Chapter 18

Kate stood in the doorway of Thunderbird 2, watching as the people they had rescued walked down the ramp to solid land, where a cluster of ambulances and police cars were waiting for them. Paramedics were waiting for them, offering first aid, and medical care, to those who needed it. She sighed happily, a feeling of contentment spreading throughout her body, knowing that she had been on a mission, and had taken an active role in it.

She jumped slightly when she felt a small hand tap her in the back, smiling when she turned and saw Emily, flanked by her parents.

"Hi, Emily, you're all safe now."

"Yes, we are, thanks to you, and your colleagues" Emily's father said, smiling.

"I want to give this to you, Kate. Thank-you for saving me," Emily said, handing Kate a folded piece of paper. Kate smiled, opening it. It was a picture, drawn by Emily herself, of Kate, and Emily, and Thunderbird 2. Kate crouched down and gently hugged Emily.

"Thank-you, Emily. I'll put it up where I can see it everyday."

"Bye, Kate" Emily said waving as her parents lead her down the ramp, smiling.

"Bye, Emily." Kate waved, before walking away from the door way and entering the cockpit, where Will was sitting.

"What's that?" he asked.

"A little present from the little girl I rescued," Kate said, showing him the picture. Will laughed.


"You guys ready to go?" Virgil asked as he entered the cockpit, having checked that there was no-one else on the plane, and that the room that those who had been rescued had been in, was empty of belongings.

"Look what Kate got from that little girl" Will said, and Kate showed Virgil the picture. Virgil grinned, able to appreciate the artistic qualities the picture showed.

"Very nice, a good memento from your first mission, huh Kate?"

"Yeah I think so" Kate settled into her seat, doing up her seatbelt. Beside her, Will did the same as Virgil started up the engines.

"So, we haven't put you off joining up?" Virgil asked. Kate let out a laugh.

"No, I rather enjoyed it. I haven't been put off at all"

"That's good" Will said, "But then, it might be a while before you get to go on a mission again, so I hope you're not too enthused about going on another mission."

"Gee, aren't you Captain Sunshine" Kate pouted as Vigil switched on the radio.

"Thunderbird 2 to base, Thunderbird two to base"

"Go ahead Virgil" Jeff's voice sounded over the speaker.

"We've dropped off the ferry boat accident victims, father, and Scott's already left for base."

"Yes, he has already radioed in. How did thing go at your end?"

"Pretty good, Kate was able to get her hands dirty, so to speak, so she's quite happy."

"So, no injuries?"

"No, we're all fine" Virgil rolled his eyes, knowing that Scott would have informed base if there had been any injuries.

"That's good. What are the kids up to?"

"They're having a discussion about how high the waves were." Virgil said, glancing over his shoulder at the pair of teenagers, who were both involved in the rather animated discussion.

"Scott said it was a good thing that Gordon was not there."

"Yeah, he would have wanted to bring his surf board."

Jeff laughed, "Radio in when you get closer to home, Virgil"



Virgil lead the way as the trio emerged from Thunderbird two's hanger, Will and Kate still playfully arguing about the real height of the waves. As they entered the study for the debrief, having already changed back into their civilian clothes, Vigil caught his fathers eye and grinned. Scott was already back at Penny's side, and was whispering something in her ear.

"Ah, Virgil, Will, Kate, good to see you guys back," Jeff smiled at them, and they took seats. Kate couldn't help but notice that her mother was absent, but knew that the minute Tin-tin knew that they were back, Kate and Will would both be smothered in hugs (although they would both (pretend to) protest that they were far too old for hugs.

"We weren't gone that long father," Virgil easily smiled at his father, and Jeff simply nodded.

"Anything you want to say? Scott's already told me about what happened out there."

"Not really father, what about you two?" Vigil looked at Kate and Will, who both shook their heads.

"That's good. Everything went according to plan, except that little girl that Kate had to rescue. That was good, quick thinking, Kate." Jeff smiled at his youngest grandchild, who grinned shyly back at him.

"All right, good work. Why don't you all go and have a nice hot shower?" Jeff suggested, and the newly returned Thunderbirds nodded enthusiastically and got up, walking towards their rooms.


Kate exhaled as she stepped back into her room, fully dressed after her shower, which had taken away the lingering coolness she still felt from her swim. Her eyes fell upon the piece of paper that she had put on her bed before her shower. Smiling, she picked it up. It was Emily's drawing. Kate sighed, and folded it up, opening her wardrobe, and pulling out a well hidden box. Using a key from her dresser, and the fingerprint identification pad on the boxes side, she opened the box. Inside was all the memorabilia she had collected during her life that was about the Thunderbirds. Chuckling about how she had come full circle, from wistful observer, to starting flight training, to going through scenarios in the stimulator, to actually flying thunderbird two on a maintenance flight around the island, to going on her fist mission, Kate placed the picture on top, before closing the lid, and putting it back in its hiding spot.

Closing her wardrobe, Kate laughed when she heard her mother knocking on her bedroom door, before entering. Tin-tin smiled broadly when she saw her daughter, suddenly feeling relieved, finally able to believe Scott and Virgil's reports that her daughter had not been injured in any way during the rescue.

"Hey" Kate grinned, and Tin-tin smiled even wider, walking across the room and embracing her daughter in a bear hug.

"I was so worried about you, and Will" she said, "you're much too young to start in this business."

"Mum, it went fine. I'm okay, Will's fine, Uncle Virg and Uncle Scott are both good. We're all okay." Kate soothed her mother, a slight smile on her face because of her mother's over reaction.

"Yes, I know." Tin-tin ran her fingers through Kate's long hair.

"You're only freaking out because I'm your precious baby" Kate said, smiling at her mother, who laughed.

"What if I am? Go and have a bite to eat, and then go to bed early. Those rescues always take it out of your father and brothers."

"Yes mum," Kate smiled stepping out of the room beside her mother and waling down the corridor, Tin-tin following a few steps behind.


Kate was in a daze by the time she slid her bedroom door closed, her eyelids fighting to stay open. She could dimly hear Will moving in the room next to hers, but she ignored the noise as she quickly changed into her pyjamas. She hurriedly brushed her teeth in her ensuite, before finally flopping down onto her bed, crawling beneath the covers, smiling as she felt Socksy's soft fur brushing up against her hand as the cat joined her beneath the covers, curling up against her chest and purring contentedly. Kate gently rested her hand on Socksy's side, before giving in to her weariness and letting her eyes slide shut.

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