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Twelve years later:

Two riders whizzed through the trail in the woods playfully passing and leading the other along as they continued on. After a while both riders slowed and came to a halt. "Think we lost 'em?" A female voice asked removing her helmet to reveal a stunning blue eye brunette teen girl.

"Aubrey it's your father and uncle I don't think we could ever lose them." Tori said taking her helmet off. Her blonde hair fell down passed her shoulders. Aubrey's hair was as long as Tori's and just as straight. And they both wore blue riding gear. Sounds of dirt bikes in the distance made them grin and quickly place their helmets back on and started their bikes.

Tori took the lead back and her and Aubrey sped past three new riders going the way they were coming from. The riders turned around quickly and took off after them. After reaching the clearing Tori and Aubrey zoomed down the sandy beach away from the others. Aubrey soaked Tori riding along side each other in the water and they soon stopped their bikes and buried the back of their tires in the sand. "That was a little uncalled for." Tori smirked at her daughter. They both removed their helmets.

Aubrey grinned. "Sorry mom."

"Hey what gives?" One of the other riders asked pulling up and doing the same with her back tire as Aubrey and Tori. She tore off her helmet and her snow-white blonde hair fell down in two french braids onto her shoulders.

"Sorry Sam we were trying to see if we could lose dad and uncle Hunter." Aubrey said.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Like that could ever happen." She remarked sarcastically.

"I've done it." Tori said proudly. Just then the other two riders pulled up along side Sam and did the same thing to park their bikes. Both riders removed their helmets.

"Ok who's big idea was it to split up?" Hunter asked looking between Tori and Aubrey. The both smiled innocently and pointed at each other. Aubrey maybe be a daddy's girl but besides her dark hair and tan skin she had grown to be almost a spitting image of Tori from her younger years.

Blake laughed at his wife and daughter and dismounted his bike walking over to them to give Tori a kiss on the lips and ruffle his daughter's flawless hair. "Hey stop that!" Aubrey protested playfully pushing his hand away. "It was mine I'll take the blame." Aubrey confessed.

"Aubrey Maree Bradley…" Blake started.

"Oh come on uncle Blake it was harmless. You aren't actually gonna punish her, are you?" Sam turned her big hazel doe eyes on him.

Blake rolled his eyes. "No I was gonna say that I know she's fibbing. Her mother…" Blake turned on Tori and she smiled now standing.

"Sam's right it was harmless." Tori said with an innocent grin. Blake bent down and quickly through Tori over his shoulder and ran around the bikes and to the water. "Blake! Don't you dare through me in to that water!" Tori screeched playfully. Blake did just that.

Blake turned to run, but Tori came up quicker then expected and grabbed him and pulled him in the water with her. "Hey!" Blake laughed spitting water from his mouth.

"That was uncalled for." Tori said sitting in the shallow with Blake. Both were drenched from head to toe. Blake smirked at Tori and shrugged.

"Aubrey was going to just take the blame. As her mother…"

Tori scoffed playfully. "She's just as stubborn as you with my good looks. What was I suppose to do?" She said jokingly.

Blake grinned. "I dunno. Actually I don't really care. It was just fun tossing you in to the water." Blake laughed.

Tori looked him over with a smirk. "And how'd that work out for you thunderboy." She asked sardonically.

Blake looked at himself still sitting in the shallow. "Not so well actually, but on the other hand I'm with my beautiful wife who's drenched head to toe." He said waggling his eyebrows.

Tori rolled her eyes. "Still a horn dog after all these years." She remarked standing and holding her hand out to Blake. Blake accepted her hand and she pulled him up and he brought her to him and kissed her gently.

"With a stunning wife like you who wouldn't be?" Blake said teasingly.

"Mom! Dad!" Tori and Blake looked towards the others who were actually pretty far off. Aubrey had her hands cupped around her mouth. "Adam just called!"

Tori and Blake started for the gathered bikers. "Oh yeah what did he say?" Tori asked walking up to her daughter.

"That he is calling back tonight. Apparently summer camp is a bust and he wants to come home." Aubrey said rolling her eyes.

Blake chuckled faintly. "What's with the…?" Blake rolled his eyes playfully. Aubrey giggled.

"I told him this was going to happen. But he didn't listen." Aubrey said.

"I'm glad I didn't go. Boring and no cute boys." Sam remarked. Aubrey slapped five with her.

"You better not worry about boys for a while." Hunter said insistently at his daughter from where he still sat mounted to his bike. Sam rolled her eyes and sighed.

Aubrey just chuckled a smile like father's appearing on her face. "She'd rather spend the summer boy patrolling on the beach with her favorite cousin, then at some lame camp with no cuties." Aubrey remarked.

Blake was about to say something and Tori put her hand over his mouth. "What your father means to say is that you shouldn't worry about finding a guy, let them find you." Tori put in. Blake turned and glared playfully at her. Tori grinned and shrugged. "What you two can't stop them from dating forever. Do you forget how old we all were when we met? Peyton was seventeen when she met Hunter. I was eighteen when I met you." Tori proclaimed.

"Mom was seventeen?!" Sam asked stunned looking intently between Tori and her father. "You never told us that!"

Hunter frowned at Tori and scratched at the back of his head nervously. "Well you never really asked." He claimed.

Sam frowned at him. "You said I couldn't date till I was twenty one. But hey if mom started dating you at seventeen the rules have changed." She said with a smirk that was so Hunter like it was amazing.

"No. No they haven't." Hunter said looking intently at his daughter.

Sam grinned. "Oh but daddy they have." She said sweetly with an innocent smile. "I turn seventeen in a few months and all those boys at the track have been dying to take me on a date." She said. Aubrey attempted to hold in her peals of laughter but had no luck.

"Aubrey don't get any ideas." Blake said sternly. Aubrey stopped laughing and looked at her father incredulously.

"What!" Aubrey said loudly. "My almost seventeen year old cousin can date but not me?"

"I was eighteen!" Tori said with a smirk. Aubrey slumped forward on her bike and rested her head on the center bar of the handles.

"This blows!" Aubrey muttered. Blake and Tori grinned at each other.

After a while the gang headed back to Tori and Blake's house just down the beach and Hunter and Sam left shortly after that to go home and see Peyton. She was sick with the flu and wanted them out of the house as much as possible so they wouldn't get sick to.

"So what time did your brother say he'd call?" Blake asked after he and Tori changed clothes upstairs in their room.

Aubrey sat on the kitchen counter beside Tori. Both wore oversized Motocross shirts and flannel shorts. "I think eight o'clock. He said that he was gonna beg dad to come pick him up."

"Why can't you do it?" Blake asked smirking at his daughter.

"Because I am not Adam's taxi service. He's not my son!" Aubrey remarked jokingly.

Tori nudged her daughter with her shoulder and Aubrey nudged her back. "You love your brother."

"Of course I do. We're related but sometimes I just wanna beat the little troll with my riding helmet." Aubrey giggled.

Blake looked at his daughter away from the pan of potpie he was preparing. "What did I say about calling him a little troll?" Blake asked.

"Not too." Aubrey muttered under her breath.

"Besides sweetie you guys are the same height and he may even grow taller, unlike you." Tori said smiling.

Blake put the baking dish in the oven and sat across from his wife and daughter on the opposing counter space. "You know he probably doesn't like it cause he can't surf." Blake said.

Tori smiled. "That's my boy."

"Mama's boy." Aubrey muttered playfully.

"And if he was here he'd call you a daddy's girl and this big fight would ensue." Tori said.

Aubrey giggled smiling brightly. "So when are we gonna talk about fox racing?" She asked suddenly.

"Never." Tori and Blake said jumping down from he counter and going out to the living room.

Aubrey groaned and followed them. "Come on this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Why can't I do it?"

"Aubrey you're just about to start your senior year of high school. You're too young." Tori said. Her and Blake sat on the couch together close with Blake's arm around her shoulder and her head resting on his shoulder.

Aubrey plopped down in the reclining chair and looked at her father pleadingly. "Don't give me that look. Your mother's right."

"But guys this is what I've wanted since I was born. You say it all the time dad I was born to ride. Why can't I sign with fox? I'll get a tutor and finish school long distance. I'll get my diploma and then after that tour the world."

"Aubrey life isn't all about touring the world. You need a diploma and a college degree." Blake said.

Aubrey sighed knowing she wasn't going to win this argument. "But…"

"No buts." Tori said. "Fox racing is out of the question." She said quietly

Aubrey huffed angrily and stood storming away up the stairs and to her room slamming the door. "This blows!" They heard her yell in frustration just before loud music rang out upstairs.

"Hmm…Hinder. I haven't heard this in like forever." Tori said.

"I'll go tell her to turn it down." Blake said. He started to get up and Tori stopped him.

"No leave her. She's just upset." Tori said sympathetic for her daughter.

"Tor, we agreed fox racing wasn't the best for her." Blake said.

Tori sighed. "I know. I just can't help but think that I lost that sponsorship and never got another chance. Maybe she's right."

Blake kissed her head affectionately. "Their just stupid for not asking you again."

Tori giggled faintly. "Blake I don't care. I just know what she's going through sort of…in a way. But really I got something better then a sponsorship. I got a husband and two wonderful kids."

Tori tilted her head up and Blake gave her a soft kiss. "So maybe we should consider fox racing?" Blake asked when he broke away from their gentle lip lock.

"Maybe we can come up with a compromise. I was going to have a tutor wherever I went, mail in my school work, and then when it came time for college I was gonna do the same taking the basic courses and get my degree so that I had it." Tori explained.

Blake sighed. "But I'm afraid that she wont succeed like she wants to." Blake said vulnerably.

Tori gave him a soft smile her head still tilted to look him in the eye. "Blake she rides better then you sometimes." Tori said teasingly poking him in the side. Blake chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, but the racing world is different. Everyone is great and some are greater then you. I just am afraid that she wants to be the best and if she doesn't get that she's not going to be happy." Blake explained his fears to his understanding wife.

"Blake if she doesn't go, she'll never get the chance. That's all she wants is a chance." Tori said sweetly.

Blake closed his eyes and rubbed his temple. "Well she can't really do anything till she's eighteen, but maybe we should think of something we can compromise on." He said finally after a long moment of silence.

Tori kissed his cheek softly. "Call her cell, she'll answer."

"I'll send her a text." Blake pulled his cell phone from his back pocket and text messaged the word 'compromise' to Aubrey upstairs. Aubrey had a lock on her door and she didn't answer it when she was mad.

"Like I said just as stubborn as her father." Tori remarked laughing lightly.

"At least you've never had to text message me to get me out of a room." Blake countered playfully.

Tori grinned. "Nope I just have to strip down to my skivvies." Tori joked.

"Forty and still a fox." Blake said looking down and kissing Tori zealously.

"Oh get a room. Please!" Tori and Blake pulled away and saw Aubrey arms crossed foot taping. "I'm listening."

Blake and Tori looked at each other and back at Aubrey. "We've given it some more thought and with a little compromise we can come up with something." Tori said.

"You'll still do school like you said, but you have to also do mail in or online college courses. We want you to have at least a basic degree." Blake said.

Aubrey nodded. "Fine."

"And you really aren't aloud to do much till you're eighteen so you have to wait, but I don't see why you can't sign with fox come January." Blake finished.

Aubrey smiled brightly and ran over to her parents wrapping them in a two-person hug. "Thank you! Thank you!" She said excitedly.

"Aubrey something you need to understand is here you maybe the best at the track sometimes, but that isn't always the case when you're racing against competitors with the same or better skills then you." Blake said as she pulled away.

Aubrey smiled. "I don't want to be the best I just want to prove that I can do it. In all these years have you ever seen a girl race for fox racing? Two tops since they started the company in the nineties."

Tori smiled. "Well they must have been damn good, so you have a lot to live up to."

"No the only standard I have to live up to is my own." Aubrey said as she skipped up the stairs to her room. Her door didn't slam and her music couldn't be heard any longer.

Tori was about to say something to Blake when the phone rang. She grabbed the cordless from the coffee table. "Hi Adam."

"How'd you guess?"

"I'm your mother." Tori remarked. Blake took the phone.

"What's this I hear about begging to come home?" Blake asked.

"Please dad this place reeks. It's so boring. We can't use the lake apparently it's toxic for some reason. The food sucks. And I really want potpie. Will you please come pick me up?" He said begging.

Blake chuckled. "Yeah I guess. It's not like were out any money since it was a free summer camp."

"Thank you. Thank you!" Adam said happily. "So tomorrow you'll pick me up at eight a.m., right?"

Blake rolled his eyes at Tori. "Yeah eight."

"Thanks Dad!"

"Bye Adam." Blake hung the phone up and set it back down on the coffee table. "So?" Blake asked.

Tori looked at him intently. "What?" She finally asked when he didn't add to his 'so?'

"Well one kids locked in her room on her cell phone, no doubt. And the other is still two hours away. Maybe we could…" Blake spidered his fingers along the top of her leg. Tori giggled.

"Dinners in the oven, Blake. We can't." She said knowing exactly what her husband was hinting at.

Blake grinned and leaned forward kissing along her cheek and down her neck and up to her ear sending shivers up Tori's spine.