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Author's Notes – I'm bloody brilliant! No, not really lol, but I've had a brilliant idea. Right so I'll admit I wasn't a big Connor fan in the beginning, but over time really have come to feel for him. Thus I decided to do a bit of a child parent fic concerning Conner and Tommy. Tommy taking care of someone else instead of the other way around, strange for me I know, but it was begging to be done.

And yes it's going to develop into a parent child relationship not slash. I'm not so off as to pair 17 year old Conner with a 28 year old Tommy, who's his teacher, in a romantic way. Just no. If Conner was older and on his own then okay that's more reasonable, but as they are now, fraid it's not gonna happen.

By the way there will be a total of 11 parts. Yes amazingly enough I do know how many parts are for this story. Yet another first for me…well if you don't count 'What Life Hands You'. Which is oddly my favorite story that I've done.

Summary – Parent/Teacher night and Tommy is less then thrilled.


My Kids



"Alright so we'll go over chapter four Monday and anyone who does the questions at the end of chapters two through four and hands them in Tuesday before the test I'll add ten points to your score. Sound fair?" As the chorus of 'yes' hits me, I barely hold back a smile. I don't see why the other teachers have so much trouble with them, I mean sure sometimes they're a bit snappy and lazy, but come on they're teenagers, what do you expect?

"Good then." Giving the kids a dismissive wave as the bell rings and they pile out, I can't help but envy them. They get to go home now, while I, I get to stay here for another five hours for parent/teacher conferences. Will someone explain to me why we even have to have such things in high school?


Glancing up and not very surprised to see Conner, Ethan, and Kira leaning on my desk, I sometimes wonder what the other students think of them hanging around me so much. It's a high school and a small one at that, one can't expect anything but the occasional rumor. "Hey."

"So, parent/teacher night, fun stuff." You don't seem to thrilled about it yourself, Conner. Don't see why he's looking so worried, he's doing just fine in here. Must be his other classes.

"Oh yeah, highlight of my life."

"At least you won't be in trouble when your teachers tell your parents that you've been skipping out on classes." Actually pretty much been there and done that already, Ethan.

Giving them a look, it doesn't take too long for them to realize that they're exactly where I was ten years ago, only I didn't have a teacher that knew my secret and could at least try to cover for me.

"Or I guess you've already been there." Yep, those weren't pleasant meetings. Good thing dad didn't take them too seriously though. I think Zack ended up being grounded for a month our junior year because of his attendance record.

"Don't worry, I'll come up with something. After all can't have my kids grounded till the next millennia."


(5:00 p.m.)

"Kira's a great student, Mrs. Ford. Bright, eager to participate, she's really a pleasure to teach."

"Are you sure we're talking about the same girl? Kira Ford?" Looking at me as if I have no business being behind this desk, my patience is wearing thin with this whole matter. So far I've spent forty minutes explaining to a group of angry parents why their kids are failing, spent twenty trying to convince a single mother that I was not interested in getting together for a private 'talk' with her, and then top it off with three people questioning my credentials, I'm getting a little fed up here. "According to her other teachers she never participates, she's sullen, and she skips classes."

"Well she's a teenager." Giving a shrug as if that should answer it all, I really don't know what else to say. Really in my opinion it does answer a large portion of what's wrong with her and the others where their moodiness and lack of attention is concerned. Lord knows I wasn't the most easy to get along with person during my teen years.

"Still it's a bit surprising that you have no problems with her." Lady what do you want from me? I'm telling you that you have a great kid. Most people would be happy with that news.

Forcing a small smile, I give the brunette another shrug. "She's a good student and a good influence on some of the other kids. Take Conner McKnight for instance, his grades have shown marked improvement since she became his f-lab partner."

"Is that who I have to thank for my son's latest report card?" Depends on who your son is I suppose. Glancing up, I give my new arrival a quick once over. Black pants, red shirt, black tie, bad comb over. I'm going to guess used car salesman or licensed contractor.

"Daniel McKnight." Handing me a business card, I see it's the second one. Hm, some how I expected Connor's dad to be more…sporty.

"Nice to meet you." Looking at the card and resisting the urge to toss it away much like I used to do when Mercer's associates greeted me in the exact same way, I place it on my desk. "If you'll just give me a few more minutes to finish talking with Mr. and Mrs. Ford-"

"That's alright I think we're done." Standing and urging her husband up, apparently Mrs. Ford is tired of me mistaking her daughter for someone else. You know Kira is a good kid too. She's smart, talented, dependable, why is so hard for parents to see the good traits in their children?

"Alright, well it was nice to meet you." Shaking hands with them both, I really hope Ethan's are easier. "And once again Kira really is doing a great job." Please don't let them ground her, they all need training this weekend and I hate to ask them to sneak out their windows to do it.

"So what trouble has my own gotten into lately?" Sitting down in Mr. Ford's abandoned seat, Mr. McKnight reminds me too much of some of the men that used to work for Merc. The type that manages to look bored and superior at the same time, and uses said look to make people below them squirm. Of course I didn't squirm then and I don't plan to start now.

"Trouble?" That's a bit negative. Conner may be a bit of a handful at times, but I wouldn't consider him someone who gets into trouble really. "No trouble."

Looking as skeptical as Mrs. Ford when I laid on the praise for Kira, these parents really have some issues. "Really?"

"Yeah, he's great. Had a bit of a rocky start, but as I said he's shown great improvement with his work and test grades." He really has too. I have to say I was a little bit scared I'd be forced to entertain the thought of giving him certain liberties because of Rangering, but he's done so well on his own he's actually got a chance at getting a B on his next report card.

"Interesting." You think I'm lying or something? Kind of looks that way with that expression on your face.

"Is it?"

"Considering his other teachers are telling me he's shooting his mouth off and missing class, yes it's a tad odd to hear the complete opposite from you." I don't like this man. I'm not sure why, but I'm fairly certain it's going to be a permanent feeling and that he won't grow on me given time like Mercer did.

Offering a small and relaxed smile, I better keep my thoughts to myself if I want to keep Conner from being on lockdown for the next month. "What can I say, I'm more optimistic then the rest of the staff."

"It would seem that way." I'll bet you're a glass is half empty kinda guy, huh. "Really I suppose it doesn't matter, because of this class his GPA is high enough to keep him on the soccer team. That's all that counts I guess." So glad to be of service. Now smile, nod, and excuse yourself before you say something that you shouldn't.

"He's got more to offer then just being able to kick a ball." Like that.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you never played any sports in school." And that has what to do with anything? You know most people who spend their early years chasing balls around a field end up stocking said balls at a sports store for minimum wage come thirty.

"I was on the football team in high school and I'm sixth degree black belt in martial arts."

"Really?" Is it that hard to believe? Apparently so as he looks like I'm lying again. When can I go home?

"Yes. Really." Making certain to keep my voice light and joking, I give him a look of my own. "Is it that hard to believe?"

"I wasn't aware you people did that." You people? Is he calling me nerd, or… should I even ask? No, no I shouldn't I should keep my mouth shut, smile in a patronizing manner, and then call Conner thanking him for falling very, very far from the tree.

"What sort of people would that be?" I should learn to listen to myself more.

"Dan?" So close. Wow no way is that his wife. Giving the slip of a woman a quick once over I can't believe that's Mrs. McKnight. She's tinier then Kim. "There you are. Hi, I'm Carol McKnight."

Shaking her hand and once more relaxing, it's too bad she couldn't have been the one to come talk to me. "Dr. Oliver, it's very nice to meet you."

"Oh you too. Conner's told me so much about you." Has he now. And here I thought everything I told him sort of went in one ear and out the other. "So how is Conner doing in your class?" Apparently better then in his others.

"He's doing great. Actually seems pretty interested in the subject and labs."

"That's wonderful." Tucking a stand of brown hair behind her ear, Conner definitely has her eyes and hair. "Well are we ready to go Dan?"

"Yeah, we're done here."

To be continued……