, not six. Maybe it was someone else's. She pulled out the next piece of paper. Kate winced as she looked at her full name printed at the top of the page. Katherine E.L. Tracy. No one ever used her full name, not even her teachers, or even her parents when she was in trouble. Kate let her gaze flick over to her best friends, Julia, who sat at Kate's left, and Daniel, who sat on Kate's right hand side.

"How many did you get" Daniel mouthed.

"Six" Kate whispered, watching Daniel grimace. He knew her Kate's parents never came to the ceremonies.

"How many did you get, Jules" Dan whispered

"Two" Julia muttered

"How about you?" Kate whispered

"Three" Daniel beamed. His grades were generally lower than the girls, so he was thoroughly pleased with his results.

Kate nodded and glanced at her grades summery.








Kate smiled. At least, when she returned to the island, this would give her family something to be proud of her for, although all of 'the boys' had done well in school. Kate sighed. Another year of not telling her parents there wasn't an awards ceremony. Kate had hidden all of her previous awards in her room, only Auntie P., Uncle Scott and Parker knew about them, and Kate had made them swear to secrecy. Not even any of 'the boys' knew, and that was how Kate would have liked it to stay

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