This one is during the whole "Em is pregnant" thing.

"Natalie!" Sadie said breathlessly as soon as I answered my cell.

"Sadie? What is it?"

"Em's pregnant with Alex's baby."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Meet me in the park in 5 minutes. I'll tell you everything there." We hung up and I walked to the park. Sadie saw me and rushed over.

"So what's this about Em being pregnant with Alex Lockwood's baby?" I asked her.

"Well, I overheard Taylor and Gabi talking about Em possibly being pregnant, and then I asked Emabout it, and she said it was true. Then I asked whose baby it was, and she said Alex's, so I believed her."

"Sadie! How could you believe that? Em has more dignity than sleeping with somebody at our age, and she's smarter than letting herself get pregnant!" I exclaimed, not believing Sadie's explanation at all.

"Well, she wasn't a wreck when I talked to her, so she could've planned this whole thing."

"Why would she do that? Besides, the baby could miscarry with all that stress, and Em isn't that insensitive!"

"Nat, she told me herself. She's pregnant."

I sighed and finally gave in. Em was pregnant.

"Sadie!" I yelled as I flagged her down in the hallway.

"How could you tell me those lies?! Em isn't--and never was--pregnant! Now she'll probably never speak to me again."

Sadie was silent. I had caught her lying to me. Let me just say, the last person who lied to me was tied to a flagpole with a sign around his neck that said, "Why yes, I do cheat on girls for a living!"

"And you gave me a note that said 'We shouldn't talk to her'. I saw you talking to her earlier! Are you trying to break up my friendship with her?!"

Again, Sadie was speechless. Everything I confronted her about was true. I turned around slowly and walked away. I knew Sadie was two-faced and conniving, but she just took it too far this time. Em was my first and only real friend, and what Sadie did just jeapordized that.

Maybe, just maybe, Em will forgive me.


Hope you liked it!