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"Caseey!" Olivia whines as she comes out of the bathroom.


"Its too low!"

"You're the one who called me."

"I wanted help picking out an outfit… not for you to realize Serena's idea of dressing me like a hooker!" Olivia fumes as she eyes the tank top Casey had her try on. It doesn't come close to her idea of suitable clothing to wear in public.

"This is what everyone wears to clubs, Olivia… it's not my fault you look so hot in it."

"You are so not helping," Olivia says with a sigh.

"Come on. You know you like it when I say you look hot, and you most certainly fill out those jeans nicely…"

"Casey! We are leaving right now! Door! Now!" Olivia orders.

"Fine," Casey replies in a huff. As she heads toward the door, she mutters "spoilsport…" under her breath.

Olivia's years of police interrogation have trained her to catch every word said. "I'll get you back," Olivia says with a mischievous glint in her eye. Olivia brushes against Casey as they descend the stairs, sending chills down Casey's back.

Casey does her best to compose herself. "I can't wait," she retorts with a smirk.

"Oh, you'll be begging for mercy, Counselor." Olivia says in a husky voice that makes Casey's breath hitch in her throat.

Casey, however, is seldom at a loss for words. "Well detective, I should warn you- my bite is even worse than my bark."

Olivia's eyes are seductive and amused, with the slightest hint of danger. "Well Miss Nov-" Olivia breaks off as she realizes they have reached the lobby. She can see the taxi waiting thru the glass double doors. She strides forward, and opens the door for Casey, "After you counselor."

"Glad to know you've found a way to merge acting like a gentleman, and finding an excuse to stare at my ass, Detective."

"Club, Casey. Just wait until we get to the club," Olivia warns.