Ooh. Part of the new story! Here we go!

"Emily," I said, once she picked up, trying to keep calm. "What's this I hear of you completely flipping out on everybody?"

"What?! Did Chad tell you?!"

"No, actually. One of your employees told her cousin who emailed her mother who just happens to be the godmother of one of my patients. This time, I would've rather heard from Chad than a complete stranger who only knows me as her doctor."

"It's not that bad, Nat," she said in her eye-rolling voice.

"Oh, trust me, Em. It's bad. When I have to hear of this from a patient, and when you can't even call me and tell me about what's happening, it's very bad. I'll be in town next week, and you'd better tell me what's going on, or so help me, someone's gonna get hurt."

Em couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, Nat. I'll let you go now; I'm betting you're on your shift."

"Yes, I am. That is how important you are," I said before hanging up.

Oh, she is SO dead when I get there.

Sorry for the shortness. But I just wanted Natalie to get in on some of this drama. Plus, I needed to buy myself some time. All of you Hailey Bolton readers are gonna get a surprise next week! ;-)